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Used Class C RVs From Cruise America

Used class C RVs from Cruise America offer a hassle free way to glean the savings and advantages of finding a used RV for sale. They make it possible to do without the worry and stress of making your purchase from a stranger. Here are a few reasons why one would be better off buying a used class C RV from Cruise America than from off the street or out of the newspaper:

  • The used class C RVs that Cruise America offers for sale to their customers are reconditioned and readied for the road. Cruise America would not sell a vehicle unless it was in tip-top condition.

  • Unlike a private seller, Cruise America offers a 3 month, 3,000 mile limited powertrain warranty on each of their used class C motorhomes, and an optional 4 year extended warranty that covers an array of items. These covered items include hot water heaters, heaters and air conditioners, waste systems, fresh water systems, kitchen appliances, electrical systems and more.

  • Cruise America is familiar with the condition of their RVs at all times, and if they are ever in need of mechanical attention, the repairs are made right away. This assures that when the time comes to sell them, they have an abundance of good miles left on them.

  • Cruise America keeps meticulous records of the maintenance performed on their RVs, so you have no doubt about the overall condition and integrity of the motorhome. If it is not road ready, they will not sell it.

  • If you don't live near any of the Cruise America's sales centers, they will pay your way to fly to them and make your RV purchase.

  • Because Cruise America sells so many RVs throughout the country, they can keep their prices affordable, saving the customers a great deal of money.

There are many advantages to purchasing a used class C RV, and with Cruise America you can be assured that you are getting a quality vehicle, and that they will stand behind the class C motorhome that they sell you.

Cruise America only rents and sells class C RVs, because of the myriad of advantages to driving one. Their huge popularity is probably due to the fact that they are so much easier to maneuver than the much larger class A RVs.

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The class C motorhome is built on a van chassis, and the box living area extends over the cab for more spacious sleeping quarters. Driving one is much like driving a passenger van or pickup truck. Whether you are trying to navigate a busy highway, a crowded parking lot or just pulling into an RV park, the class C is a cinch to master.

To see the used class C RVs available from Cruise America, go to their website and peruse their inventory. There are many advantages to purchasing a used RV, and thanks to Cruise America, all the worry has been alleviated.