RV Camping Near Dinosaur Valley State Park


A particular sort of natural wonder appeals to the kids in everyone: fossilized dinosaur tracks! Imaginations are sparked by the sight of fossilized tracks from hundreds of millions of years ago. Some people see them and think of Hollywood blockbusters, while others are in awe at the thought of the size of the prehistoric creatures who unknowingly left their gigantic footprints for humanity to discover. 

One great place to see fossilized dinosaur tracks is in Texas at Dinosaur Valley State Park. Those with RVs can see the tracks and then rest at one of the many Dinosaur Valley State Park RV parks conveniently situated all around the region. Whether you’re more interested in RV campgrounds in Dinosaur Valley State Park or the dinosaur tracks for which the park is named, read on to learn more!

Dinosaur Valley State Park Facts

If you have an RV rental, Dinosaur Valley State Park’s tracks and trails await eager visitors. But what makes it so special? Here are a few fast Dinosaur Valley State Park facts to introduce you to the Lone Star State’s prehistoric heritage. 

  • Dinosaur Valley State Park was designated a National Natural Landmark in 1968, with the state park formally established in 1972. 
  • The tracks were made by dinosaurs in what was once a shallow sea that covered central Texas approximately 113 million years ago, during the Cretaceous Period. 
  • Tracks from the park aren’t just on display at Dinosaur Valley State Park. More can also be seen at the American Museum of Natural History in New York.

Best Dinosaur Valley State Park RV Parks and Campgrounds

RV-Camping-Near-Dinosaur-Valley-State-Park-4.jpgNow that you have familiarized yourself with some Dinosaur Valley State Park facts, you need to explore your Dinosaur Valley State Park RV camping options. Have a look at some RV parks near Dinosaur Valley State Park to help you decide where to stay before you go dinosaur track hunting!

Tres Rios RV Resort

Amenities: This spacious, 47-acre RV resort is truly for those interested in Texas-style RV camping near Dinosaur Valley State Park. Tres Rios offers amenities like a seasonally-available outdoor swimming pool, horseshoes pits, a playground, the Bluegrass Music Hall, meeting rooms, and fossil hunting. For those interested, there are opportunities to get on the water in a canoe or go fishing.

Capacity: 220 RV sites

More information: Tres Rios RV Resort 

Oakdale Park

Amenities: Oakdale Park honors its heritage as one of the only private RV parks in the United States to be listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It opened in 1925, built around what was the largest outdoor swimming pool in Texas at the time — the 330,000-gallon Oakdale Plunge. Today, Oakdale is one of the most family-friendly RV parks near Dinosaur Valley State Park, hosting family reunions, RV rallies, and swimming parties (other events, too!).

Capacity: 120 RV sites 

More information: Oakdale Park 

Dinosaur Valley RV Park

Amenities: Situated on the banks of the Paluxy River, Dinosaur Valley RV Park has a nostalgic frontier-era theme. Unlike in the days of primitive wagons, they’ve got 50 amp full hookups waiting for you and your RV. Once you’re done exploring Dinosaur Valley State Park, you can cool off in one of their two swimming pools, or relax your muscles in the hot tub. 

Enjoy the evenings with one of their outdoor movie nights, or take part in various holiday festivities (depending on the season). If you’re thirsty, pick up an old-fashioned soda drink in their on-site general store. 

Capacity: 80 RV sites

More information: Dinosaur Valley RV Park 

Cedar Ridge RV Park

Amenities: Cedar Ridge RV Park has full hookups, free laundry facilities with brand-new machines, and free Wi-Fi. Guests can enjoy swimming, hiking, biking, and fishing at one of the more conveniently-located RV parks near Dinosaur Valley State Park, just a short drive north from Dinosaur Valley State Park.

Capacity: 40 RV sites 

More information: Cedar Ridge RV Park 

Brazos Outdoor Center

Amenities: If you’re tired of over-developed RV resorts, and prefer a more rustic feel to your surroundings, then Brazos Outdoor Center should be on your list. But be aware that space is extremely limited for those going RV camping near Dinosaur Valley State Park. 

Located right on the shores of the Brazos River, it’s no surprise that the owners offer the chance to get on the water with tube, kayak, and canoe rentals. Showers, restrooms, and a camp store round out the amenities.

