5 Rules to Having an Epic RV Vacation


One of the safest, most cost-effective ways to travel and explore with friends during these times is RV camping. Which is exactly what the @bay.shooters did with Cruise America this summer! The refuge and comfort of our temporary 30ft motorhome allowed us to reunite in person again after months of social distancing while preserving our responsibility to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. RV camping is truly a 2020 life hack! 

Pick yourself up a Cruise America RV and follow these rules to have an epic vacation this year:

Rule #1: Be Prepared

Kicking off the trip, the six of us (Andrew, Kyle, Collin, Kane, David and Charae) met in Salt Lake City, Utah, to pick up our home for the coming week. It was easy breezy picking up the RV. We were in and out of the rental center in minutes and after a quick supply stop to fill up the RV fridge, we were on the road to Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. (Pro tip: Cruise America rents camping chairs that you can take with you in the RV to enjoy the outdoors and sit around the campfire in even more comfort, as well as tons of other useful outdoor gear. 100% worth it!) 

Rule #2: Be Flexible

Now, there are many ways to do RV camping because it gives you the freedom to choose your own adventure or switch things up when they don’t go as planned. We were immediately grateful for that freedom when we awoke in Jackson, Wyoming (after driving through the night!), which was covered in smoke carried over from the burning California fires. At our first stop on the trip, Schwabacher Landing, the iconic Teton mountains weren’t visible at all, and we altered our plans for the next few days, focusing on activities and sights that the heavy smoke wouldn’t hinder. Among these activities, our favorites were canoeing on the gorgeous Jackson Lake, Horseback riding in Jackson Hole, and catching a sunset at the Multon Barn (aka the Mormon Barn). While we hope your plans won’t be altered so drastically, remaining flexible is still key to enjoying your RV experience. 

Rule #3: Be Patient
Our adventures thus far were amazing, but I can’t lie; we were all a little disappointed by the smoke and wanted to take in the much-anticipated grandeur of the Tetons National Park. We had discussed altering our plans more drastically and driving 10 hours to Glacier National Park, Montana, which was reporting clearer skies, but wanted to give Jackson one more shot! With a 3 am wake-up, the six of us strapped on our hiking boots and lugged ourselves (with gear) up to Grand Teton mountain in a five-mile hike traversing over 2,000 feet in elevation to Delta Lake. Being closer to the mountaintop gave us the crisp view of the largest of the Tetons we were looking for, and we enjoyed a spectacular sunrise under the frosted peak as mist rose off the picturesque lake. Not only were Delta Lake and the journey to it incredibly rewarding, but waiting for the smoke to clear out in Jackson proved wise. We took in the new day’s clear skies all the way across the vast Wyoming plains as we descended the Grand Teton. Once back at the base of the mountain, we decorated the inside of the RV and went to lunch at the Snake River Brewery near the city square in downtown Jackson to celebrate David’s birthday! (Fun Fact: Grand Teton is the second highest peak in Wyoming!) 

Rule #4: Take it Easy
After a marathon of physical and celebratory activity, we took a few days to relax, unwind and just hang out. Starting off with a peaceful sunrise view on a curvy side road along the main highway, we parked the RV at Jenny Lake and prepared a stack of 30 pancakes and some avocado toast in the RV kitchenette. It was the perfect peaceful day to hop along the rocks surrounding the pristine waters of Jenny Lake and enjoy a swim. This was our first night away from an RV resort, so we made our way to the Wedding Tree campsite in BLM lands to dry camp. As soon as we arrived, an epic summer storm rolled in and we watched it pass through the windows of the RV as we got cozy with a friendly competition of Exploding Kittens. 

Rule #5: Be Brave
For the final leg of our trip, we took a long drive up to Yellowstone National Park (staying at an RV resort nearby in Idaho). Our first morning there we made our way to Mammoth Hot Springs for our first introduction to the treasurous and famed beauty of Yellowstone, where hundreds of people have been scalded by the hot waters of the beautiful park. Many of Yellowstone’s most majestic attractions are dangerous and should be enjoyed from afar, whether the hot waters or bounteous wildlife. During the day, we saw herds of American buffalo in Lamar Valley, as well as bears and elk, and we even got stuck in a Buffalo-induced bumper-to-buffalo traffic jam. But don’t let the dangers stop you from making the journey to many of the iconic sights like Morning Glory for sunset or Grand Prismatic Springs for a sunrise hike. Be respectful, be open-minded, and, of course, don’t forget your camera, your five best friends, and your boundless sense of adventure!