Camping Near Atlanta? 6 Best Spots to Checkout


It's no secret that America is a land of incredible camping opportunities, and it's also no secret that Georgia, a Southern gem, is, in particular, a vibrant wonderland for campers and road trippers. Atlanta, GA is the biggest draw for many visiting the Peach State, but as fun as it is, many visitors prefer to enjoy the Atlanta metro area's sights and sounds by day… and then leave them all behind by camping near Atlanta at night.

Given how popular Atlanta is, it's no wonder these road trippers don't want to contribute to hotel overcrowding. They want some peace and quiet, with the beautiful natural surroundings northern Georgia is known for waiting outside their RV door. RV camping near Atlanta, GA is an adventure in its own right… but where to camp? It's time to take a look at some of the best options for RV camping near Atlanta.

The Best Spots for RV Camping Near Atlanta

Georgia has no shortage of camping options for visitors. Do you want to go camping near enough to Atlanta that it's a short drive, or prefer to go RV camping near Atlanta but not right next to it? Either way, it's up to you. So, have a look at where you might be staying on your next trip!

High Falls State Park

Located just shy of an hour's drive away from the Atlanta metro area, High Falls State Park is home to the tallest cascading waterfall south of Georgia's capital city. On beautiful days, you can expect a lot of visitors, and this means it can get quite crowded. However, you can beat the crowds and enjoy all that High Falls State Park has to offer by going RV camping near Atlanta there. The fishing is awesome, so bring your gear!

Vogel State Park

This Georgia state park is located a couple of hours north of Atlanta and is one of Georgia's highest-altitude state parks. Hiking, kayaking, and picnicking are just a few of the activities visitors to Vogel State Park can take part in. Of course, camping is an option, too; Vogel State Park has its own campground with electric hookups and picnic shelters. Vogel State Park is a great place to get away from it all, but close enough to Atlanta for a visit.

Sweetwater Creek State Park

If you want to stick close to Atlanta, then Sweetwater Creek State Park is a great option. Just about 20 minutes away from the city, Sweetwater Creek State Park offers trails and beautiful views, as well as camping. Be aware, though, that its proximity to the Atlanta metro area means Sweetwater Creek State Park can get quite busy. There are RV camping options in the area, like Sweetwater Creek RV Reserve. Be sure to check it out!

Stone Mountain Park

There are 3,000 acres of vibrant beauty for visitors at Stone Mountain Park, located about 25 minutes northeast of Atlanta. Explore the park along some or all of the 15 miles of trails on offer, or see what you can do at and around the park's 363-acre lake. You can also, of course, go RV camping at Stone Mountain Park in order to make the most of your stay in the area.

Red Top Mountain State Park

This is another Georgia State Park that hikers are going to love. As at Stone Mountain, 15 miles of trails are available for you to traverse at Red Top Mountain State Park. There's good fishing to be had, too, or you can opt for a swim in Lake Allatoona. Best of all, you can spend the night at Red Top Mountain State Park's RV campgrounds!

Indian Springs State Park

Indian Springs State Park has a natural artesian spring named for the Native American tribes who made use of the area long before European settlers arrived. The springs gush forth with mineral water that has been pushed to the surface, with many claiming the waters can help with homeopathic treatments. Indian Springs has much to do for visitors, from wading in creeks to hiking and biking… and RV camping, too!

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