Guide To a Cunningham Falls State Park Weekend Getaway

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Not every state in the country has the sort of geographical diversity Maryland does. It is truly an outdoor playground for Marylanders and visitors alike. Despite its size, the Old Line State punches well above its weight in terms of what you can see and do. There are 46 state parks to visit in Maryland, with historical sites and natural wonders to behold.

One Maryland state park you need to visit is Cunningham Falls State Park. Nestled in the Catoctin Mountains, Cunningham Falls State Park should be on your list of places to visit and camp at. Ready to learn why? Read on! 

What Is Cunningham Falls State Park?

Cunningham Falls State Park has a major claim to fame in Maryland: It’s the home of the state’s largest cascading waterfall, for which it is named. The Cunningham Falls State Park area has a history going back centuries, with Native Americans having used the region for hunting and fishing long before European settlers arrived on the continent. 

Where Is Cunningham Falls State Park?

Cunningham Falls State Park is located in central Maryland, near the town of Thurmont, which itself is a short distance away from Camp David, where U.S. presidents regularly spend time when not at the White House. 

As it is only about an hour’s drive away from Baltimore and Washington, D.C., anyone visiting the national capitol area may want to go on a side trek to Cunningham Falls State Park in their RV rental.

What To Do at Cunningham Falls State Park

Today, visitors to Cunningham Falls State Park can (among other things) go hiking, swimming, fishing, and camping, and also visit the remains of the Catoctin Iron Furnace, an iron forge in use from the late 1770s through the early 1900s. 

Go Hiking To Visit the Falls and Furnace Remains

The cascading waterfall for which Cunningham Falls State Park is named is, indeed, the largest cascading waterfall in the state of Maryland, at 78 feet. One great way to access the waterfall is by heading out on the Cunningham Falls Lower Trail and Cliff Trail loop, an easy loop at 1.1 miles, which ends right at the base of the falls. 

There are other trails of various difficulty you can try, such as the Campground Trail (3/4 mile) or the Old Misery Trail (2 miles, steep and strenuous). If you head out on the Cat Rock Trail, it can be somewhat difficult, but reward you with glorious scenic views of the area. 

Catoctin Iron Furnace

If you want to visit the remains of the Catoctin Iron Furnace, set out on the Catoctin Furnace Trail, an easy ¼-mile trail that will take you to the Catoctin Furnace Historical Village. Related to this is the African American Cemetery Trail, dedicated to slaves of African descent who died while working at the Catoctin Furnace between the 1770s and 1840s. 

Fishing Fun

If you’re planning on going fishing at Cunningham Falls State Park, come prepared: All anglers who are 16 years or older need a Maryland Freshwater Sport Fishing License.

If you’ve got that situated before you arrive, you needn’t waste any time getting to the waters of Hunting Creek Lake, where you can try for crappie, catfish, bluegill, sunfish, and bass. You can also fish for trout, though the numbers depend on if it’s been stocked. 

Can You Go Cunningham Falls State Park Camping in an RV?

You can go camping at Cunningham Falls State Park in an RV, but keep in mind that if you’re going to be visiting in the summer, you could have lots of competition. There aren’t so many RV campsites available (a little less than three dozen), and it isn’t recommended to just show up and hope for the best. 

If you want to stay overnight in an RV at the William Houck Campground for Cunningham Falls State Park camping, try to make a reservation well in advance.

You Can Also Stay Nearby Instead

While your RV camping options can be limited within Cunningham Falls State Park itself, you can also find RV campgrounds nearby. Just over 20 minutes away, you can stay at Rock Run Campground, within Gambrill State Park. Slightly farther away is the Brunswick Family Campground, located just off the banks of the Potomac River. Most of these are seasonal campgrounds that provide campers with the amenities they need to be comfortable.

Visit Cunningham Falls State Park in a Cruise America RV

With so much beauty packed into one small state, it’s no wonder that Maryland is known for being “America in Miniature.” Cunningham Falls State Park is just one of many must-see locales in the Old Line State, and it should definitely be on your list of places to visit. And, when you do visit, it should be in an RV rental from Cruise America

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