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201423A254288119,706$27,485Hot Deal IconSalt Lake City, UTSelectY SLC
201423A254336115,949$27,485Hot Deal IconSalt Lake City, UTSelectY SLC
201423A254391119,269PendingHot Deal IconSalt Lake City, UTSelectYDSLC
201423A254361110,423$29,985Hot Deal IconSalt Lake City, UTSelectY SLC
201423A254377114,409$29,985Hot Deal IconSalt Lake City, UTSelectY SLC
201428A304075124,833$31,985Hot Deal IconSalt Lake City, UTSelectY SLC
201428A303318117,607$32,485Hot Deal IconSalt Lake City, UTSelectY SLC
201428A303354120,796PendingHot Deal IconSalt Lake City, UTSelectYDSLC
201428A304053116,775$32,485Hot Deal IconSalt Lake City, UTSelectY SLC
201428A304057118,168$32,485Hot Deal IconSalt Lake City, UTSelectY SLC
201428A303311108,478$35,485Salt Lake City, UTSelect  SLC

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4125 S. State Street
Salt Lake City, Utah, 84107

RV sales in Utah are flourishing, and no wonder. Folks are learning that the best way to become an RV owner is to purchase one of Cruise America's well-maintained used class C RVs. The sales location is located in the heart of the state … Salt Lake City.

Most everyone knows who Cruise America is, because they see our recognizable rental motorhomes rolling down every highway, parked in every campground and stationed at every major sporting event. But many don't realize that not only do we rent motorhomes, we sell them, too!

Our rental fleet is just the right size, so when we purchase new inventory, we must sell some of the motorhomes currently in use to make room. There is nothing wrong with the ones we sell; as a matter of fact, you would be hard pressed to find RVs that are in better condition and that have been better maintained. Each of our rental motorhomes are meticulously cleaned and repaired after each rental, and the maintenance is unsurpassed. It's important that we keep our units in pristine condition so that the next renter feels like they are the first ones to use the RV. When it comes time to sell the older units, it's an easy process to recondition them to a like-new status because they are so well maintained in the first place.

Aside from getting an RV that is in tip-top condition, you also glean other benefits from choosing a used motorhome rather than buying a brand new one. You save a great deal of money! You could end up paying tens of thousands of dollars less than you would spend purchasing a new one. Also, the cost of the insurance is considerably lower on a used RV. In addition, you won't have to spend the first year in the shop while the "new RV bugs" are worked out. Lastly, you won't experience the substantial depreciation that occurs the moment you drive a new RV off the lot.

Utah residents that are looking to purchase an RV should definitely go online, or visit our sales location in Salt Lake to browse the motorhomes that we have available. Each RV that is available for sale is road-worthy and ready to be traveled in, and what better place to start your journey than in the beautiful state of Utah?

Utah, known as the "Beehive State," is known as one of the most beautiful states in the country. Home to Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon and several other popular outdoor recreation highlights, Utah has plenty to offer for hunters, fishermen, hikers and outdoor photographers. It's the tenth least densely populated state in the nation, meaning that there is a great deal of open territory to be explored. It's home to five national parks, two national recreation areas, a historic site, and several cultural opportunities.

Visit Antelope Island State Park, located on the Great Salt Lake's largest island. You can get to it in your motorhome by traversing the seven-mile causeway that juts all the way to the island. This recreational family spot offers magnificent views of the Wasatch Mountain range. While there, you are likely to see wildlife, such as bison, deer, pronghorn antelope, bighorn sheep and all kinds of birds. Best of all, there's RV camping available if you decide to stay the night.

Another great family activity for you and your family would be to pilot your motorhome to Lagoon amusement and water park. It's the biggest amusement park between the west coast and the Mississippi. There you will find over 40 rides, a water park with a beach, musical entertainment, a historically educative Pioneer Village and, of course, food of all kinds and great shopping. If your feeling brave, you can fly the Bat, take on the Spider with all its twists and turns, brave the Wicked roller coaster, get splashed on the Rattlesnake Rapids and get turned upside down on the huge loops of Colossus – the Fire Dragon.

In the northeast part of Utah there is a giant sandstone wall that measures 200-feet long. Embedded in this wall are more than 2,000 dinosaur bones that are visible to visitors. What is now the Dinosaur National Monument was discovered in 1909 by Earl Douglass, a renowned paleontologist. There have been over 350 million tons of fossils harvested from this site. These fossils include complete dinosaur skeletons, and have been placed in museums around the world.

In the heart of Salt Lake City you can visit the site known around the world as Temple Square. In this area, you will not only get to visit the iconic temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormon/LDS), but you can also see some of their most pertinent sites, including the largest genealogical library in the world. You can also visit their state-of-the-art conference center where members of the church gather semi-annually. There are dozens of intriguing museums and historical buildings that pertain to the Mormon Church and its captivating history.

At the mouth of Emigration Canyon, you will find what has become Salt Lake City's most visited paid attraction, the Utah Hogle Zoo. It's sits on 42 acres of hillside, upon which you will find winding pathways shaded by dense trees that lead to an education in animal science. There are hundreds of animals, from just as many species, on display. It's billed as one of the top zoos in the world. While you're there, don't miss the Asian Highlands display. It's a re-creation of a Himalayan village. Oh, and be sure to visit the Elephant Encounter, where African elephants and white rhinoceroses are featured.

Another great attraction for your family to enjoy is Thanksgiving Point Gardens, where you'll visit the Children's Discovery Garden, the Museum of Ancient Life and the Emporium. When visiting these points of family interest, you will also get to see the world's largest man made waterfall in the Western Hemisphere.

These are just a small sampling of things to do in the state of Utah, and what better way to enjoy and explore this amazing part of the country than in your own RV? All of our motorhomes for sale have been professionally maintained and refurbished. You will save a whole lot of money when purchasing a late model Cruise America RV as opposed to a brand new motorhome, not to mention the fun family time it affords you. Visit our website or come by the sales center today to check out our current inventory and pricing.