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  • Sales Center:
    8000 Wellingford Drive
    Manassas, Virginia, 20109

    Mani Mahmoood

    Sales Pro:
    Joseph Nwakanze

    Mon- Sat: 9am- 5pm

Used RV Inventory 1-7 of 7 for Manassas, Virginia

YearModelID #MilesPriceLoc 
201423A254382108,940PendingManassas, VASelect DWDC
201523A254417135,371$28,485Manassas, VASelectS WDC
201428A303187113,328$28,985Manassas, VASelectS WDC
201428A304042106,722$29,485Manassas, VASelect  WDC
201523A254606124,919$29,985Manassas, VASelectS WDC
201428A30403299,496$31,485Manassas, VASelect  WDC
201428A30315798,652$31,485Manassas, VASelectS WDC

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There are several places where shoppers can find RV sales in Virginia, but we are the only dealer in the state that can offer the kind of value for the discounted price that we do … we are Cruise America. Our Virginia sales center is located in Manassas, so anyone who lives in that area that may be shopping for a quality used RV is especially fortunate. You needn't travel far to find the best deal of your life.

When you purchase a used RV from another dealer, or from a private party, you have no idea of how that unit was cared for. You don't know its history or if it has been in an accident. You don't know how the previous owner drove it, and if it received regular, essential maintenance. All you know is what you see, and oft times it's the things we don’t see that become major problems down the road. In addition, everyone is trying to make a large profit when they sell something. Owners always tend to think that their motorhome is much more valuable than it really is, and they want to make sure they make the maximum amount they can when they sell it.

At Cruise America, we sell our RVs for one reason; to make room for new inventory. If one of our RVs is not in tip-top condition, the last thing we would do is sell it to one of our customers. That goes completely against what Cruise America stands for. We don't sell our used class C RVs to make a profit; they have already served their purpose while they were rented. We want to pass on the savings to you, our customers, so we make these great motorhomes available to buy.

When people hear the name of Cruise America, they usually think of our rental RVs rolling down the highways and byways, with our brightly colored landscape and camping scenes emblazoned on the exterior. Well, that's not surprising, because renting RVs is exactly what made Cruise America the recognizable establishment that we are today. Every motorhome in our rental fleet is meticulously serviced, cleaned and maintained to assure that the next renter is completely happy with their coach. This is advantageous to the customer that eventually buys the motorhome, as they know they are getting a unit that has been treated with TLC from the time it arrived at our rental center to the time it is driven out of the sales location.

When a motorhome is made ready to sell, our skilled RV technicians meticulously comb over it, looking for any imperfections, blemishes or malfunctioning components. They bring the exterior back to its like-new condition, as well as the interior and under the hood. Once the RV is ready for a new owner, we place it on our sales list. We price our motorhomes so low, that they go quickly. It gives us great joy to see our customers drive away in an RV that they can call their own, and that we were able to save them thousands of dollars on it. We are so confident in the condition of our used motorhomes, that we offer an extended warranty plan on them. There are years and years of good life left on each RV we sell.

We know that there are some folks who have their hearts set on purchasing a brand new recreational vehicle. That's great, if you don’t mind spending a great deal more money than is necessary. Unfortunately, when you buy brand new, you are basically paying for the "new car" smell that comes along with it. The minute you drive a new RV off the lot, you lose about 33% of its value through depreciation. You also pay a great deal more taxes and insurance on it. Most importantly, it usually takes about a year to get all of the "new RV bugs" worked out, and that involves several trips to the RV mechanic to take care of these issues. When you buy a high quality used RV from Cruise America, it's ready to hit the road. No new RV bugs!

One of the advantages of purchasing your RV in Virginia is that it's a great starting point for a successful RV trip! There are so many things to see and do in the Old Dominion State, that no matter which direction you travel, you're bound for good times. For instance, take a walk along the pristine Virginia Beach and stroll through the town where you'll find shopping, museums, lighthouses, and plenty of good places to eat. Take the Canal Cruise in Richmond and learn the colorful history of the area and get a glimpse of the old Tobacco Row. Visit Busch Gardens in Williamsburg and experience the many thrill rides. Visit Monticello in Charlottesville, where Thomas Jefferson lived for most of his life. Head to Natural Bridge (in the town with the same name), which was formed when the roof of a large underground cavern collapsed.

There is no better and convenient way to travel than in the comfort of your own motorhome. No airport hassles, no renting hotel rooms with their check in and checkout times, no rental cars and best of all, no rush. You travel at your own pace, following nobody's schedule but your own. If you choose to eat out, you can, but if you'd rather, you can cook in the full kitchen of your newly purchased motorhome. There is plenty of cargo room in each RV that we sell. This allows you to carry bicycles, barbeque grills, and all the luggage you need.

With Cruise America's high quality, meticulously maintained refurbished late model class C motor homes, you can buy your very own RV with confidence, knowing that you will be treated with complete gracious hospitality during the entire purchase procedure.

Spend more time with friends and family during vacations, camping trips or before the big game. View our Virginia RV sales inventory today, in person or online, and find the right unit for you and your family.