Guide to Choosing the Best RV For Seniors: Options & Tips


You could easily argue that life doesn't begin to end at retirement, but rather begins anew. Many seniors, free from the ties of employment, take the time to travel the country with their newfound free time. One of the easiest ways for them to do so is in an RV, but the RV they choose can have a great impact on their experience.

If you're a senior exploring the opportunities of RV travel, you may be wondering what the right RV is for you. Have a look at this handy guide to the best RV for seniors to help you choose the best RV to rent or buy for your next great adventure!

How To Find the Best RV for Seniors

Before looking at the actual vehicles you can rent or buy, it's helpful to know the different types out there available to you. RVs are generally split up into motorized, nearly self-sufficient vehicles that require no towing, and trailers that you need to tow with a capable vehicle (like a truck).

Get To Know the Different RV Types

The three types of RVs most commonly seen on the road are split up into Classes A, B, and C. The largest, ranging from 25 to 40 feet or more, and most expensive are the Class A motorhomes. Mid-size RVs, usually topping out at 20 feet, are known as Class B motorhomes. The smallest and cheapest are Class C RVs.

Larger RVs will generally be equipped with the most modern amenities and most complex (30 and 50 amp) electrical systems, and provide the most space and comfort. However, they are also the most expensive to buy and maintain, which may be a consideration for seniors on a fixed income. Smaller RVs will have less complex electrical systems (with more limited amps), but are easier to drive and cheaper to maintain.

The best RV for seniors, therefore, will be the one that you feel you are most capable of driving and maintaining. You also need to consider how long you want to use it. Will it be your new home on the road, or will you only take it out and about when seasons permit? Your preferences in this regard will make a big difference when choosing an RV.

Choosing the Best RV for Seniors

So, what will you go with? Take a look at different vehicles and scenarios, and see what works for you.

Larger RVs

First up, there's a large RV from Cruise America. This Class A RV sleeps seven, so it is great if you want to rent this RV to take the whole family out for a road trip to celebrate your retirement, your anniversary, or any other special event or milestone. Also, if you're looking to buy and make it your full-time home on the road, then a larger RV will provide you with the most storage space and an unparalleled comfort level.

Standard RVs

A more standard Class B RV has the capacity to fit five people, and is one of the more common models you'll see on the road. It's easier to operate than a larger RV, but is equipped with all of the same amenities, from appliances to fresh water toilets, a fridge, and A/C. If you're buying an RV, a standard RV will not take up too much space in your driveway or backyard when you're not out on the road.

Compact RVs

A compact RV is better suited to more casual RVers who don't see themselves on the road full-time. This is the perfect sort of RV for a weekend getaway, or traveling across the country to spend the holidays with family. A "compact plus" RV has a capacity up to 4 people, while a normal compact RV is designed to sleep 3. This is the best RV for seniors who see themselves as casual RVers more than anything else.


If you want the RV life, but don't want to rent or commit to buying a fully motorized motorhome, you can also consider a camper. It can sit on trucks with a 5-foot or 6-foot bed, and can be removed to make way for your vehicle's everyday use.

A Note About Floor Plan Variety

When it comes to floor plans, keep in mind that every vehicle can be very different even from those of the same length or class. Don't just choose an RV based on size or length, but also consider which floor plan works best for you and your needs.

Find the Best RV for Seniors With Cruise America!

Choosing a motorhome from amongst the best travel trailers for senior couples can seem like a chore, but hopefully this guide has helped you see the possibilities available. With Cruise America, you have a wide variety of vehicles to suit your needs.

You will surely find the best RV for seniors with Cruise America, packed with the features and amenities you need to live a comfortable life wherever you find yourself on the road. Give Cruise America a call today to find the best RV for a retired couple in 2022. You won't regret it.