RV Camping Near Charlestown State Park


The Midwestern United States is a sight to behold. From fertile grasslands to wildlife-filled parks, the Midwest region represents one of our country’s most underappreciated geographical phenomena. So why not take a trip to Indiana for a Charlestown State Park RV camping trip? 

This handy guide will take you through everything you need to know for your first visit. You’ll learn about the best RV parks near Charlestown State Park, the best time to visit, fun activities, and some helpful tips to follow. You’ll also learn about the park with some intriguing Charlestown State Park facts.

Charlestown State Park Facts

Charlestown State Park has quite a story for visitors. Here are some fascinating Charlestown State Park facts.

  • There are 72 bird species in the park, including black vultures, bluebirds, and bald eagles.
  • You can explore the ruins of the abandoned Rose Island Amusement Park, which was destroyed in a flood back in 1937, on the mile-long loop trail.
  • Since the park is located along the banks of the Ohio River, visitors can spend some quality time trying to catch several species of fish, including smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, yellow bass, and bluefish.
  • The land around the park was once part of the Indiana Army Ammunitions Plant — a former military manufacturing factory built in 1941.
  • One of the most popular features is the Fourteenmile Creek — a 22.7-mile non-moving water paddle formed when glaciated water flowed through a stream valley, resulting in the formation of the creek.
  • Charlestown State Park is Indiana’s 3rd largest state park.

Now that you’re familiar with the park’s history and natural attractions, it’s time to focus on RV parks near Charlestown State Park. 

Best Charlestown State Park RV Parks and Campgrounds

Even if this is your first visit to Charlestown State Park, you’ll find several campgrounds nearby that provide all the essentials you need for a memorable experience. Here are some of the best RV parks near Charlestown State Park.

Derby Park Campground and RV Park

Amenities: For an unconventional, yet enjoyable camping experience, consider spending a couple of nights at Derby Park Campground. Located in Louisville, Kentucky, some 30 minutes from Charlestown State Park, Derby Park hosts many attractions, including weekly concerts, a fresh food market, and Kentucky’s largest flea market. It’s also a quality selection for celebrating the annual Kentucky Derby! 

As far as essentials, you receive a homestyle breakfast, water for holding tanks, free Wi-Fi, and 24-hour security.

Capacity: 200 RV sites

More Information: Derby Park Campground and RV Park

Louisville South KOA Holiday

Amenities: Louisville South KOA Holiday is one of the best “family-oriented” RV parks near Charlestown State Park. It provides 50 amp RV sites, air-conditioned camping cabins, grassy tent sites, and natural attractions. On top of offering themed-style weekend activities for the whole family to enjoy, Louisville South KOA Holiday is well-situated to visit nearby Louisville attractions, such as the Kentucky Derby Museum. It’s the perfect location if you’re camping with kids.

Capacity: 130 RV sites

More Information: Louisville South KOA Holiday

Addmore Campground

Amenities: Addmore Campground is your best selection for a noiseless and solitary Charlestown State Park RV camping trip. Along with experiencing a country-like camping setting, visitors can look forward to Wi-Fi, laundry rooms, a clean bathhouse, full hookups, and 30/50 amp services. It’s safe to say that Addmore is one of the best RV parks near Charlestown State Park.

Capacity: 100 RV sites

More Information: Addmore Campground

Louisville North Campground

Amenities: Louisville North Campground is situated minutes away from downtown Louisville and Charlestown State Park. It’s an ideal selection if you’re looking for city attractions such as retail stores, fine dining, and nearby city conventions. You also have three campsite options –– pull-through RV sites, cabins, and electric tent sites.

Capacity: 115 RV sites

More Information: Louisville North Campground

Charlestown Campground

Amenities: Camping at Charlestown State Park itself is the best way to immerse yourself in everything that this park has to offer. Aside from being conveniently located near several of the park’s trails, you also receive access to full hookup sites with water, electricity, portable tables, and picnic tables. Plus, you get to spend time under the stars surrounded by lush forests and wildlife. As long as you have an RV rental, Charlestown State Park campground is one option you must consider.