Capacity: 8 RV sites

More information: Brazos Outdoor Center 

Best Time to Visit Dinosaur Valley State Park for RV Camping

RV-Camping-Near-Dinosaur-Valley-State-Park-3.jpgWhen is the best time to visit Dinosaur Valley State Park? With an RV rental, Dinosaur Valley State Park never really has a bad time to visit. However, the humidity throughout the year might make you want to schedule your trip around the least humid months (or times of day!) and enjoy Dinosaur Valley State Park RV camping to the max!


Winter’s high temperatures at Dinosaur Valley State Park can range from the low 60s Fahrenheit in December, to the high 50s in January. Temperatures then rise into the mid 60s by the end of February. As for the overnight/early morning lows, those are another story. Winter temperatures regularly fall below freezing from December to February. 

Overall, winter is actually one of the driest of seasons, making it, perhaps, the best time to visit Dinosaur Valley State Park. That is, if you want to avoid hiking trails being washed out, or to maximize your chances for ideal dinosaur track visibility.


If you’re planning on RV camping near Dinosaur Valley State Park in the spring, expect daytime temperatures averaging in the low 70s in March, rising to the low 80s in April, and nearing the mid-to-high 80s by May. As for overnight lows, they’ll be in the low 40s in March, high 40s in April, and then up to the high 50s by May. 

May is the wettest month, with an average 2 inches of precipitation. This matters because the dinosaur tracks can be made less visible and trails can be made unusable after rains.


Unsurprisingly, summer can be one of the more uncomfortable times to visit Dinosaur Valley State Park due less to high temperatures and more to the high humidity. Highs in the low 90s in June make way for the high 90s in both July and August. The lows hover throughout the 60s over that same period of time. 

As for rain, expect a little less rain in June compared to the late spring showers of May, with chances for precipitation in July and August. Summer is the season for maximum dino track visibility and trail accessibility.


Fall temperatures at Dinosaur Valley State Park see a dramatic fall from September to November. In September, the highs will be averaging in the low 90s and lows in the low 60s. Highs go down to the low 80s in October and the lows drop to the 50s. Then, in November, highs average in the upper 60s while overnight lows get into the high 30s. 

After spring, fall is probably the second-most ideal time to visit Dinosaur Valley State Park, if only for the temperatures. Rain chances rise slightly from September to October, but fall again in November. 

Things to Do in Dinosaur Valley State Park

RV-Camping-Near-Dinosaur-Valley-State-Park-2.jpgWhy should you visit Dinosaur Valley State Park? To see the dinosaur tracks, of course, but there are other things to do in Dinosaur Valley State Park, too!

See Dinosaur Tracks. Dinosaur Valley State Park’s dinosaur tracks are well worth a visit. This area is also where Roland T. Bird made the world’s first discovery of a sauropod trackway!

Hike. There are 20 miles of trails to explore at Dinosaur Valley State Park, affording you the opportunity to roam around the same area where dinosaurs once did the same.

Bike. None of the dinosaurs that once called Texas home are known to have ever ridden a bike, but don’t let that stop you from going biking at Dinosaur Valley State Park. Just be considerate of hikers sharing the trails!

Ride horses. Horses are welcome in the South Primitive Area of Dinosaur Valley State Park. 

See the Dinosaur Models. Meet up with a piece of American history, and snap some selfies with life-sized Dinosaur Models that were featured at the 1964-65 New York World’s Fair!

Tips on Visiting Dinosaur Valley State Park

RV-Camping-Near-Dinosaur-Valley-State-Park-1.jpgThere are many things to do in Dinosaur Valley State Park, but it’s still good to know what you can expect when you visit. Travel hiccups are never fun, but the more you know, the better the time you will end up having!

  • Download files from the Dinosaur Valley State Park mapping page, make sure GPS is enabled on your devices, and get tracking!
  • Dinosaur tracks are the main attraction, but in the riverbed they are not always visible. Contact the park office beforehand or visit their social media pages for updates on track visibility.
  • In addition, trails can be closed due to wet conditions or inclement weather. As with dinosaur track visibility, call or visit their social media pages for trail status info.

RV Rental for Dinosaur Valley State Park

You’re all set to see the dinosaur tracks at Dinosaur Valley State Park, but how will you get there? You can’t ride a dinosaur, but you can rent an RV from Cruise America. Cruise America’s Texas-sized fleet of RVs with modern amenities appeals to family travelers and retirees alike. With an RV rental, Dinosaur Valley State Park becomes that much more accessible and enjoyable!

Get in touch with Cruise America today to get your dinosaur-sized trip experience started!