7 Reasons Why Taking an RV is Better Than Flying

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In the current logistical climate, flying is becoming an option of the past as more people are turning toward traveling in an RV. Unsurprisingly, due to this, in the past decade, the RV industry has experienced exponential growth in terms of usage, sales, ownership, and rentals. 

In fact, a recent 2021 survey determined that 31% of respondents stated they are first-time motorhome owners. This is a testament to how rapidly the RV industry is growing. Additionally, about 9.6 million households intend to buy a motorhome in the next five years. 

Purchasing or renting a motorhome from a company like Cruise America is one of the best decisions you can make travel-wise. Besides being a sound investment decision when considering RV industry growth, there are numerous other reasons why taking an RV is better than flying. In our article, we’ve discussed these reasons. 

7 Reasons Why Taking An RV Is Better Than Flying 

There are more than seven reasons why taking an RV is better than flying. Yet we’ve cherry-picked these reasons using our better judgment and experience because they truly highlight why RV travel is better than air travel. Have a look below to learn everything you need to know. 

  1. You Have The Ability To Stop Traveling Whenever You Please

When you travel via plane, you’re often confined to a seat, and the only time you can stretch your legs is to go to the tiny bathroom. Unfortunately, traveling via plane can also lead to health conditions if you travel often. For example, many who travel via plane often experience pain in their legs and feet and swelling, and some even develop deep vein thrombosis. 

On the other hand, although traveling via RV has its dangers, you can stop traveling whenever the need arises. This means you’re less likely to experience leg pain and swelling. You can also stop whenever you feel like resting or if you want to move, which you can't do on a plane. 

  1. It’s More Comfortable 

Depending on where your travels take you and how long your flights are, you could be up in the air for hours on end in an uncomfortable economy seat. This is not only painful but also unpleasant, as it puts a damper on your travel experience. 

In addition, if your plane experiences turbulence while in the air, this can be a nightmarishly scary situation that you might want to avoid. Unlike when you fly, if you choose to take an RV instead, you will have a much better experience because you will be far more comfortable. 

Nowadays, all motorhome classes are, for the most part, produced to have the amenities and features a modern traveler needs to be comfortable out on the road. Not only will your cabin area be roomier and the seating more comfortable, but you can also stop at any point to enjoy a nap in your own bed!

  1. You Can Bring Everything You Need

When you choose to fly, you are severely limited in what you can bring. Often people traveling the country to take in the sights or go on holiday have to leave behind a lot of their must-have items. 

So if you want to take more than a small carry-on and a checked-in bag, you should consider renting or buying an RV to take you on your travels. Traveling in a motorhome will let you take as much as you need while on the go with regard to your wardrobe, outdoor gear, and must-have travel recreation and camping items. 

You can even take your beloved pet with you, depending on the RV you rent or buy, so why not take the leap and invest in one for your next trip? 

  1. You Can Save Money On Accommodations

There are times when flights are canceled or delayed, and this can be a major snag in your travel plans. These delays or cancellations can cost you a small fortune in airport accommodation costs if you have to stay over. 

Luckily, if you take an RV instead of a plane to your destination, you won’t need to worry as much about any delays. Not only will you have free accommodation in the form of your motorhome, but you’ll also feel far more comfortable while saving money. 

Even if you choose to stay at a campground or state park with your motorhome, it will still cost you much less than other accommodation arrangements. 

  1. You Can Experience Changing Landscapes

When you travel via plane, you’re typically cruising at about 39,000+ feet above the ground, so you can’t take in any sights from one place to the next. In contrast, if you travel via motorhome, you will see and experience far more than clouds from a window seat or the headrest of the individual in front of you. 

This is because, when you travel in an RV, you’ll get to experience the landscape as it passes you by. You can even stop to take pictures or videos of what you are seeing to immortalize the memories you make, which is something you can’t do when flying. 

Additionally, you can even plan your trip to take the most scenic route, which is what many RVers do if traveling often or over long distances. You’ll also be able to stay over at many campgrounds and attractions along the way in your RV, which is a bonus!

  1. There Are No Security Checkpoints With RV Travel

One of the things people hate when flying is going through security checkpoints at an airport. Although a necessary evil, they can get tiring, stressful, and cumbersome while you’re lugging your bags around. 

Contrary to flying, those who travel in a motorhome don’t have to undergo full body scans, shoe checks, and bag checks. You will have total privacy as you travel from one state to the next, and you won’t need to worry about others looking at your private belongings when you have nothing to hide. 

  1. Your Travel Food Will Taste Better

When you’re on the road a lot, it’s important to have the facilities you need to enjoy your meals. Airplane food is notoriously unappetizing unless you travel first class every time you fly. 

Additionally, no matter what is offered while flying, it will taste bland, as scientists have proven that an individual’s sense of taste isn’t the same at 30,000 feet in the air. 

On the other hand, if you travel with a motorhome, you’ll be able to enjoy your food and taste everything you make. You also won’t have a limited menu, and you’ll have access to fresh food while on the road.

Rent Or Buy An RV From Cruise America To Travel By Road Rather Than Air

Evidently, there are numerous reasons why taking an RV is better than flying. If the reasons we mentioned have swayed you, it might be time to consider speaking with one of our experts at Cruise America. We can help you easily rent or buy an RV that you can use to experience a much improved traveling lifestyle. Simply contact us, and we’ll be in touch.