Capacity: 192 RV sites

More Information: Charlestown Campground

Best Time To Visit Charlestown State Park for RV Camping

To ensure that you have the best Charlestown State Park RV camping experience, pay attention to the weather challenges each season brings. Continue reading and decide for yourself the best time to visit Charlestown State Park.


A winter Charlestown State Park RV camping trip can easily disrupt your camping experience. Expect an average high of 41 degrees Fahrenheit with an overnight low of 27 degrees in January. Even in February, you’ll still be dealing with average highs in the mid-40s. On top of that, wind speeds pick up, so you’ll be dealing with average speeds of 9 miles an hour from January through March. 


Once spring fully sets in mid-April, you can expect average highs in the upper-60s with overnight lows in the upper-40s. Best of all, the amount of daylight in Charlestown begins to increase, so expect anywhere between 13 and 14 hours of daylight from April to May. Keep in mind that May brings the most rain, with an average rainfall of 4.5 inches. Don’t let this deter you from coming for a visit, especially since tourism levels remain relatively moderate.


Summer is arguably the best time to visit Charlestown State Park. Whether it’s the clear skies or pleasant temperatures, an RV summer camping trip can be quite an adventure. Temperatures in June and July hover in the mid-80s, with overnight lows in the mid-60s, so make sure to visit the Fourteenmile Creek for some fishing. Humidity, on the other hand, becomes intense in July, so expect some muggy days. Tourism is also at its highest during this season.


If beautiful autumn scenery is what you’re seeking, then consider visiting Charlestown State Park in the fall. The park’s mesmerizing fall foliage, coupled with its deep ravines and colorful trees, makes for a plentiful outdoor experience. Between September and October, the average temperature drops from 69 degrees to 57 degrees Fahrenheit. You can also expect between 11 and 12 hours of daylight, so make sure to spend some time hiking the park’s trails.  

Things To Do In Charlestown State Park

Now it’s time for some adventure! Here are some of the best things to do in Charlestown State Park.

  • Hiking: The best part about hiking in Charlestown is that the trails are all under 3 miles long, which means they’re suited for just about anyone. If you want to visit the Fourteenmile Creek Valley, then Trail 1 is your best bet since you’ll slowly descend to the valley from the trail’s starting point.
  • Fishing: Charlestown State Park offers a unique fishing experience. You can attempt to catch several species of fish along the Ohio River. You can also gain access to stream-bank fishing just off of hiking Trail 3.
  • Visit Rose Island: For a blast from the past, see the remains of a once-thriving amusement park –– Rose Island. Some of the park’s structures are still visible. Make sure to check in with the park for guided tours of Rose Island.
  • Bird Watching: Since 72 species of birds inhabit the area, it’s safe to say that bird watching is one of the best things to do in Charlestown State Park. Make sure to have a camera ready to capture some black vultures and bald eagles in their natural habitat.
  • Fourteenmile Creek Valley: The park’s most iconic landmark is the Fourteenmile Creek Valley — a 22.7-mile-long creek lined by limestone. Several of the park’s hiking trails overlook the creek, which gives you some commanding views of the valley.

Tips for Visiting Charlestown State Park

Just like any other adventure, you’ll need to follow basic guidelines and regulations for your first visit.

  • Visitors are not allowed to collect fossils, rocks, or minerals.
  • Make sure you only take drinking water from pumps or fountains since those are tested regularly for purity.
  • Keep in mind that electric motorboats are the only ones allowed on the Fourteenmile Creek.
  • Metal detectors are prohibited in the park.
  • If you’re planning on fishing, make sure you obtain an Indiana state fishing license.
  • All vehicles entering the park must remain on paved roadways.

RV Rental for Charlestown State Park

Now that you’re all set up for your first Charlestown State Park RV camping trip, it’s time to select a high-quality RV rental for Charlestown State Park.

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