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Used RV Sales in Orlando (Kissimmee), FL

  • Sales Center:
    2915 N. Orange Blossom Trail
    Kissimmee, Florida, 34744

    Julio Zuniga

    Sales Pro:
    Jason Go

    Mon- Sat: 9am- 5pm

Used RV Inventory 1-25 of 74 for Orlando (Kissimmee), Florida

YearModelID #MilesPriceLoc 
201523A254538126,708$29,485Orlando (Kissimee), FLSelect  ORL
201523A254497121,425$29,985Orlando (Kissimee), FLSelect  ORL
201428A30331492,574PendingHot Deal IconOrlando (Kissimee), FLSelectYDORL
201523A254480124,566$29,985Orlando (Kissimee), FLSelect  ORL
201528A304205150,437$29,985Orlando (Kissimee), FLSelect  ORL
201523A254612116,673PendingOrlando (Kissimee), FLSelect DORL
201523A254685115,836$30,485Orlando (Kissimee), FLSelect  ORL
201523A254495116,356$30,485Orlando (Kissimee), FLSelect  ORL
201523A254550116,130$30,485Orlando (Kissimee), FLSelect  ORL
201523A254559119,599$30,485Orlando (Kissimee), FLSelect  ORL
201523A254503112,325$30,985Orlando (Kissimee), FLSelect  ORL
201523A254470112,696$30,985Orlando (Kissimee), FLSelect  ORL
201523A254452113,923$30,985Orlando (Kissimee), FLSelect  ORL
201523A254468114,053$30,985Orlando (Kissimee), FLSelect  ORL
201523A254475114,433$30,985Orlando (Kissimee), FLSelect  ORL
201528A304231134,430$31,985Orlando (Kissimee), FLSelect  ORL
201528A304324126,394$32,485Orlando (Kissimee), FLSelect  ORL
201528A304352125,408$32,485Orlando (Kissimee), FLSelect  ORL
201528A304364126,563$32,485Orlando (Kissimee), FLSelect  ORL
201528A304445129,633$32,485Orlando (Kissimee), FLSelect  ORL
201528A304108129,160$32,485Orlando (Kissimee), FLSelect  ORL
201428A30404086,555PendingOrlando (Kissimee), FLSelectSDORL
201528A304134124,907$32,985Orlando (Kissimee), FLSelect  ORL
201528A304470123,150$32,985Orlando (Kissimee), FLSelect  ORL
201528A304371122,568$32,985Orlando (Kissimee), FLSelect  ORL

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If you live in Florida, and you are in the market for a great, used RV, you're in luck! Kissimmee (right next to Orlando) is the home of one of our Cruise America RV sales centers. While most people are aware that we are the biggest RV rental company in the country, they may not know that there is no better place to purchase an RV.

You'll find a large number of motorhomes for sale in Central Florida. Orlando RV sales have been a very big business for decades. That's because there are very few areas that offer better entertainment options than does Central Florida. From theme parks to ocean adventure, from everglade gator spotting to Kennedy Space Center, you will find a myriad of things to do in the Sunshine State.

At Cruise America we get new inventory periodically, and we must make room in our rental fleet for the new units. In order to do so, we sell some of our current rental units. Each of our late-model coaches is in pristine, like-new condition. Our RV technicians go over every inch of the unit, restoring it back to its original condition. We assure that everything is clean, sanitized and in good working order. This includes the exterior, the interior and under the hood. We want to assure that every customer that purchases one of these top-of-the-line class C RVs is completely happy with their motorhome, not to mention the incredible price they paid. Because the units served us well through the rental cycle, we aren't looking to make a profit on them. Instead, we pass the savings on to you, the customer.

Orlando is a great place to begin an RV vacation, and you'll find that traveling is so much easier when you carry your hotel around with you. No more check in and out times, no expensive multiple rooms and no lack of vacancy signs. You make and follow your own schedule. This allows you the option to change plans at will, making your family time become much more relaxed. The stresses of travel will be a thing of the past once you get your own RV.

There are a great number of popular theme parks in Orlando, as well as a myriad of restaurants to choose from. Of course, there is really no need to eat out if you don't feel like it. Each of our motorhomes-for-sale comes with a complete kitchen. Food always tastes better when it's made on vacation. And needless to say, it's way more economical to cook your own meals in the comfort of your own motorhome.

All of the fun and exciting things to do in Florida are a great reason to own an RV, not to mention the other continental states! When you purchase one of our late-model, refurbished coaches, you're creating a world of opportunity for family fun and adventure.

Come by our Orlando sales location, or visit us online to see the current list of RVs for sale. The sales inventory is constantly changing, as these good, clean, rugged motorhomes don't last long once we place them on the market at prices that cannot be beat.