RV Camping Near Carr Creek State Park


When cruising across the country, RV travelers have a multitude of options for places to visit. Much of the time, they’ll stop over at well-known sites, but there are times when other lesser-known attractions are due for a visit. 

One such place is Carr Creek State Park, in southeastern Kentucky. Read on to learn more about why Carr Creek State Park is worth a visit when you’re in the area.

Carr Creek State Park Facts

If you’re intrigued about what Carr Creek State Park may hold in store for you, not to worry. What follows are a few Carr Creek State Park facts to help introduce you to this enticing Kentucky vacation spot. 

  • Located in Sassafras, Kentucky, Carr Creek State Park was established in 1997.
  • The Carr Creek Lake area was settled by pioneers as early as the 1770s.
  • Carr Creek State Park’s main attraction is Carr Creek Lake, built by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in 1976. 
  • Carr Creek State Park hosts the longest beach in Kentucky. 
  • Wildlife that can be seen at Carr Creek State Park include wild turkeys, raccoons, skunks, wood ducks, and herons. 

Now that you know a little bit about the park, it’s time to take a look at some of the best campgrounds.

Best Carr Creek State Park Campgrounds

Carr Creek State Park is a terrific option for a Kentucky adventure, but where will you stay? There are several different RV campgrounds near Carr Creek State Park that’ll be glad to host you while you’re in the area. 

Carr Creek State Park Campground 

Amenities: When it comes to value for money, Carr Creek State Park's own campground can't be beaten. You're right in the park, able to enjoy its natural beauty from sunrise to sunset –– and beyond. Carr Creek State Park’s campground is considered one of the best in southeastern Kentucky. 

Amenities include restrooms, showers, and full hookups. There is also a dump station available, along with firewood for purchase. You have easy access to Carr Creek Lake, so whether you’re a boater or an angler, camping at Carr Creek State Park may be your best option. 

Capacity: 39 RV sites

More Information: Carr Creek State Park Campground

Harlan County Campground

Amenities: Located about an hour away from Carr Creek State Park, Harlan County Campground is a family-owned and operated RV campground. There are a limited number of sites, but they offer electric hookups. They’re pet-friendly, enabling you to bring your furry friend along for the adventure. If you need to clean up after a fun day, there are showers available. Propane is also for sale, and there are picnic tables to enjoy outdoor dining. 

Capacity: 17 RV sites 

More Information: Harlan County Campground

Littcarr Campground 

Amenities: This campground, located on the shores of Carr Creek Lake, is maintained by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. This is a seasonal campground, usually open from early April through early October each year. Make use of the fire pits to keep warm at night, clean up at the showers, and wash off in the showers. There are picnic tables for beautiful days, and picnic shelters for when you want a bit of cover. Electric, sewer, and water hookups are available for RV campers.

Capacity: 45 RV sites

More Information: Littcarr Campground

Pikeville RV Park 

Amenities: While this RV park is located close to downtown Pikeville, Kentucky (population 6,810), it isn’t some urban campground. There are full hookups, free Wi-Fi, and cable TV. It’s also a relatively short drive headed southwest to Carr Creek State Park. Check-in is by 1:00 p.m., and checkout by 11:00 a.m. Arrive, park your rig, and then head over to Carr Creek State Park, returning at nightfall to relax at your campsite. If you’re looking for something to eat, downtown Pikeville has several options to choose from. 

Capacity: 21 RV sites

More Information: Pikeville RV Park

4 Guys RV Park at the Gorge

Amenities: For those visiting Carr Creek State Park who don’t mind a short drive in exchange for a superb RV camping experience, 4 Guys RV Park at the Gorge deserves strong consideration. While the pool is closed in the colder months, every campsite has picnic tables, and there are full hookups, laundry facilities, disc golf, and basketball courts available. Stay in touch with the outside world with the free Wi-Fi, or get out in nature with the hiking access provided. Also, if you’ve forgotten anything, a camp store can help keep you supplied. 

