Cruise Stories: Q&A with Dominic and Lauriane


Q: What are your names?

A: Dominic and Lauriane and we run the Instagram account called Couple On the Map.

Q: Where are you both from?

A: We currently live in San Jose, California, but one of us is from Seattle and the other is from France!

Q: Where did you travel to?

A: We road tripped to visit the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas with our family from out of the country! It was great to bring our foreign family on the 'Great American Roadtrip'!

Q: Some people get creative and name their RV for their journey.  Did you happen to, and if so, what was his/her name?

A: Our RV was definitely a Toby. But in a good way, not like 'The Office.'

Q: From your pictures, it looks like you had a great time!  Where was your favorite place you traveled to?

A: The Grand Canyon was amazing, but we also found a cool spot to visit in Las Vegas called 7 Magic Mountains! It is an art installation in the desert. Highly recommended!

Q: With all the great memories you created from this trip, what is your favorite?

A: I think my favorite memory from this trip was playing Dominoes with the family in the RV! We had two dogs and four people with us, so it was great to spend quality family time.

Q: Traveling by an RV has it's perks, we have to admit. What would you say was your favorite part traveling by RV?

A: My favorite part of the RV was probably the fact that we have our entire home with us everywhere we go! This means we get to pack a little less when we go out for our day trips and can always come back 'home' if we needed anything!


Q: Where was your favorite place you camped at, and why?

A: Our favorite spot to camp during this trip was in the Grand Canyon National Park. There were beautiful views and even a few deer stopping by to say hello! However, with the RV, any place we stopped quickly felt like home.

Q: What would you have liked to have known before heading out on your adventure?

A: We probably should have checked the weather better, but I wish we knew more about how to operate an RV in near-freezing temperatures. Luckily we were able to find a lot in the RV manual online!​

Q: Do you have any tips for first-time renters?

A: Be careful driving in windy areas! There were times where the wind would make it very difficult to drive; I felt like my biceps got a great work out during those days.

A big thank you to Dominic and Lauriane for taking us along with them on their RV adventure! There's no better feeling than creating memories with the ones you love while discovering some new places along the way!

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