Easy (and Delicious) Grilling Recipes for Camping


Camping is about going on an adventure, reveling in your natural surroundings … and enjoying fun, fabulous food. We promise that camping cuisine doesn’t have to be limited to just burgers and hotdogs – though those continue to be tried and true campground staples. 

While most Cruise America RV rentals feature a kitchen with a stove, there is nothing quite as delicious as grilling over an open fire. There are plenty of easy grilling recipes that are perfect for when you’re on the road. So, whether you plan on bringing a portable grill with you or cooking over a campfire, here are a few meals that are sure to be hit during your next trip.

Kebabs (A.K.A. Skewers)

After a day filled with hiking and camp adventures, your crew is bound to be hungry and ready to eat in a hurry. Kebabs are the perfect solution. One of the easiest meals you can make on the grill takes care of your meat and vegetables on all at once. Plus, the bite size pieces make for much quicker cooking times.

Keep it simple with your traditional chicken and vegetable combo. Or, kick it up a notch with sweet and spicy flavors of pineapple and habanero, like this recipe from The Cookie Rookie.

Cube the meat and veggies ahead of time and premix marinades and sauces before you hit the road for a delicious, convenient dinner. Remember to soak wooden skewers to prevent burning and bring reliable tongs to rotate the kebabs throughout the cooking process.   

RV-rental-easy-grilling-recipes-for-camping2.jpgPhoto Credit: The Cookie Rookie 


Campfire Pizza

Parents of picky eaters rejoice! It is possible to make pizza over a campfire. Plus, you’ll love the added dimension in flavor that comes from cooking on the grill. The key to making this recipe happen is greasing the grill to prevent sticking and cooking the dough before you add the toppings. Once your dough is cooked, you can have each member of the group make their own personal pizza or whip up couple of different versions for everyone to share. Here’s a great how-to from Food Network’s Pioneer Woman

If you aren’t quite ready to tackle throwing dough directly on the grill, you can easily use any type of flat pan to cook the pizza. This can be a pizza stone, cast iron skillet or even a sheet pan. Convenience is key, so just roll with whatever you have available. Either way, be sure to cook the dough on both sides prior to adding the toppings. 

RV-rental-easy-grilling-recipes-for-camping3.jpgPhoto Credit: Pioneer Woman


Shrimp Tacos

Being on the road doesn’t mean you can’t maintain a healthy diet. This easy shrimp taco recipe is perfect for camping by the beach (or pretty much anywhere). Marinating your shrimp in some olive oil, lime juice and fresh herbs before throwing them on the grill will allow your meat to really take in the flavor. 

If you’re worried about your shrimp being too small for your grill, simply thread them onto a skewer and use the tips we recommend above. Delish has a great Sriracha slaw recipe to accompany your grilled shrimp. Fully take advantage of cooking on an open fire and char your corn tortillas on the grill before constructing your tacos. 

RV-rental-easy-grilling-recipes-for-camping4-(1).jpgPhoto Credit: Delish


Grilled Fruit

Easy grilling recipes aren’t just for dinner; they’re for dessert too! However, many desserts have complicated recipes with numerous ingredients, which isn’t always conducive to a camping environment. Enter grilled fruit. 

It may sound strange, but the grill is perfect for caramelizing the natural sugars found in fruit, bringing about an entirely different flavor profile. Check out this simple recipe from Bobby Flay to really elevate your campfire dessert by grilling up some peaches. Tasty eaten alone or served with some yogurt and granola for a dessert that can double a breakfast. 

Pineapple, watermelon and bananas are a few other grill-friendly fruits sure to spice up your camp cuisine. 

RV-rental-easy-grilling-recipes-for-camping5-(2).pngPhoto Credit: Bobby Flay

Easy Grilling Recipes

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