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    12201 Hwy 99 South
    Everett, Washington, 98204

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Used RV Inventory 1-11 of 11 for Seattle (Everett), Washington

YearModelID #MilesPriceLoc 
201423A254203132,847$25,985Hot Deal IconSeattle (Everett), WASelectY EVT
201423A254217127,017$26,485Hot Deal IconSeattle (Everett), WASelectY EVT
201423A254386128,275$26,485Hot Deal IconSeattle (Everett), WASelectY EVT
201423A254405127,565$26,485Hot Deal IconSeattle (Everett), WASelectY EVT
201423A254341120,507$26,985Hot Deal IconSeattle (Everett), WASelectY EVT
201423A254302116,358$27,485Hot Deal IconSeattle (Everett), WASelectY EVT
201423A254400110,823$29,985Hot Deal IconSeattle (Everett), WASelectY EVT
201428A303362116,639PendingHot Deal IconSeattle (Everett), WASelectYDEVT
201428A304006110,896$32,985Hot Deal IconSeattle (Everett), WASelectY EVT
201428A303162110,037$32,985Hot Deal IconSeattle (Everett), WASelectY EVT
201428A303352112,746$32,985Hot Deal IconSeattle (Everett), WASelectY EVT

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12201 Hwy 99 South
Everett, Washington, 98204

RV sales in Washington are common, but the kind of deals you can get from Cruise America are not!

The Cruise America RV sales center in Seattle offers customers a wide selection of refurbished, late model motorhomes, all professionally maintained and meticulously made ready for sale. We are not selling these units because they are worn out or defective in any way; to the contrary. These are very high-quality RVs manufactured to our rigid specifications, and kept in immaculate condition. The reason that we sell some of our fleet is simply to make room for the new RVs that we purchase. By doing so, we create a rotating stock. These RVs have already served their purpose, so we are not looking to make a profit by selling them. Instead, we pass the savings on to you, our customers, so that you can purchase a beautiful class C RV for a fraction of the cost that you'd pay elsewhere. Those who buy these used motorhomes save thousands of dollars.

When you purchase a brand new motorhome, there are a few expenses that you may not be aware of. First of all, there's about a 33% depreciation that occurs the minute you drive it off the lot. It goes from a new status to a used status in a period of about five minutes. In addition, the insurance that you pay on a used motorhome is considerably lower than what you'd pay for a new one. Another item to consider is that when you purchase a new motorhome, you will spend several days in and out of the mechanic's shop as the "new RV bugs" are worked out for the first year. Our motorhomes are ready to hit the road, bug free, the minute you make the purchase.

When we select an RV to be placed at one of our sales locations, our skilled technicians go over it, examining every inch to make sure that everything is in pristine condition on the inside, the exterior and under the hood. We assure that every component is working properly and that the entire unit is in "like new" condition. This isn't very difficult, as we keep these recreational machines extremely well maintained throughout their rental life. Each time a unit is returned, we go over it in the same fashion so that the next renter will feel like they are in a new unit. The only thing we cannot offer with one of our used RVs is the "new car" smell that you'd get if you bought a brand new motorhome. However, we do assure that it will smell clean and sanitized; because all of our units stay that way the whole time that we own them.

Cruise America is so confident about the condition of our used motorhomes, that we offer a 12-month/12,000-mile powertrain warranty at no additional charge. Also, each unit qualifies for an optional extended service plan. That speaks volumes as to the condition of the motorhomes we sell.

Anyone who has never traveled in a motorhome cannot imagine the comfort and convenience of the RV lifestyle. That's probably why approximately nine million U.S. households own one, and that doesn't even include the number of people that rent one regularly.

A few of the reasons that people love traveling in an RV are:

*No airline reservations, no expensive tickets, no security lines, no delayed flights and no checking luggage

*No expensive car rentals

*No finding a hotel that can accommodate you and your family, no check-in times and no checkout times

*No stopping every hour for restroom breaks and buying snacks

*No eating out every time the family gets hungry; you have a kitchen

*No schedules to follow but your own

If you happen to purchase one of our used motorhomes in our Seattle sales center, you are in a great spot to start traveling. Seattle is one of those towns that you could visit for a very long time and still not see it all. You could start by visiting the iconic Space Needle to get a bird's eye view of the city, or you could wander the world-famous Pike Place Market and watch the seafood vendors throw fish. Visit the Woodland Park Zoo and walk the 92 acres of intriguing creatures. Go through the largest aviation museum on the west coast, the Museum of Flight. Stroll through downtown's Waterfront Park for a great view of the Puget Sound.

Seattle is surrounded by gorgeous territory that continues throughout the whole state of Washington. If you need a few suggestions of things to see, here are a few ideas for you:

Visit Squak Mountain State Park with its miles of winding trails on the 2,024-foot mountain.

These trails skirt the bubbling creeks and narrow ravines. It offers a generous view of Issaquah, which lies at its base.

Enjoy the 47-acre Osoyoos Lake Veteran's Memorial Park on the 14-mile long Osoyoos Lake, which stretches many miles north into British Colombia. There you will find loads of RV camping opportunities, as well as hiking, boating and fishing. Enjoy the sandy shores, green lawns and shade trees in abundance.

Port Townsend is a hip, cool seaport town, with all kinds of shopping, dining and a whole lot of art.

Friday Harbor, located on San Juan Island, is a great family getaway with loads of history, whale watching, kayaking and several amazing eateries to choose from.

Gig harbor, located across the Narrows Bridge from Tacoma, offers an abundance of shopping, outdoor recreation, dining and arts. Sunset magazine named it one of the five best small town art walks in the Pacific Northwest.

Go inland and head towards Spokane, visiting several great towns in between. While Seattle has a modern-day feel, Spokane has the charm of antiquity. You can visit the beautiful site of the Spokane River Falls at the downtown Riverside Park. It's best seen from the gondola ride that lets you hover directly over the crashing water. While there, be sure to visit Manito Park, or bike the Centennial Trail, or hike in one of the many nature preserves. Visit some of the many wineries and craft breweries to sample the renowned grapes and hops of Washington.

There is a lot to see and do in the state of Washington, as there is in all of the other 48 states that you can get to in your newly purchased quality class C RV. The only thing that may hold you back is … well, there is nothing holding you back! Visit the Cruise America sales center in Seattle, or visit us online to browse the inventory of quality, used class C motorhomes that we have available.