Safe Travel Alternatives During The Coronavirus Outbreak

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With the Coronavirus outbreak spreading, travelers are left having to cancel their travel plans. From border closures to avoiding crowds, we’re left with little options of how to take a much-needed wellness check during these stressful times.

Still, fewer destination choices doesn’t mean you can’t practice social distancing somewhere else.

There are plenty of safe travel alternatives that don’t require you to put your family and communities at risk.

Safe Travel Alternatives During The Coronavirus Epidemic

Of course, you might be wondering, is traveling still safe during the coronavirus outbreak? If you need a mental break from the day-to-day, take a conservative approach to travel that prioritizes social distancing, flexibility, and a local focus. In other words, choose a trip that doesn’t put yourself or your community at risk. 

The Center for Disease Control recommends ‘social distancing’ of about six feet from person to person to help prevent the spread of disease.

That does leave your travel options limited, but thankfully there are still plenty of thrilling and unique destinations and activities you can enjoy with your family, even in these uncertain times!

 1. RV Camping Trip

An RV camping trip is really the perfect option to avoid the crowds, bring the family together in a safe environment, and experience all the great outdoors has to offer—all while following CDC protocol for social distancing.

Even if nearby national and state parks are closed, you can take your RV to more local nature destinations that don’t require a hookup or pass for a few days. Whether you choose to camp out on your driveway or by a local lake, you can avoid having to mix with strangers and save yourself trips to rest stops and grocery stores. In other words, after gathering all your supplies, you’re able to self-isolate at the campsite of your choosing.

RV camping trips are some of the best bonding experiences out there and that may be just what we all need in these trying times. Cruise America is taking additional steps and following protocols to enhance the cleaning process of all vehicles, as well as company-operated facilities.


2. Hunting Trip

When it comes to escaping the current climate, one option is to head out into the wilderness. And for many Americans, that means hunting.

Of course, hunting is a seasonal hobby and spring isn’t the main season for many of the most popular hunts in the U.S, but if you’re looking to have a fun spring hunt with the family you might just try going to Osceola, Florida for some Turkey hunting if you live in the area. 

Osceola offers world-class turkey hunting during the spring months, and you’ll be social distancing without even trying out in the subtropical swamplands of Florida!

3. Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is another great activity to replace your travel plans during the Coronavirus outbreak.Driving up to some hilly landscape to do a thrilling mountain biking trip is a real pleasure if you love outdoor sports. 

From the Cathedral Rock Big Loop in Sedona, Arizona to The Slaughter Pen in Bentonville, Arkansas, this country is chock full of some of the best mountain biking trails on the planet and this is the perfect time to take advantage of that.

4. Fishing Trip

Fishing is one of the best activities for relaxation and unwinding. Not to mention, fishing is the perfect activity for social distancing. Trust us, no one wants to be within six feet of you when you’re casting a fishing pole—or when you haven’t caught anything! 

That’s why we recommend taking a fishing trip to replace your social travel plans. Whether you’re an experienced fisherman going for sailfish off the coast of Key West or if you’re just after some bass at your local lake, taking a fishing trip is a great way to relax and enjoy yourself—safely.

Keep the Health of Your Family and Community in Mind When Planning Any Trip

 Just remember, just because you have to practice social distancing, that doesn’t mean you can’t go outside. There are plenty of safe travel alternatives available from renting an RV to going on a fishing trip.

Remember to also take care of your mental health by taking time to relax, while making sure those in your community stay safe.