Austin City Limits 2024: Planning Your Trip

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04 Oct Fri

The Austin City Limits Music Festival is one of Texas's most popular music festivals. It takes place over two consecutive weekends each October and showcases a diverse range of musical genres, including rock, indie, folk, hip-hop, electronic, and more. The festival was inspired by the long-running PBS television show called "Austin City Limits," which features live performances by various artists.

The Austin City Limits Music Festival began in 2002 and has since grown into one of the largest and most popular music festivals in the United States. It takes place in Zilker Park, a large green space located in the heart of Austin. The festival features multiple stages where artists from around the world perform throughout the weekends.

If you’re a music fan interested in visiting Austin to experience an amazing festival, read on to learn more about Austin City Limits 2024 and how to plan your trip.

Austin City Limits Location and Dates

As mentioned before, this music festival takes place in the heart of Austin at Zilker Park. This year’s festival runs from October 4-6 and October 11-13  (two consecutive weekends). The ACL Festival boasts a dynamic lineup of artists each year, spread across nine stages and featuring over 100 live performances. 

Indulge in a delectable array of festival food, drinks, and sweets at the ACL Eats Food Court during ACL Fest. Satisfy your cravings with an enticing selection of tacos, brews, vegan options, and more, all sourced from Austin's beloved restaurants and those in the surrounding area. Get ready to tantalize your taste buds with the finest culinary delights at this delectable food court.

Austin City Limits 2024 Lineup

This year’s lineup has yet to be announced. For reference, top acts in 2023 included Foo Fighters, Kendrick Lamar, The 1975, Hozier, and more. The Austin City Limits Music Festival features artists across various genres to cater to anyone’s taste.

3-day weekend general admission tickets start at $320. Get tickets to ACL here.

Getting to the Festival 

Getting to the festival at Zilker Park is an exciting part of the ACL Music Festival experience. As one of Austin's most popular events, the festival attracts a large number of attendees from near and far.

When planning your journey, it's important to consider the traffic and potential delays. The festival organizers usually provide detailed information about transportation options, parking availability, and any road closures on their official website. It's advisable to check these resources and plan your route in advance to ensure a smooth arrival at the festival.

Remember to stay aware of your surroundings, follow traffic rules, and prioritize safety when traveling to and from Zilker Park for the ACL Music Festival.

Why Take an RV Trip Instead of Staying at a Hotel Near ACL 2024?

Taking an RV trip to the Austin City Limits Music Festival can offer a unique and memorable experience compared to staying in a hotel. Here are some reasons why opting for an RV can enhance your festival adventure:

Convenience and Flexibility

With an RV, you have your accommodation and transportation combined in one vehicle. This provides you with the freedom to come and go as you please without the hassle of coordinating hotel check-ins and check-outs. You can easily park your RV in designated camping areas and have your lodging close to the festival grounds.

Comfort and Amenities 

RVs are designed to provide a comfortable living space equipped with amenities that can enhance your festival experience. You can enjoy a cozy bed, kitchen facilities for cooking meals, a private bathroom, and climate control, all within your own personal space. This allows you to relax and recharge in a familiar and comfortable environment after a long day of music and excitement.

Community and Socializing

During music festivals, RV campgrounds often create a vibrant and friendly community atmosphere. By staying in an RV, you can connect with fellow festival-goers who share the same passion for music and adventure. It provides opportunities for socializing, making new friends, and even joining impromptu jam sessions or pre-festival gatherings with other RV campers.

Cost Savings

In many cases, an RV trip can be more cost-effective compared to booking a hotel room, especially if you are traveling with a group of friends or family. Sharing the expenses of an RV rental, campground fees, and supplies can often be more affordable than booking multiple hotel rooms.

Immersive Experience

An RV trip allows you to fully immerse yourself in the festival atmosphere. You can embrace the outdoor ambiance, enjoy campfire gatherings, and take part in pre and post-festival activities happening in the camping area. It offers a sense of adventure and connection to nature, adding an extra layer of excitement to your overall festival experience.

Before embarking on an RV trip to Austin City Limits, it's essential to check the festival's official website for any specific guidelines and requirements regarding RV camping, including reservations, permitted equipment, and hook-up options. Planning ahead and ensuring you have all the necessary supplies and provisions will contribute to a smooth and enjoyable RV adventure at the festival.


Prolong Your Stay and Explore Austin’s Attractions 

While attending the Austin City Limits Music Festival, why not take the opportunity to prolong your stay and explore the many attractions that Austin, Texas, has to offer? Here are some reasons why extending your visit beyond the festival grounds can be a rewarding experience:

  • Live Music Scene: Austin is renowned as the "Live Music Capital of the World," and the music doesn't stop at the festival. The city is home to numerous iconic venues, such as the historic Continental Club, Antone's, and the Broken Spoke. Take the time to catch a show at one of these establishments and immerse yourself in the vibrant local music scene.

  • Food and Drink: Austin boasts a thriving culinary scene that caters to diverse tastes and preferences. From mouthwatering barbecue joints to innovative food trucks, the city offers a wide range of culinary delights. Don't miss the chance to savor Tex-Mex cuisine, indulge in Austin's famous breakfast tacos, or explore the numerous craft breweries and cocktail bars scattered throughout the city.

  • Outdoor Recreation: Austin is blessed with natural beauty and abundant outdoor recreational opportunities. Take a stroll or bike ride along the scenic Lady Bird Lake, paddleboard or kayak on the Colorado River, or hike through the picturesque trails of the Barton Creek Greenbelt. Outdoor enthusiasts will also find opportunities for swimming, rock climbing, and even zip-lining in and around Austin.

  • Cultural and Historical Sites: Discover the city's rich history and cultural heritage by exploring attractions such as the State Capitol, the Bullock Texas State History Museum, and the Blanton Museum of Art. Take a tour of the iconic University of Texas at Austin campus, visit the LBJ Presidential Library, or explore the Mexic-Arte Museum to delve into Austin's diverse cultural tapestry.

  • Unique Neighborhoods: Austin's neighborhoods each have their distinct character and charm. Visit South Congress (SoCo) for trendy boutiques, vintage shops, and live music. Explore the eclectic and artistic vibe of East Austin, known for its street art, hip bars, and diverse eateries. Don't miss the funky ambiance of the South Lamar (SoLa) district, with its quirky shops and renowned eateries.

Remember to check local event listings and calendars for additional festivals, markets, or cultural events happening during your extended stay in Austin. The city is known for its vibrant and ever-evolving calendar of activities.

By prolonging your stay in Austin, you can fully immerse yourself in the city's unique atmosphere, soak up its cultural offerings, and create lasting memories beyond the music festival.

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