12 Mouthwatering 4th of July Recipes


Every year, the 4th of July brings family and friends together to celebrate summer’s most beloved holiday.  A variety of timeless American festivities mark the occasion including  backyard barbeques and summer camping trips. Regardless of whether you choose to celebrate at home or hit the open road in a RV rental, these 4th of July recipes are sure to be crowd pleasers at your annual get together.

Main Course Ideas

Nothing says 4th of July like a good, old-fashioned barbeque. We’ve rounded up some American classics with a fresh spin that your crew will love.

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Bacon Wrapped Chicken Bites

What’s better than grilling chicken over an open fire? Wrapping it in bacon, of course! While this recipe calls for an oven, you can easily slide these bite-sized pieces of chicken wrapped in bacon on a skewer and throw it on the grill.

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50 Stars Barbeque Chicken

This easy grilled chicken drumstick recipe features a unique spin in that you add packets of Italian seasoning to your barbeque sauce marinade. Say what?! Plus, a dash of basil helps lighten up this delicious main dish. 

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Hawaiian Hotdogs With Mango Salsa

Nothing says America quite like a hotdog. This summer favorite is getting a tropical makeover inspired by the beautiful state of Hawai’i. While the dogs are cooking on the grill, mix up this sweet and spicy topping

Chipotle Black Bean Freekeh Sliders with Avocado Lime Crema

Vegetarians won’t be stuck trying to fill up on side dishes with this tasty veggie burger. These patties are made with Freekeh – a grain similar to bulgur – and fa mixture of  spices that add a great little kick of flavor. 

Side Dishes You’ll Love

Every main dish needs a sidekick. Check out these simple, yet delicious, side dishes that are perfect for any summer cookout. 

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Pesto ‘n Parm Grilled Corn

Pesto and Parmesan cheese is a match made in heaven. Now, throw it on some corn and that’s a recipe for success – pun intended. You can also check out these other grilled corn recipes for more side dish ideas. 

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Vegetable Kabobs

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, kabobs are the way to go when cooking vegetables while camping. Load up a skewer with your favorite veggies, pop them on the grill and get ready for campfire deliciousness. 

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Watermelon, Blueberry and Feta Salad

Celebrate the 4th of July with a little red, white and blue. The salty bite of feta is perfect against the sweet watermelon and blueberries. This colorful dish is pleasing to the eye and the tummy!

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Grilled Ranch Potatoes

Potato salad is a long-standing tradition at many 4th of July barbeques. But, dishes with too many ingredients can be difficult to make on the road. Try this grilled potato recipe instead for a new take on an old favorite. 

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Old-Fashioned Lemonade

It’s not quite a side dish, but it does accompany your meal, so we say it counts. You can buy the base premade or whip up a fresh batch. Either way, dress up your lemonade with summer berries and fresh mint

Delicious Desserts

No 4th of July celebration is complete without a little dessert. Here are a few, easy treats that you can make at home or on the road. 

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4th of July S’mores Dip

Instead of a traditional s’more, try something new, like s’mores dip. This festive 4th of July recipe combines marshmallows and chocolate with a little red, white and blue inspiration. To make the dish campfire friendly, just layer the ingredients in a grill safe dish or cast iron pan, cover with foil and heat until it’s gooey and melted. 


4th of July Celebrations

Give these 4th of July recipes a try this summer. If you’re still looking for things to do during the Independence Day holiday, check out our blog on the top 4th of July fireworks shows