10 Music Festival Must-Haves

Booking your first RV music festival trip can be an exciting, and challenging, experience. The anticipation of seeing your favorite artists and bonding with friends is thrilling. But when it comes time to pack, you may be asking yourself, “What the heck am I supposed to bring?”
This isn’t just your average vacation or camping trip. There are a few necessities that can make or break the experience. Here are 10 music festival must-haves that will keep you singing and dancing the day away on your Cruise America RV adventure.

RV Campgrounds

Nearly all festivals have designated campgrounds with sites that can accommodate a Cruise America RV rental. And even if they don’t, there’s bound to be a RV campground or resort nearby. Sure, there are die-hards sleeping in cars or tents, but let’s get real ­– you’re going be on your feet all day. At the end of the night, you’ll be thankful you have a bed and four walls around you to get a good night’s sleep. Plus, if you manage your water usage properly, you can sneak in a shower or two.

First Aid Kit

Safety first! All festivals will have a first aid station that you can visit in the case you actually hurt yourself, and we encourage you to use it if you do. However, you likely don’t want to make the trek across the festival grounds if you have a minor cut or scrape. Instead, stock your RV rental with first aid necessities, and then take a small, travel-size kit for your concert bag or fanny pack so you can grab band-aids or disinfectant as needed.


Protecting your skin is important, especially at festivals. You’ll be so busy having a good time, that you may forget just how much sun your skin is being exposed to throughout the day. Sunscreen is just one way you can protect your body from sunburns and potential sun poisoning. Key things you want to look for in a sunscreen: broad spectrum, 30 SPF and sweat/waterproof. And don’t forget to reapply often.

Dad Hat (Or Any Hat)

The classic dad hat is making a comeback. If you’re not sure what we’re talking about, it’s a simple baseball cap. If you prefer something a little more chic to go with your festival style, try a wide-brimmed straw hat. Regardless, hats are a great – and stylish – way to protect you from the sun and keep you cool.

Fanny Pack

Yet another dad hack that is popular among festivalgoers, and for good reason. The fanny pack is the perfect accessory to hold your essentials, like a first aid kit, cell phone, wallet, lip balm, sunscreen and portable charger. Plus, they’re small enough that they won’t weigh you down when singing and dancing to your favorite songs.

Reusable Water Bottle/Hydration Pack

Purchasing water inside festivals can get expensive. Plus, the negative impact of all those plastic bottles is something you don’t want on your conscience. Opt instead for a reusable water bottle or hydration pack that can be filled again and again at the event’s water stations. Look for options that are lightweight and collapsible to save space, like this one.

Sunglasses and Bandanas

This is about more than just festival fashion. Festivals can get dusty and the last thing you want is dirt flying into your eyes, nose and mouth. Sunglasses and bandanas are the perfect way to protect you from absorbing unwanted particles.
Insider Tip: Bring an inexpensive pair of sunglasses. The chances of your glasses being lost or damaged are high, so leave the designer shades at home.


Closed Toe Shoes

There’s a time and place for sandals. In the middle of a large crowd at a festival isn’t one of them. No one means to stomp on your foot, but unfortunately, it’s going to happen at least once. Closed-toe shoes will keep your feet safe so you can get closer to the stage when your favorite act comes on. Similar to our insider tip for sunglasses, make sure you bring shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty or ruined.

Bluetooth Key Finder

Sometimes, bad things happen when you’re having a good time – like losing your phone. By attaching a small, Bluetooth-enabled tracker to your phone, wallet or RV keys, you can ensure that you’ll be able to track them down later.

Portable Phone Charger

While we encourage you to live in the moment and really soak in the experience of being at a music festival, we also understand that you want to document the trip. Taking photos and videos can drain cell phone batteries and you won’t always have time to run back to the RV to charge it. Pack a portable charger for power emergencies and you can stay connected as much – or as little – as you want to be.

Positive Vibes Only

These 10 festival must haves will be lifesavers during the summer event season. It’s also important to keep an open mind and positive outlook. At times, festivals can get hot, sticky and crowded. So, just try to remember why you’re there in the first place – to have fun and make lasting memories with friends. If you’re looking for new festivals to experience, check out our roundup up on the most unique festivals in the U.S. 

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