Campgrounds in Seattle, Washington That You’re Missing Out On

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Looking for your next camping adventure in the Pacific Northwest? Then, you’ll definitely want to take a look at the following 9 best campgrounds in Seattle, Washington. While there are plenty of fine parks in the area, not all of them offer the same amenities and activities. So, you’ll want to take some time to review the different options available to find the one that best suits your traveling style. 

Below, you’ll find a list of our 9 top hidden gem campgrounds in and near Seattle, Washington. Each of these campgrounds has its own unique charm. You’ll want to take your time reading through our reviews, as we'll let you know what makes each of them stand out, how far they are from Seattle, and how much you can expect to pay per night. That way, you can find the best campsite for you and your family. 

Best Campgrounds in Seattle, Washington

The Pacific Northwest is a breathtaking region with some of the most impressive scenery you’ll find in the country. These campgrounds near Seattle will help you explore a few of the top places around Puget Sound.

1. Fay Bainbridge Park

If you’re looking for a versatile campground that will provide you with many camping experience options, then you should take a look at Fay Bainbridge Park. This campground offers camping options that include not only RV sites at $45 a night and tent sites at $25 a night but also cabins at $100 a night, letting you choose exactly what kind of camping experience you’re after. Besides, this campground also offers amenities like a boat launch and sheltered picnic areas to help you make the most of your trip.

Located just 16 miles away from Seattle, this campground can offer a unique opportunity to take a break from the city and enjoy everything that camp life has to offer. As a family-owned campsite, you can count on Tom Banman, the camp coordinator, to cover your stay and your family’s needs while you’re their guest. 

2. Tolt-MacDonald Park and Campground

The Tolt-MacDonald Park and Campground is located right outside Seattle, just 32 miles away from downtown. As one of the top campgrounds in the region, you will find no shortage of fun activities to enjoy here, from an outdoor amphitheater to mountain biking. No matter the season, you’ll be able to enjoy the gorgeous scenery of Northwestern Washington at this campsite. 

This year-round campsite offers affordable rates starting at $55 per night for an RV and just $20 a night for a tent. With stunning views of the Snoqualmie Valley, this campground offers some of the best deals in terms of price-to-beauty ratio.  

3. Lake Pleasant RV Park

If you’re looking for a camping option that combines the excitement of the city with the relaxing serenity of nature, then Lake Pleasant RV Park might be the right choice for you. Located just 22 miles north of downtown Seattle, this gorgeous campground offers year-round activities. You can spend the warmer months boating and fishing in Lake Pleasant. In the colder months, you can take advantage of this campground's proximity to Seattle to explore the Space Needle, Pike Market, and everything else the Emerald City has to offer. Plus, with amenities like showers, laundry rooms, and an on-site playground, this site has everything you need should you choose to stay on-site!

Lake Pleasant only offers RV parking, which starts at just $62 per night. You can also get a monthly deal of $750 for your RV. This campground is open year-round and offers gorgeous views of all the rivers, creeks, and waterways that flow through Northern Washington.

4. Tall Chief RV Campground

Are you trying to find a campground that just has it all? Tall Chief RV Campground has stellar views of the Cascade Mountains, is only 24 miles from Seattle, and offers incredible amenities like a clubhouse, a pool, a hot tub, mini golf, volleyball courts, horseshoes, and a dog park along with all basic amenities like hot showers, potable water, and laundry rooms. Plus, you can enjoy year-round activities like pickleball, corn hole games, and more. If you’re looking for an all-inclusive experience, then Tall Chief RV campground is as close as it gets, offering stellar service and superb amenities.

You can expect to pay $57 per night for an RV parking space at this year-round campground. They don’t offer tent camping. This might be the ideal campground for you if you choose to splurge on a large RV rental and want to maximize the time you spend in and near your RV.  

5. Blue Sky RV Park

Blue Sky RV Park is an excellent option for RV owners or renters who are looking for the best RV camping amenities. As an all-full-hookup resort, this campground offers 30 and 50-amp electrical connections, enough space for slide-outs and awnings in each parking site, and pull-throughs. These make it a fantastic choice just 18 miles east of Seattle for anyone trying to maximize their RV experience. That way, you can have a good time enjoying your RV, no matter the season or the weather. 

RV rates at this park start at $50 per night. Tent camping is not available at this RV park. Due to its location within an hour's drive of most of Seattle, Blue Sky RV Park can be a great option for local Seattleites who want to experience a real camping experience without traveling far away from home.

6. Dean’s Campground

Dean’s Campground is located southeast of Seattle, just 32 miles away from downtown. If you’re looking for a natural refuge from urban life or simply want a more laid-back and relaxed camping experience, then you should take a look at what this campground has to offer. This no-frills experience will allow you to feel nature to the fullest extent, enjoying unparalleled sunrises and beautifully quiet evenings.

Tent sites start at just $24 per night, while RV spaces start at $40 a night. If you’re looking for an uncomplicated trip that simply allows you to enjoy the beauty of nature without all the bells and whistles of a fancy RV park, then this campground may be the perfect choice for you. 

7. Blake Island Marine State Park

Blake Island Marine State Park is located directly across the Puget Sound from Downtown Seattle. To reach this dream-like island, you’ll have to take a boat or ferry. Once there, you can indulge in as many aquatic activities as your heart desires, including boating, clamming, crabbing, diving, and much more. 

This year-round park is available for tent and boat camping, with both starting at just $15 per night. So, if you’re an intrepid boater, you may bring your own boat and spend a few nights on this incredible island. Just think of waking up to the relaxing sounds of the waves in the ocean, taking a quick dip in the water before lunch, and spending a peaceful afternoon fishing off your boat. What more could one ask for?

8. Saltwater State Park

Saltwater State Park is located less than 20 miles away from downtown Seattle, making it one of the most accessible parks on this list. Not to be underestimated by its proximity to the urban core, this 137-acre campsite offers year-round camping with amenities like restrooms, picnic areas, and free hiking trails. You may also make the most of Puget Sound at this campground thanks to its boating activities, including sailboarding, diving, and fishing. In the colder months, you could also enjoy non-aquatic activities like birdwatching and wildlife viewing to make the most of this park. 

Nightly rates start at just $20 a night for a tent or $25 a night for an RV with no amenities, making this one of the most affordable campgrounds in Seattle, Washington on our list. 

9. Illahee State Park

Illahee State Park, though located directly across the Puget Sound from downtown Seattle, is about a 65-mile drive away. For faster access, you may choose to arrive at the campground by private boat, which you may conveniently dock at the park’s year-round pier. This campground is exactly what you’re looking for if you’re trying to completely disconnect from the city without having to take a plane. Without having to go far, you can enjoy the most beautiful landscapes and serene shorelines at this campsite.

Starting at just $12 a night for a tent site and $45 a night for an RV spot, this year-round campground offers something for all kinds of budgets. 

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