Camper Rentals



Camper Rentals can incorporate a whole lot of meanings. The term "camper" usually plants in one's mind, the picture of a boxy structure mounted to the bed of a pickup truck, offering little comfort. However, the word "camper" is really just a term used for any type of rolling structure that you can camp in, including motorhomes. And camping is not the only thing one may need a recreational vehicle for. Here are some of the reasons that one may consider camper rentals from Cruise America:

Vacationing — There is no more comfortable way (save a cruise ship) that one may travel. Your hotel and restaurants virtually travel with you, saving you a great deal of money. The spacious travel conditions makes for a very enjoyable ride as you make your way across the countryside.

  • Houseguests — How many times have you had out-of-town visitors, and wondered where you would put them all? With camper rentals from Cruise America, you have an extension of your home right in your driveway, with all the comforts needed for your guests. Perhaps this is not such a good idea if you don't want them staying very long!
  • Primary Residence — Some enjoy RV living so much, that they make their motorhome their primary residence, traveling the countryside or staying put. In this case, we would suggest purchasing your camper rather than renting.
  • Emergency Services — Another way that camper rentals may be used, is for emergency purposes, such as firefighters battling a forest fire, or border patrol in need of lodging, or police (or any organization) operations needing a comfortable command center.

At Cruise America we have a huge inventory of camper rentals available. Our motorhomes are all class C RVs, and they vary in sizes to meet your specific needs. If you have never traveled in an RV, take advantage of our rental program to see if it is as enjoyable for you as it is for the rest of America. Once you have fallen in love with this mode of travel, Cruise America has a very large inventory of RVs for sale. Once they receive their new inventory, they recondition their fleet and sale them at one of their 13 sales locations.

Visit one of Cruise America's {% CruiseLocationCount %} locations, or go to their website to take a look at the many campers for rent or for sale, and start enjoying your RV lifestyle ... whatever you may be using it for.