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Used Class C RVs for Sale

Shopping for a used Class C RV for sale? You can get a great price on a used Class C RV for sale on Cruise America has over 3000 used Class C RVs for sale at 13 sales locations across the U.S. and Canada.

Denver, CO
Las Vegas, NV
Los Angeles, CA
Manassas, VA
Orlando, FL
Phoenix, AZ
Salt Lake City, UT
San Francisco, CA
Seattle, WA
Calgary, AB
Montreal, QC
Toronto, ON
Vancouver, BC

If you aren't near a location, but you still want to take advantage of the unbelievable low prices on a used Class C RVs for sale at Cruise America... No problem! Check out the Fly and Buy program where if you purchase a motorhome from Cruise America, they will pay for your airfare.

Why buy a used Class C RV from Cruise America?

  • The Class C is built on a much smaller frame than the bigger models. This allows for easier handling, and much better gas mileage. With the prices of fuel, this is a big advantage for today's traveler.
  • The Class C is much easier to maneuver through traffic and in tight spaces. Unlike the much bigger greyhound bus-sized Class A motorhomes, the Class C is shorter and can be driven into and out of parking lots, RV parks, and high traffic conditions. If needed, it also handles going off road much better than the larger Class A's.
  • The Class C RV is easy to drive. Because it is constructed on van/truck chassis, it feels like you are driving a van or pick up truck. The fact that it is not as wide as the Class A makes it possible for the driver to maintain a much safer visibility.
  • The Class C offers many of the luxuries that the bigger models do such as sleeping quarters, bathroom and a kitchenette.
  • The Class C comes in different sizes, depending on the needs of the traveler. And Cruise America rents and sells many sizes.
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Anyone wishing to break into the world of RVing would be wise to start by renting a Class C motorhome from Cruise America. This will allow them to experience the benefits of a RV travel, without committing to a purchase. Once the vacationer realizes the many plusses to vacationing RV style, they can either continue to rent their Class C motorhomes from Cruise America, or they can purchase one from them as well, choosing from their extensive inventory of used motorhomes that they must sell to make room for the new ones.

To see the variety of Class C motorhomes available to rent or purchase from Cruise America, call or click on Or visit one of their many locations around the United States and Canada, and speak to one of their experienced motorhome experts.