15 Reasons Why Families, College Students, & Others Should Take an RV Trip This Summer

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Now that the temperatures are getting warmer and the days are getting longer, many of us have started planning our summer vacations. While a beach getaway at a nice resort may have been your go-to for years, there are many reasons to consider taking an RV trip this summer for a change. 

Maybe you’ve taken an RV trip in the past or are considering taking an RV vacation for the first time. No matter the situation, there are plenty of great reasons to plan for an amazing RV trip this summer. In fact, 72 million Americans planned to take an RV trip in 2022, making this one of the most popular vacation options out there. So, what makes this such a popular vacation plan? We’ll cover 15 reasons below.  

Reasons to Take an RV Trip This Summer

There are plenty of reasons why taking an RV trip is a fantastic way to spend the summer — certainly way more than 15. However, we’ve selected some of the very best reasons to choose an RV trip as your next summer vacation. Once you’ve experienced your first RV trip, you’ll probably be able to think of many more reasons yourself! 

Why Families Should Take an RV Trip

Let’s face it, traveling with children can be exhausting. From getting to the airport to checking into the hotel to renting a car in a new location, many of the aspects of travel become significantly more difficult when the whole family is involved. Here are a few reasons why traveling in an RV can be perfect for families.

1. Easier Family Camping

Going camping sounds like the perfect family vacation until you start thinking about all the logistics required for a successful camping trip. Indeed, planning a successful camping trip requires a lot of work, as you’ll have to make sure to bring enough food, pitch a tent large enough for the entire family and find a way to cook your own food. Oh, and don’t forget to secure your supplies before a wild animal gets a chance to help itself!

Taking an RV makes camping hassle-free, as you can simply load up the RV with everything you need at home and drive right up to your camping spot. Most RVs are fully equipped with appliances like a gas stove top, a refrigerator, and a microwave, thus making cooking meals as easy as in your own kitchen. Then come nightfall, all you need to worry about is closing the door and climbing into bed. 

2. Travel in Style (No Kiddos on an Airplane)

Few things are less glamorous than taking a flight with kids. If the airport experience can be frustrating for adults, then it’s no surprise that many children have a tough time getting through a flight. If you’re looking to avoid the inevitable airport tantrum, then look to an RV vacation as a solution. 

That way, you won’t need to worry about check-in lines, going through security, getting to your gate on time, and making sure your kids behave on the flight. Plus, not only will you say goodbye to airport troubles, but you’ll also avoid the stressful hotel check-in experience. What’s not to love about that? 

3. Take Longer Trips

Taking an RV can allow you to maximize the time you spend with your family on your summer vacation. That’s because the trip starts the moment you step out of your home and fire up your RV. From sing-alongs to car games, there are plenty of ways to begin the fun before you reach your destination. Plus, the money saved on airfare and hotels can go towards a few extra days on the road.

4. Save Funds With a Traveling Kitchen

One of the most expensive parts of a summer vacation is eating out, especially if you tend to go to overpriced hotel restaurants. A standard RV comes equipped with a full kitchen and a refrigerator so you can cook your favorite meals on the road. This will help you save money and enjoy home-cooked meals as a family — even hundreds of miles away from home.

5. See More than One Sight

One of the biggest perks of taking an RV is that you don’t have to adhere to any strict schedules. Traveling on your own time will allow you and your family to visit as many or as few sights as you’d like in a single trip. One thing’s for sure — whether you like to plan everything in advance or play it by ear, nothing will give you the flexibility of an RV. 

Why College Students Should Take an RV Trip

Although often overlooked, a summer RV trip can be a great idea for college students. Here are some of the top reasons why you must consider an RV trip this summer if you’re in college.

6. Visit All Your Friends

One of the best parts of the college experience is making friends from all over the country, and one of the worst parts is saying goodbye to them at the end of the academic year. An RV trip can help you visit all your friends over the summer break, even if they live across state lines. 

A summer RV vacation will allow you to keep in touch with your friends and explore new parts of the country. And what’s better than exploring a new city or state with a local? Make the most of your new network of college buddies and pay them a visit over the summer. They’ll surely be happy to see you in their home state!

7. Better Than Dorm Living

Dorm living is a quintessential part of the college experience. While living in a dorm can have many upsides, it can also get uncomfortable very quickly. From shared rooms to shared bathrooms, even the most extroverted of us can start missing our privacy after living in a dorm for a few months. This can happen even quicker if you don’t mesh with your roommates.

