Best 5 Boondocking Apps for the Free Spirited



In case you’re unfamiliar with the term, boondocking is essentially camping “dry” without any water or electricity hookups. This generally means camping on public lands, as opposed to developed campgrounds. There are numerous benefits to boondocking, with the biggest being the freedom it affords and the fact that it’s nearly always FREE. Can’t beat that!

Whether you’re already experienced with boondocking, or you’re just learning about it, a great RV boondocking app can make the experience much easier and more enjoyable. From helping you map out RV-friendly driving routes to simply inspiring you to try boondocking, we’ve rounded up five of our favorite boondocking apps. 

Best Boondocking Apps for the Free Spirited

The Dyrt App


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Think of The Dyrt as a boondocking app version of TripAdvisor. Search for every imaginable type of campsite in a specific area or with the handy “near me” feature. The Dyrt also gives users access to reviews and tips from other campers.

In addition to campsite reviews in the app, The Dyrt has a robust online magazine and active user forums. Even better, Cruise America customers can get a free 30-day trial of The Dyrt PRO by using the code CRUISE30 when signing up. The Dyrt PRO comes with additional features such as Trip Planner and the ability to use the app offline. 

More information: The Dyrt

Campendium App

Much like The Dyrt, Campendium is a crowd-sourced RV boondocking app. All the information and photos you see are contributed (and updated) by real people in real-time. 

Campendium provides extremely comprehensive campsite information, detailing things like how difficult it is to turn an RV around and which cell phone providers typically get service. It couldn’t be simpler to find boondocking sites—simply filter campsites by the “free” option.

While Campendium and The Dyrt have many similarities, they’re also different enough to justify using them both together. For example, you may find that one of the boondocking apps has substantially more information on local campsites in certain areas than the other. 

More information: Campendium


A huge benefit of boondocking is the spontaneity that it affords. Going hand-in-hand with that, Roadtrippers is the best boondocking app for RVers looking for a bit of extra adventure. 

The Roadtrippers app acts as a sort of trip planner, helping you find activities and attractions along your route. Where it really shines, though, is introducing users to off-the-beaten-path activities and truly hidden gems. You’ll find places and things to do you otherwise would have very literally just blown right by. Examples include Scenic Drives, Weird Guides, and ultra-specific options such as treehouse or teepee hotels.

More information: Roadtrippers


Sure, you can see that an exit is coming up on road signs or your navigation system, but you have no idea what, if any, services are there. iExit is a practical and extremely useful boondocking app that provides a solution.

The app provides detailed information about what services, restaurants, and retailers are at an upcoming exit. It’s integrated with Yelp and OPIS, so you get real-time (and accurate!) fuel prices and reviews on restaurants and other businesses. It also displays the distance to the next exit and automatically removes an exit once you pass it.

More information: iExit


Cruise America App

Cruise America offers the best boondocking app designed specifically for RVers. The app’s trip-planning resources are excellent, including interactive maps for finding RV parks and dump stations nearby and along your route.

In addition, users get access to Cruise America’s RV rental guide, operation manuals, renter orientation, and troubleshooting resources like videos. Best of all, most of these things are available to download, so you don’t have to worry about having cell phone reception on the road. 

More information: Cruise America App 

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