10 RV Etiquette Tips for Successful Camping Trips


RV camping is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to enjoy the outdoors while spending time with friends and family. To ensure everyone has a great experience, keep these camping etiquette tips in mind the next time you take out an RV rental.

10 RV Etiquette Tips To Follow

Everyone who is on an RV road trip and staying in an RV park or campground is there to have a good time in nature. You want others to have a just as amazing time as you are, right? That’s why it’s so important to follow these RV etiquette tips. Help maintain a fun environment where visitors like you can enjoy getting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

1. Let Neighbors Get Settled Before Introducing Yourself

A good rule of thumb is to let fellow RV campers finish parking and getting settled into their campsite before walking over and introducing yourself. Saying hello and checking out their set up is generally acceptable, but ensure you aren’t interrupting anything. You can be friendly and wave as they are pulling in, but wait a bit before officially welcoming them to the campground.

2. Turn Your Lights Off

When the sun goes down and bedtime rolls around, be courteous with the amount of lights you leave on. Be sure everything outside is shut off before turning in for the night. If you need to make a late-night trip outside, avoid shining flashlights into other vehicles as you’re walking around.


3. Keep Your Campsite Clean

Camping, by nature, is a little messy. You can keep your campsite spick and span by doing a daily walkthrough to pick up trash and to make sure your belongings aren’t spilling into neighboring campsites. 

This is especially important on BLM and dispersed campgrounds, where there aren’t campground employees to clean up messes. Daily clean-ups are a great opportunity to get your kids involved and to teach them about responsible stewardship of the outdoors. 

4. Leave Plenty of Space

Unless you have an assigned spot at your campground, it’s a great idea to grab a spot that will give you and other RVers plenty of space. It’ll be more comfortable for everyone, and you’ll have more room to spread out your camping gear. 

5. Don’t Walk Through Neighbors’ Campsites

It may be tempting to cut straight through a neighbor’s campsite to beeline to the restrooms, but avoid doing this. Stay on the public pathways or campground roads to give fellow campers the privacy they deserve. It is common RV etiquette knowledge to never walk through another campsite uninvited. 

Would you like it if other campers interrupted your nightly bonfire by unexpectedly walking across your campsite? The answer is probably no. So, respect neighboring campers’ privacy and take the long way around.


6. Observe Quiet Hours

Most RV campgrounds have designated quiet hours. Your neighbors will love you forever if you remember to wrap up your outdoor activities by the quiet time of the night and keep indoor noise to a minimum.

RV walls are thin, so there’s a good chance your neighbor can hear if your TV or music is on full volume. Even when quiet hours aren’t in use, it’s respectful to keep any unnecessary loud noises to a minimum after 10 p.m.

7. Be Prepared When Using the Dump Station

There’s nothing worse than having to wait in line at a campground’s dump station for an unprepared RV traveler to search for gloves, the black tank hose, and connector piece. Be courteous to other RV campers by coming to the dump station prepared with gloves ready and the hose along with the connector nearby. This will save everyone time and allow others to use the dump station without long wait times.

8. Watch Your Pet

If you’re bringing your furry friend along for your RV adventure, keep that basic pet etiquette in mind. It’s good to always clean up after your pet and keep him or her on a leash when you’re wandering around the campground. 

Also, consider your pet’s behavior before you decide to bring your companion along for the trip. If your dog barks through the night, doesn’t behave well around others, or is still learning not to chew things up, it might be best to keep your trip pet-free. 


9. Respect Your Neighbors

This one is basically the golden rule, camping style: Do unto other campers what you would have them do unto you! Treat another person’s RV just like you would treat their home. Don’t enter another’s RV uninvited and be careful not to intrude on anyone’s space. Many people escape to the outdoors for privacy, so be respectful. 

10. Know and Follow Campground-Specific Rules

Some campgrounds will have their own rules posted for campers to follow. As common RV etiquette, check out any rule signs or bulletin boards for campground-specific rules to ensure you don’t unintentionally break any. Campground-specific rules are in place to promote a fun time for everyone.

RV Camping Etiquette Keeps It Fun for All

These are just a few basic etiquette rules for RV camping. Follow these simple rules, and you and your fellow campground RVers are sure to have the camping trip of a lifetime. To get your adventure started, visit Cruise America to find the perfect RV rental for you.