RV Camping Near Cloudland Canyon State Park


Some destinations are time-sensitive, meaning there are truly ideal times to visit, and truly horrible times to visit. When planning an RV road trip, knowing where and when to go can sometimes seem like a hassle. 

Oftentimes it’s better to simply choose a destination that is suitable for visiting year-round. America has many such destinations scattered across the country, and RV camping near Cloudland Canyon State Park in Georgia is an experience that stands out from the rest. 

If you’re curious why Cloudland Canyon State Park is a great place to visit with an RV rental all year round, then read on! There’s plenty of information to come about things to do in Cloudland Canyon State Park and when to visit.

Cloudland Canyon State Park Facts

Cloudland Canyon State Park is widely regarded as one of Georgia’s most scenic state parks, but that fact doesn’t tell you much about it by itself. Here are some other Cloudland Canyon State Park facts to help acquaint you with your next vacation spot.

  • Cloudland Canyon State Park was designated a Georgia State Park in 1939.
  • It is located on the western edge of Lookout Mountain, site of a Civil War battle during the Chattanooga campaign.
  • Up until 1939, access to Cloudland Canyon was only available through Tennessee or Alabama, before Highway 136 was built to connect to U.S. Route 41. 
  • There are two waterfalls visitors can see at Cloudland Canyon State Park: Hemlock Falls and Cherokee Falls.

Now that you’re familiar with Cloudland Canyon State Park, let’s get into the best RV parks in the area.

Best Cloudland Canyon State Park RV Parks and Campgrounds

With Cloudland Canyon State Park now in mind as your destination, next up is to figure out where to stay. Have a look at some of the Cloudland Canyon State Park RV campgrounds you can call home for however long you’ll be in the area!

Cloudland Canyon State Park Campground

Amenities: There’s no better way to go RV camping in Cloudland Canyon State Park than actually staying in Cloudland Canyon State Park itself! Everything you could ask for is right at your RV’s door — the trees, the trails, and the disc golf courses! Yes, all that and more, including full hookups for RVs up to 50 feet in length (depending on the site).

Capacity: 72 RV sites

More Information: Cloudland Canyon State Park Campground 

R Haven Overnight Family Park

Amenities: If what you’re looking for in RV parks near Cloudland Canyon State Park is a peaceful rest after a day of fun, then look no further than R Haven Family Park. This truly is a family park, owned and run by a family for families. You’ll be comfortable with their 30 amp hookups, Wi-Fi, a laundry room, and a bathhouse. Not to mention, there’s a beautiful creek located right near the campgrounds. 

Capacity: 8 RV sites

More Information: R Haven Overnight Family Park

Lookout Mountain / Chattanooga West KOA Holiday

Amenities: With hiking trails through 25 acres of forest for adults, a jumping pad for the kids, a 3,200-square-foot off-leash playground for your pets, an outdoor bowling facility, and a 56,000-gallon saltwater pool for the whole family, this Cloudland Canyon State Park RV camping option has it all. Stay during the right season, and you can try gem panning, or be more active and try your hand at disc golf.

Capacity: 50 RV sites

More Information: Lookout Mountain / Chattanooga West KOA Holiday 

Hawkins Pointe RV Park

Amenities: For RV camping near Cloudland Canyon State Park, this newer RV campground is a great option for a no-frills overnight stay. While there are electric hookups available, there are no baths or showers, so they only rent to self-contained RVs. The main advantage here is being close to the Tennessee-Georgia state line and not too far away from major regional tourist sites. 

Capacity: 50 RV sites

More Information: Hawkins Pointe RV Park

Sasquatch Farm Campground

Amenities: At this most bucolic of RV parks near Cloudland Canyon State Park, there are 120 acres of forest that you can bike, hike, or jog through during your stay. It is pet-friendly, and the staff will help you book visits to any of nearby attractions. If you stay here with an RV rental, Cloudland Canyon State Park isn’t too far of a drive away, making this hidden gem in South Pittsburg, TN, a wonderful escape from more touristy campgrounds.

Capacity: 62 RV sites

More Information: Sasquatch Farm Campground 

Best Time To Visit Cloudland Canyon State Park for RV Camping

Cloudland Canyon State Park is considered by many to be one of Georgia’s most gorgeous state parks, with stunning scenery year-round. Each season has its own claims to be the best time to visit Cloudland Canyon State Park. Have a look for yourself to see which fits your style!