The beauty of an RV trip is that you decide who comes with you. If you’re after absolute privacy, then you can hit the road on your own. Otherwise, you can ask your best buds to join you for the summer or just for a few days. Whatever the case, RV living certainly beats dorm living.   

8. Visit Hard-to-Reach Places

Your college years are meant to be spent studying hard — and playing hard. You deserve to go on a fun and relaxing adventure after a long year of hard work, and an RV will allow you to reach incredible places. Some of the country’s most incredible national parks aren’t accessible by plane, and many don’t have hotels anywhere nearby. Your best bet to reach them will be with an RV. 

Take a look at our picks for the top 20 campgrounds of 2023. From crystal-clear lagoons to picture-perfect land formations, you’re sure to find an unbelievable location for your RV trip that you wouldn’t otherwise have access to.

9. Stay on the Road for Months

Let’s face it, going back home during the summer break isn’t exactly everyone’s idea of an adventure. If you’re looking for a feasible way to travel from the end of the spring semester through the start of the fall semester, then look no further than an RV trip. 

On top of being affordable, an RV trip can be a sustainable way for people to stay on the road for months. Even if you don’t consider yourself an avid traveler, the added benefit of not having to go unpack and repack all of your suitcases as you make your way from flights to hotels can make an extended RV vacation realistic for you. Picking up and heading to a new place is as easy as turning on the ignition and making sure there’s gas in the tank — no suitcases needed.

10. Affordable Travel 

Many would be surprised to find that the cost of renting an RV can be significantly lower than that of a hotel room. The average daily hotel rate in the United States was $145 in 2022, and average prices are expected to increase to $155 by 2024. Renting an RV, on the other hand, can cost as little as $80 per night. 

Of course, RV daily rental costs exclude other costs like gas, mileage fees from the rental company (if any), as well as fees from any add-ons like kitchen utensils and bedding. On the other hand, the daily hotel rate also excludes other important expenses of your trip, such as airfare, meals at restaurants, and a rental car. For most travelers, this would result in an RV vacation costing less than a traditional vacation, making them ideal for budget-conscious college students.

Why Everyone Should Take an RV Trip

Even if you don’t fall into either of the two categories above, it’s more than likely that an RV summer vacation is still right for you. Here are five more reasons to consider renting an RV this summer. 

11. Romance of a Night Under the Stars

If you’re looking to take things one step further with that special someone, then an RV trip can be a romantic getaway for the ages. Whether you’re already married, looking for the ideal location to propose, or simply looking to do something special for your partner, nothing beats the romance and wonder of a night under the stars.

12. Avoid Hotel Up-Charging

Anyone who’s messed with a hotel minibar knows just how brutal those up-charges can be. From your en-suite minibar to the on-site restaurant, hotels are notorious for jacking up prices for their guests. Going for an RV instead of a hotel will allow you to avoid wasting money on your trip, as you’ll be fully in charge of what you bring with you and where you eat. 

You can choose to bring food from your pantry or make a stop at the grocery store right before heading into your destination national park. Whatever your choice, you’re sure to have plenty of options.

13. Every Day is a Day Trip

What’s better than waking up, looking at a map, and deciding where to go next? One of the biggest benefits of taking an RV vacation is that you don’t have to book flights and hotels in advance. All you have to do is drive right up to wherever your heart tells you to go. That means that you can pack many mini-vacations within your summer vacation and check off all the destinations on your bucket list. 

14. The Joy of the Drive 

If you’re a little intimidated by the thought of driving an RV for the first time, rest assured that driving an RV isn’t hard. After getting used to it, you’ll be able to enjoy driving your RV just like any other vehicle. Now imagine driving your RV in the middle of the woods, down the coastline, or along a scenic route in the Rockies. When you take an RV, your vacation starts way before you reach your destination.

15. Chase the Sun

One of the best things about RV living is being able to travel anywhere on a whim. This can be a true blessing for those who live in gloomy towns and are looking to enjoy some sun on their summer vacation. When you take an RV trip, you’ll be able to plan your days based on the weather forecast to maximize the number of hours you spend under the sun. 

As soon as you see that the weather forecast is looking dim, simply look at other nearby RV destinations with better weather. No more ruined vacations because of unexpected thunderstorms!

Travel This Summer With Cruise America

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to take an RV trip this summer. If you’re ready to start planning your RV summer vacation, then get in touch with one of our RV specialists at Cruise America. We’ll be happy to discuss your plans with you and assist you in buying or renting the perfect RV for your summer vacation. Just contact us today, and we’ll help you with the logistics of your first summer RV trip.