3 Easy Ways To Hitch Your Bike on an RV

One of the best things to have on an RV adventure is a bike. It makes a quick trip to the store easy and convenient and it a great addition for any adrenaline or fitness junkies in your camping group. If you’re planning on bringing your bike along with you on your next RV road trip, make sure you have a plan for transporting it on your RV rental

Every Cruise America vehicle comes with a standard tow hitch, so any standard bike rack should fit easy peasy. Just make sure to ask your Cruise America rental associate to remove the trailer hitch key lock – they’ll be happy to do that for you and it only takes a moment.

Cruise America RVs do not come with bike racks, but they are available for purchase at several retail outlets. We’ve rounded up some RV bike racks that will make hitching a bike to your RV a breeze. Many of these racks, along with bikes themselves, can be rented at various retail locations like REI.

Ladder-Mounted Rack

One popular option for RV-goers is a ladder-mounted rack. These racks hang on the RV’s rear ladder, can be rotated to allow full use of the ladder and are easily removable. The bikes will attach to the rack vertically, supported by the frame. A ladder-mounted rack is a great option if you’re bringing along one or two lightweight or children’s bikes.

Hitch-Mounted Rack

For those traveling with bikes for the whole family, a hitch-mounted rack is the way to go. These racks can hold four or five bikes on the back of the RV camper. They are available in both hanging and platform style and work well for standard bikes and specialty bikes such as tandems or trikes. To use a hitch-mounted rack, you’ll need to slide the rack into the hitch receiver on the back of your rental vehicle. Once installed, you’ll be on the road in no time.

Bumper-Mounted Rack

No hitch receiver? Your RV may be able to accommodate a bumper-mounted rack. These racks can carry two or more bikes, attach directly to the RV bumper and are available in hanging and platforms styles. A popular benefit of the bumper-mounted rack is that after installed, it leaves the rear ladder open for both roof and cargo access. Before installing this type of rack, be sure your RV’s bumper has a sturdy construction and is able to support the weight of both the bikes and rack. 

Whether you’re heading out on your RV adventure with one bike or four, there are plenty of easy ways to hitch them up. If you still aren’t sure which rack is best for you, our Cruise America RV experts will be able to point you in the right direction.