Camping in Idaho: What to Know and What to Do


Sometimes, you just need to get away from it all. For many would-be travelers, crowded tourist destinations just aren’t all that appealing, and it’s understandable. After all, why go where everyone else wants to go? There’s adventure waiting in paths not yet taken, no matter how experienced an RV traveler you are. 

Given how big the USA is, there is really no shortage of camping options for those who want to cast their net a bit wider. And for those with that mindset, get ready to be rewarded. You’re headed for the Pacific Northwest, where camping in Idaho is calling to you. 

Why Go RV Camping in Idaho?

A long time ago, travelers on the Oregon Trail arrived in Idaho thankful that their cross-country journey to the Pacific coastline was nearing its completion. Today, there are many paths road trippers can take to Idaho. Rather than passing through, they want to spend a bit of time there. 

With mountain vistas, hundreds of miles of hiking trails, and historical spots spread out from the tip of North Idaho’s panhandle to Boise in the south, it’s easy to see why Idaho has become a deserving vacation spot by virtue of all that it has to offer. Camping in Idaho is your chance to reconnect with nature or even just see a part of America you never dreamed could be this awesome. 

The Best Places for RV Camping in Idaho

Where you’ll find the best camping in Idaho depends on where you want to be, what you want to see, and how long you want to stay there. Whether you want to go RV camping in southern Idaho, or are keen on seeing what North Idaho is all about, have a look at some of the best places to visit in Idaho for RV camping. 

Mountain View RV Park 

For those who want to go camping in Boise, Idaho, this is your best bet. It’s the only RV campground actually within Boise’s city limits, making it convenient after a day spent at nearby Bogus Basin State Park. Each of their 60 RV campsites has a lawn and full hookups, setting the stage for a comfortable overnight stay in the capital of the Gem State. For camping in southern Idaho, give this campground some serious consideration.

Capacity: 60 RV sites

More Information: Mountain View RV Park

Three Island Crossing State Park 

Another option for camping in southern Idaho, and also a destination in itself, Three Island Crossing State Park has 81 RV campsites with water and full hookups. When you’re not enjoying the amenities of your campground, you can go on a nature walk, enjoy disc golfing, or take some time to learn about Three Island Crossing State Park’s history as an important waypoint/river crossing on the Oregon Trail.

Capacity: 81 RV sites

More Information: Three Island Crossing State Park 

Coeur d’Alene RV Park

The further north you get to go camping in Idaho, the more seasonal limitations you may experience, especially with campground availability. However, if you’re in northern Idaho from late April to mid-October (perhaps visiting Farragut State Park, a former naval training station during World War II), you should try to stay at this RV park. With 100 campsites, guests can enjoy lake and mountain views during the day, and then stay warm at night thanks to the free firewood they provide. If you need a taste of city life, Coeur d’Alene is 15 minutes away by car. 

Capacity: 100 RV sites

More Information: Coeur d’Alene RV Park

Silverwood RV Park

Located right next to the Pacific Northwest’s largest theme park (Silverwood Theme Park) this option for camping in Idaho boasts full hookups, free Wi-Fi, fire rings, a volleyball court, and laundry facilities. There is also the opportunity to purchase discounted tickets for Silverwood Theme Park itself, with more than 70 rides to thrill you. Silverwood RV Park is another great base of operations to explore the area, including Farragut State Park. 

Capacity: 123 RV sites

More Information: Silverwood RV Park

When To Go Camping in Idaho

Idaho’s geography and climate mean that when winter arrives, so do the winter sports enthusiasts. Thanks to below-freezing temperatures for those several months of the year, it still won’t be as crowded as other times, but be prepared, as some campgrounds may be closed in the off-season

As for spring and summer, they are quite mild compared to other areas of the country, and this makes Idaho an ideal destination for outdoorsy folks from all over. Those who want to go RV camping in Idaho throughout the spring, summer, or even fall should reserve a campground spot as early as possible, or risk not being able to stay at their preferred camping areas. 

Get Ready for Your Idaho Camping Adventure!

By now, you’re ready to go RV camping in Idaho, right? Well, no… you’re probably missing one of the most important things to make that happen: An RV! You can certainly go camping in Idaho once you give Cruise America a call. Cruise America’s fleet of modern RV rentals can get that final piece of the road trip puzzle where it needs to go.  

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