Camping – The World’s Best Guilt(free) Pleasure

Photo Credit: @kristamayphotography

Hi, we’re Cruise America and we are addicted to camping. And we’re here to tell you — it’s awesome!

You can be addicted to a lot of things: work, social media, your cell phone … and the list goes on. For us, camping in an RV rental is about so much more than just getting away for a weekend vacation. It’s a way of life. You might even say it’s good for the soul. Don’t quite believe us? Here are a few reasons (of many!) why camping is the best kind of addiction there is.

Digital Detox

The handheld device you’re likely reading this on often dictates your everyday life. Calendar alerts, email notifications, phone calls, social media apps and text messages keep our attention from the moment we wake up until we fall asleep. While technology can be an amazing asset for making our lives better, without healthy boundaries it can contribute to feelings of stress and disconnection. 

Keep stress at bay by spending more time in nature, especially without technology in hand. Some researchers claim that the human body reacts positively after just 15 minutes of being outdoors, frequently resulting in lower blood pressure and cortisol levels. So, spend less time Googling “stress reducers” and more time hitting the road towards the perfect spot to unplug for a few days. 


Surround yourself with nature for a true stress reducer.

It Makes You Happier

Depending on your line of work, you probably spend a majority of your day indoors. Meetings. Gym sessions. Housework. You get the idea. You might be prime for a camping addiction if you find yourself longingly gazing out of your office window instead of focusing on your conference call.

Studies have shown that people who spend more time outdoors are actually happier. Why? One main reason is increased exposure to natural sunlight, which boosts your body’s Vitamin D levels, elevates your mood and regulates your internal clock and energy levels. So, stop daydreaming and plan your next getaway to one of these RV destinations.


Photo Credit: @kauailife
Worry less. Camp more.

No Two Trips Are Alike

If you’re anything like us, you can’t wait for your next big adventure. With RV camping, the possibilities for adventure are endless. What if you finally took that epic fishing trip with your dad? And then the following month, you visited surfing hotspots along the West Coast? Another weekend could be filled with hiking, climbing and wildlife watching in a national park. Or maybe you just need a secluded campsite to hang your hammock in for some serious relaxation. The options are truly endless — one more reason to support a camping addiction. 


That hammock that’s been collecting dust in your garage? Bust that thing out for your next RV vacation.

Be A Part of Something Bigger Than Yourself

When you give yourself the opportunity to experience nature at its finest, you begin to realize that we are all a part of something bigger than ourselves. There is a great, big world out there. If you don’t take the time to truly appreciate it, it just might pass you by. Give it a try and you’re bound to become addicted, too. 

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