Six Honest Cruise America Reviews From Across the US


Over the past 50 years, Cruise America has built a reputation second to none in the RV rental industry. While it would be easy to make such bold claims, it’s even easier to share with you just how much our customers love us — in their own words! (We love them, too!)

Honest Cruise America Reviews from Customers Like You

Without further ado, here are some Cruise America RV rental reviews that highlight how nobody provides better vehicles, better customer service, or a better overall experience than us!

Modern, Well-Maintained, Quality Vehicles 

Some of the folks writing in Cruise America RV rental reviews flew in by air before hitting the road, only meeting their vehicle later on. What do they find at Cruise America? Quality!

Rande Leonard and his wife flew from Phoenix, AZ to Alaska to go on an RV road trip around America’s Last Frontier. They chose to rent an RV from Cruise America in Alaska and couldn’t have had a better experience (or a better RV!) when picking up their rig:

“With Cruise America we were assured of a near-new unit in perfect condition and that's what we got. Ours was a beautiful unit and met all of our needs. I didn't want to take a chance of renting a unit that might have mechanical issues due to a lack of timely service. Kim, at the Anchorage Office on Cinnabar Rd., scheduled us for a pick up appointment ,and got us in and out on the road quickly. She was also there to take it back. Thank you, Kim.”

In a similar vein, Raymond Crockett and his family display in their Cruise America review how they have come to rely on Cruise for their RV travel needs, and for good reason:

“This makes our second time renting from Cruise America, and we couldn't be happier with their customer service and quality of RVs. All the helpful trip tips they give you, etc. (make Cruise a) great company to work with. Highly recommend.”

As you can see, customers writing Cruise America reviews expect quality when they rent an RV, and they know that they can get exactly that from us!

Customer Service With a Smile

While renowned for its fleet of rental RVs and used RVs for sale, Cruise America is also no slouch in the customer service department! When you’ve been in the biz for as long as Cruise America has, you get to know your customers — you learn how to treat them right. 

Cruise America’s employees are willing to go the extra mile for you to ensure a wonderful travel experience, not overlooking even the tiniest of details to ensure you’re a happy camper in your rig (or camper!).

Case in point? Check out Ryan Silvestre’s experience at the Cruise America in Manassas, VA:

“When purchasing my first RV, I was lucky enough to work with Usman during this whole process, who always went out of his way to answer my questions and even make himself available during his time off. This experience is best understood in the final moments when driving away. I had asked him for some directions because I forgot my phone charger, and he went into his car and took his personal charger and gave it to me. Although it was just a charger, it perfectly summarizes how he went out of his way to give me a good experience.”

Trip planning can throw you some curve balls, as JA learned when trying to book an RV for a road trip. Once again, Cruise America came through in the clutch, with this shining example of Cruise America RV rental reviews demonstrating the perfect amount of care that comes standard from a company with over five decades of service to the traveling public:

“I chatted online with Dalton and he wasn't able to get me the reservation that I really wanted. I told him that I could be flexible on my dates but nothing was working out. However, later in the day, he called me! And he let me know that he had continued to work on finding me a reservation and now had something available! I was thrilled and so pleased that he took the time to keep trying for me. That is incredible customer service, and makes me so excited for this rental.”

You’re Getting a Great Deal With Cruise America

What about the deal you are getting when renting or buying from Cruise America? If you’re a newcomer to the world of RV rentals, you’re understandably concerned about getting the most bang for your buck. 

Well, this customer has some thoughts on the matter, and they all circle back to the same conclusion — Cruise America is the affordable way to go, again and again:

“This being our first time renting an RV, it went by so smooth. Everything was explained to me so much and in detail, with no hidden fees - everything straight up. I highly recommend this company. Not only are they friendly and very thorough, the prices are amazing, too. You would think you were about to spend so much money just to rent one RV, but this is not the case. Me and my family would like to thank Cruise America, and our agent Luca, for all the help. We definitely will be doing this again.”

Meanwhile, Alberto Flores and his family are grateful for how easy Cruise America makes the RV rental experience, and how great the incentives are, too:

“I’m very pleased with the customer service from Cruise America. They made it so simple and fast booking my first RV rental. They even had some great incentives as well.”

You’ve Read the Reviews: Now Experience Cruise for Yourself!

Now that you’ve read several Cruise America RV rental reviews, why not rent your own RV from us? When you’re done, don’t be shy — share your thoughts in Cruise America reviews. Maybe yours will show up here one day! Contact Cruise today to start planning your next adventure!