A Family Roadtrip: RVing with our Baby with The Outdoor Fam


We had our first baby a year ago, and with her birth, people kept telling us that our outdoorsy adventures would end. But we knew that adventures can still go on with kids, and be even more unique and fun!
So with this thought, and our second babe on the way, we did it! Rented an RV for a week. Set off into the wilderness. All with a teething one year old + a 6 month preggo lady.
And it was AMAZING.
We picked up our cute RV (who we lovingly named ‘Cruise’) in Salt Lake City and drove down through Moab, visiting Arches National Park, Canyonlands, and Dead Horse Point State Park. We wandered back up again to the city and hit Antelope Island State Park and Big Cottonwood Canyon. We stayed in campgrounds, parking lots, and napped anywhere and everywhere in our comfy RV bed.
Amelia and I mapped out our first stop, as Ryan got the RV all loaded up and ready to go. We were staying at Archview Campground in Moab and wanted to get there before dark.


As we pulled in, the sun was setting over the red soaked hills and the sounds of campfires, families cooking dinner, and dusty ATVs was nostalgic and reminded me of my childhood days camping.


We couldn’t resist getting Amelia’s feet a little dirty as we wandered around the campground together.
The next few days were full of fun and sweat, as we hiked in Arches National Park + Canyonlands as a fam. Our favorite hikes were the shorter Double Arch hike, Windows hike in Arches, and the Mesa Arch in Canyonlands. We ended our Arches trip with the longer, more uphill Delicate Arch hike. This rewarded us with the MOST breathtaking view.


Driving around in our Cruise America RV was PERFECT for our family. I hear so many people tell me that RVing sounds hard, but honestly, it was much easier to adventure in an RV. Why?

Here’s the 3 reasons we fell in love with RVing:


1. Your House Comes with you Everywhere

As a pregnant mama with a baby, traveling can be tough. But I don’t want to miss out on all the adventures just because I’m limited. So, having the RV with us meant that I could hike and then lay down after. It meant Amelia could nap when she was supposed to. It meant that our bathroom came with us EVERYWHERE. (Praise hands, hallelujah for all the pregnant bladders out there). It meant that we could adventure and then come inside, cool off, and eat lunch.
Seriously….it was heaven.

2. 5 Minutes Go Time


I can’t tell you how long it takes us to pack up the diaper bag for a trip somewhere. And then there is ALWAYS something forgotten. But tucking our electric back into the RV and pulling out of the campsite took literally FIVE minutes. And then we had EVERYTHING with us.

3. Cruise America made it SO easy

We’ve lived in a camper before and there can be some complexities to the whole process. Cruise America had the easiest, informational videos to refresh us on all ways the RV worked. It was an easy pick up, cheaper than staying in a hotel, and everything was in well-organized places. It seriously was so simple that we would do it again in a heartbeat.
Utah was a beautiful place for our first Cruise America experience as a family. But we know it won’t be our last and we’re already brainstorming the next place we want to RV off to. And we know now, that even with kiddos in tow, adventures can be made ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE.

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