You might think winter visitors to Cloudland Canyon State Park are missing out. Long gone are springtime’s colorful flowers, and fall’s colorful leaves have also bid adieu until next year. However, winter has its own charm, with daytime highs averaging in the high 40s to low 50s Fahrenheit and overnight lows in the mid-to-low 30s. 

This makes winter a great time for hiking. The highest canopy remains green while lower trees’ missing leaves means there’s more to see. There may, at times, be dangling icicles and a frozen waterfall to snap photos of, which you can’t do the rest of the year!


Cloudland Canyon State Park is already blessed with breathtaking views, but those take on a whole new atmosphere as nature awakens from winter hibernation. Depending on when in spring you visit, sprouts may either be just peeking out or will have already bloomed. If you’re lucky, you’ll be hiking on ground carpeted with wildflowers.

From March to May, average daytime highs will rise from the low 60s to the high 70s. The gradual increase in temperatures — and the waterfalls being at peak flows in spring — will lead to a sudden increase in visitors, so expect to see more people on the trails and at RV parks near Cloudland Canyon State Park. 


If anything is a year-round constant at Cloudland Canyon State Park, it’s the humidity, which averages around 76 percent. This means that summer is the steamiest time to visit this most beautiful of Georgia state parks. Even though daytime highs will be in the high 80s, the humidity is what you’ll really be contending with.

Luckily for you, there are usually two waterfalls to cool off under for a moment - assuming, of course, that a late summer’s drought hasn’t temporarily dried them up.


Fall is in a constant battle with springtime for the title of “Best Time to Visit Cloudland Canyon State Park.” Whether you’ll vote for one season over the other may just depend on if you prefer colorful flowers to colorful leaves. As for those leaves, the ones on Cloudland Canyon State Park's hardwood trees are showing off for the last time of the year — don’t miss out!

Daytime highs will plunge from averaging in the low 80s in September to the high 50s in November, while overnight lows will fall from the low 60s to the low 40s. Autumn is a wonderful time for comfortable and colorful hikes around Cloudland Canyon State Park. 

Things To Do in Cloudland Canyon State Park

Visitors to Cloudland Canyon State Park know that once they arrive, they are going to be spending most of their time outdoors. Here’s a list of some of the fun things to do in Cloudland Canyon State Park.

  • Go Hiking. Lace up your boots or hiking shoes and hit some of the 25 miles of hiking trails winding their way around Cloudland Canyon State Park. Be sure to bring your camera with you or have your smartphone ready — beautiful views await!
  • See the Falls. Hemlock Falls and Cherokee Falls are accessible via the Cloudland Canyon Waterfalls Trail, one of the park’s most popular. Keep in mind that the falls may dry up if the rainfall season is too dry. 
  • Bike Around. There are more than 20 miles of mountain biking single track trails in Cloudland Canyon State Park. Some are suitable for beginners while others are more welcoming of skilled bikers.
  • Go Geocaching. For visitors who love a bit of treasure hunting, there are more than ten geocaching challenges throughout Cloudland Canyon State Park to take part in.

Tips for Visiting Cloudland Canyon State Park

While the list of things to do in Cloudland Canyon State Park is important, it’s equally as important to know some of the “fine print” accompanying a Georgia state park visit before you get there. 

  • A $5 ParkPass is required for all vehicles visiting Cloudland Canyon State Park.
  • If you are staying overnight at RV campgrounds in Cloudland Canyon State Park, you need only pay the ParkPass fee once for the duration of your stay. 
  • All campfires must be kept in designated areas, such as fire rings to prevent wildfires.
  • Pets are welcome at Cloudland Canyon State Park, as long as they are leashed and accompanied by their owners at all times.

RV Rental for Cloudland Canyon State Park

So, you’re just about ready to hit the road on your Cloudland Canyon State Park RV camping excursion, but then you realize something is missing: the RV! Well, if you’re equipped with an RV rental from Cruise America, Cloudland Canyon State Park is certainly easier to visit than without one. 

Cruise America’s fleet of rental RVs offers travelers like you a wide selection of vehicles that can get you wherever you want to go in comfort, style, and safety. Get in touch with Cruise America today, so you can head out to Cloudland Canyon State Park without delay!