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Used RV Sales in SFO (Newark), CA

  • Sales Center:
    5623 John Muir Drive
    Newark, California, 94560


    Sales Pro:
    Robert Benson

    Mon- Sat: 9am- 5pm

Used RV Inventory 1-9 of 9 for SFO (Newark), California

YearModelID #MilesPriceLoc 
201428A303322105,797PendingHot Deal IconSan Francisco (Newark), CASelectYDSFO
201523A254700147,847PendingSan Francisco (Newark), CASelectSDSFO
201523A254557131,022$28,985San Francisco (Newark), CASelectS SFO
201523A254678130,590$28,985San Francisco (Newark), CASelect  SFO
201523A254460128,554$29,485San Francisco (Newark), CASelect  SFO
201428A303316104,601$29,985San Francisco (Newark), CASelectS SFO
201428A30338396,884$31,485San Francisco (Newark), CASelectS SFO
201428A30407297,906$31,485San Francisco (Newark), CASelect  SFO
201619G191422137,550PendingSan Francisco (Newark), CASelect DSFO

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If you live in the Bay area and you're considering purchasing a good, used motorhome, you will find plenty of RV sales in San Francisco. What you won't find is a company that will provide you with the kind of deal that Cruise America will. And the great news is that we have a sales center close to San Francisco in nearby Newark!

Most people are familiar with Cruise America, and know that we are the number one rental RV company in the nation. Our highly recognizable class C RVs are seen on practically every highway and campground in the country. But few know that we sell RVs, too.

Each time we purchase new recreational vehicles for our rental fleet, we must sell some of our used ones to make room. The units that we sell are all built to our rigid specifications, making them rugged enough to endure any of the rigors of rentals. They are also easier to drive, and more comfortable to ride in, thanks to the features we insist on adding for our customers.

Before a unit is placed up for sale, our team of RV technicians goes over it, restoring and refurbishing it to its original condition. Once it has met all of our strict guidelines and it's back to its like-new condition, we post it on our website so that the public can determine if it's going to meet their needs. All of our coaches for sale are late model motorhomes manufactured by Four Winds. They have spacious sleeping quarters to comfortably accommodate everyone in your travel party. They also have a complete kitchen for your meal preparation, a shower, heating, cooling and adequate water storage.

Our Cruise America RVs come in three different sizes. The Large units will comfortably accommodate up to seven people. Our Standard coach holds five travelers, while the Compact unit is just right for up to three people.

One advantage (amongst many) of our units is that they have plenty of spacious cargo storage. You don't have to try to cram everything you own into two suitcases. With our basement cargo bins, you can bring just about anything you like, including bikes, barbecue grills and camping supplies.

Needless to say, one of the biggest advantages to purchasing a used RV from Cruise America is the fact that you'll save thousands of dollars. You see, our motorhomes eventually pay for themselves during the rentals. We don't need to build a profit into the price. Instead, we choose to pass the savings on to you, the customer.

There are so many things to see and do in the San Francisco area, as well as all along the west coast and throughout the entire state of California, that you will surely start getting the full pleasure out of your newly purchased RV right away. If you need help deciding which motorhome is best for you, feel free to drop by and speak to one of our RV experts. He or she will help you get on your way to RV ownership.