6 Awesome Camping Hacks


After years of RV camping, we’ve come up with a list of the best camping hacks that every outdoor adventurer should know. They work great for backpackers, tent dwellers or campers with RV rentals alike. Whether it’s ways to bring the comforts of home along with you or genius ways to cut down on gear, these tips and tricks will make you wish you had read this list ages ago. 

Repurposed Tic Tac Containers

Just because you’re camping doesn’t mean you have to eat bland food! Tic tac containers make great spice containers because they are easy to seal, water resistant, super packable and easy to pour. Also, you don’t have to clean them out at the end of the trip – just store them in a cool, dry place until your next camping trip. 
Source: Seattle Sundries

Tin Can Bread

Warm bread fresh off the campfire? Yes, please! This hack works great for camping and RV adventures where you have ready access to a table for the mixing and rising of the dough. Pro tip: We definitely recommend using the instant yeast over the active dry yeast (trust us!).
Source: The Dyrt 


Instant Lantern

Headlamps are basically the best thing since tin can bread. You don’t have to hold them. You can get a decent one for cheap, making it easy for everyone to have their own. The only downside – it’s hard to light up a bigger area without having to swivel your head around. The next time you go camping, take your headlamp, strap it to an empty milk jug or place it on the top of an upside-down bottle of water and VOILA! Instant lantern. 
Source: REI


Homemade Firestarters

You just got back to your campsite. You’re tired from a full day of hiking, fishing or other adventures. Your family or friends are hungry and ready for some eats. The last thing you want to do is sit there for 10 minutes and gently stoke your fire into cooking-worthy flames. 
Enter your homemade firestarters. These are super easy to make — and make starting a fire even easier! 
Source: The Art of Doing Stuff

Single-use Soap

One of the perks of RV camping is that many of them come with built-in showers where you can clean up after your daily adventures. Enjoy the comforts of home by taking a potato peeler to that bar of soap you love to create single-use mini soaps. 
Source: Bethanne Creates


Keep Mosquitos at Bay

You know what’s the best thing ever? Sitting around a campfire. You know what’s the worst thing ever? Getting eaten alive by mosquitos while you sit around a campfire. Place a little sage or rosemary in the fire to keep those little stinkers away.
Source: Lifehack


Adventure ho!

With these hacks in mind, you’re ready for your next RV adventure! Note sure where to go for your next road trip? Check out our RV Destinations page for some inspiration. Want to buy a well-maintained used RV for sale? Browse our inventory and consider the possibilities for your next adventure.