Capacity: 60 RV sites

More Information: 4 Guys RV Park at the Gorge

Best Time To Visit Carr Creek State Park for RV Camping

Carr Creek State Park can be visited in any season, though your affinity for water activities may dictate when you think the best time to visit the area is. Here’s a seasonal breakdown to help you plan when you think might be the right season for you. 


Since Carr Creek Lake is the main feature of Carr Creek State Park, winter is not the most popular season for visitors. However, if what you’re seeking is a calm boat jaunt out onto the water or a fishing expedition, then winter may be right for you. 

Average highs in winter range from the high 30s Fahrenheit to the low 40s, and January brings with it the best chance for a bit of snowfall. Keep in mind that some RV campgrounds near Carr Creek State Park close for the winter, so check beforehand if your preferred campground will be available then. 


As the weather starts to warm up in spring, visitors start to arrive to enjoy Carr Creek Lake in greater numbers. Spring is when seasonal RV campgrounds open their gates, and if you want to stay at them, they usually open for booking as early as February. 

March’s high temperatures averaging in the low 50s F will rise to the low 60s F by April and the low 70s by May, signaling the true start of the area’s busy season. If you’re looking for activities outside of the lake area, why not go for a hike while the weather is perfect for it?


To fully enjoy all that Carr Creek State Park has to offer, summer may just be the best time to visit Carr Creek State Park. It’s the season when Carr Creek Lake’s opportunities for fun on the water are at their highest, with highs in the low to mid-80s F and humidity consistently hovering near 80%. 

While it will surely be busy in summer, you needn’t worry too much about having to jostle for space next to the water. The park’s 480 feet of beach make up the longest sand beach in the Kentucky state parks system. Boat, fish, or swim, it’s your choice. 


As daytime highs begin their seasonal downward trend from September’s highs in the upper 70s to November’s highs in the low 50s, the leaves on local trees also trend downward… but not before they burst into spectacular brightness. Yes, for fans of changing tree colors, fall at Carr Creek State Park provides ample photo opportunities.

Oranges, reds, and yellows dominate the trees on the shores of Carr Creek Lake in autumn. Be aware that mid-fall tends to be when seasonally-minded campgrounds start to close up shop for the cooler months.

Things To Do in Carr Creek State Park

Carr Creek State Park is a wonderful option for a Kentucky day-trip adventure, or if you prefer, an overnight adventure at the campground. There are many things to do in Carr Creek State Park, especially if you love playing in, on, or near the water!

Boating. If you’ve brought your own boat, look for a boat ramp. If you need a boat, the Carr Creek Marina has pontoon and fishing boats available for rental. 

Fishing. Carr Creek Lake’s 750 acres are flush with bass, walleye, and crappie for anglers to try and catch. 

Swimming. The longest sand beach in the Kentucky state park system is at Carr Creek State Park. Pull up a beach chair or lay down a towel or blanket and have a dip!

Picnicking. Spring and summer are the best times to bring along a basket or cooler full of food and picnic at one of the many sites available.

Camping. Carr Creek State Park’s campground has water and electric hookups, providing a wonderful opportunity to stay overnight and enjoy the lake however much you want to.

Tips for Visiting Carr Creek State Park

Ready to go to Carr Creek State Park? Not just yet, at least not without perusing these tips to make the experience more enjoyable!

  • Fishing is one of the more popular activities at Carr Creek State Park, but don’t forget to grab a Kentucky Fishing License before you cast any lines. 
  • Feel free to bring your pet with you to Carr Creek State Park, but be sure they’re leashed.
  • There are fees for camping overnight at Carr Creek State Park, usually around $25 per night.
  • If you want to rent a group shelter for daytime or overnight use, it’ll set you back $60 during the week, with an additional $20 tacked on for weekends.

RV Rental for Carr Creek State Park

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