Class C RV & Motorhome Sales


If you love to travel on the open road but want a comfortable place to sleep, relax and enjoy yourself, an RV is sure to be your new best friend. But how do you decide whether to rent or buy? At Cruise America - the nation's number-one RV rental and sales company - we've put millions of customers behind the wheel of a recreational vehicle rental or helped them find the perfect RV at one of our Class C motorhome sales centers.

Before you make the decision, do your homework by asking yourself the following key questions. It will help you make an informed choice about recreational vehicle rental or purchase. Whether you decide to rent or buy, Cruise America has locations throughout the U.S. and Canada, so it's easy to find a great selection of Class C RV sales and motorhomes for rent no matter where you live.


  1. How often do you plan to take an RV vacation?
    If you only plan to use an RV once or twice a year, rental is the way to go. But if your travel schedule calls for frequent trips - as many RV enthusiasts' plans do - buying will be well worth the investment.
  2. How long are the RV road trips you'd like to take?
    Not only should you consider how often you'll use your Class C RV, but also for how long each time. For example, an RVer who takes just a few trips per year but spends two weeks on each vacation will probably save money with an RV purchase, whereas one who travels the same number of times but for only a few days each trip may be better off renting.
  3. Do you foresee any lifestyle changes that will influence your RV travel?
    If you're looking for used motorhomes for sale to take on family vacations but your kids are in their teens, consider how much longer they'll be at home - and whether you'll use the RV more or less once they move out. But if you're looking toward retirement, you may decide that your RV needs will increase in the future.
  4. Where do you plan to travel with your RV?
    If you tend to stray hundreds of miles from home on your RV road trips, consider buying an RV - you'll save on mileage charges, which can add up over the long term.

No matter whether you decide to rent or buy, Cruise America has the RV you need. Check out our Class C motorhome sales online, shop our great selection of Class C RVs for sale at the RV sales center near you, or make your RV Rental reservation today.