4 Hidden Beaches to Visit This Winter


No matter the season, hitting the beach is always in season. And nothing beats finding a secluded spot that not many people know about…that kind of fun discovery can make your trip. Here are a few of hidden gems around the country that are perfect for your RV getaway.

Photo Credit: @Kauailife

Sunset Beach and Bird Island, North Carolina

Just a half hour drive north of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and across the state line is a little beach town full of spacious coastline, sand dunes and rental properties. There are no high-rises or boardwalks like the resorts to the south, and the wide beach separating the surf and the marsh makes for beautiful walks, biking and playing in the ocean. In addition, it’s just a short walk to Bird Island Preserve to see the coastal sanctuary and natural dunes. 

While there are lots of RV facilities a short distance away, there are no RV parks on Bird Island or Sunset Beach. But there is plenty of room to park your RV rental and take a short walk to the beach and sightseeing areas before heading back to your hook-up.

4_Hidden_Beaches_Sunset_Beach.jpgPhoto Credit: @coastallivingguide

Rockport Beach, Texas

Southwest of San Antonio and a little north of Corpus Christi stands a hidden gem of Texas beach called Rockport Beach. This area of Texas might not be famous, but that’s what makes it special. Secluded, but easy to reach, this beach is an outdoor lover’s dream. The area sits between Copano Bay and Aransas Bay, and offers plenty of calm water. The isle also has an abundance of RV parks with all the amenities you need for a great Cruise America RV trip. 

Photo Credit: Rockport Beach

Washington Oaks Garden State Park, Florida

Palm Coast, Florida may be one of our favorite “hidden in plain sight” kind of gems. Beautiful Florida beaches are everywhere, with St. Augustine Beach and Crescent Beach to the north and Beverly Beach and Flagler Beach to the south. But nestled in-between, along the Intercoastal Waterway is a beautiful coastline covered in crushed shells and dotted with four-foot boulders that look like art sculptures. 

High tide makes for good swimming and low tide is for nature lovers. A large variety of seabirds take advantage of the tidal pools including herons, egrets, willets and sandpipers. Perfect for photographers and birdwatchers.

Campgrounds and RV parks abound up and down this area of Florida coastline, so pick your favorite spot for your RV rental and hook-up. 

4_Hidden_Beaches_Washington_Oaks_State_Park.pngPhoto Credit: Washington Oaks Garden State Park

Pirates Cove Beach, California

This hidden sandy beach is the perfect place to steal (a pirate’s treasure) away from the crowds. It’s located on the west side of Point Dume in Malibu. You can take in nearby Point Dume State Beach’s nature preserve before taking in a gorgeous sunset on the bluff overlooking Pirates Cove.


Get Some Sand Between Your Toes

Now that you have some good locations in mind, it’s time to take off in your Cruise America RV rental. Share your cozy beach pics with us at @CruiseAmericaRV.