5 Tips for Travel


At Cruise America, we’re confident when we say that the most comfortable way to camp is in one of our top quality class C motorhomes. There is a vast amount of room, both for indoor use and for cargo hauling. In addition, the class C doesn’t require a great deal of effort to pilot. As a matter of fact, it’s more like driving a pickup truck than a recreational vehicle!

With that said, let’s take a look at some of the things to remember as you plan for your next RV journey:

* Make a Plan: The first step in preparing for your trip is to sit down and do some planning. Write down everything that you can think of that pertains to your trip, because it’s easy to forget when you’re in the moment. To learn about possible destinations, take advantage of any travel guides and magazines, state tourism boards and the myriad of Internet sites that offer helpful travel information. Make a map that shows your route, and figure your mileage and your fuel costs—just to avoid any surprises. Oh, and be sure to keep an atlas or state and city maps in your motorhome so that in the event that you have no reception on your electronic device, you can still navigate your route. Needless to say, the use of a GPS system is a great asset, and is certainly a stress reducer.

* Where to Stay: Whether you’re planning on dry camping, or staying in RV parks, make sure that your itinerary includes the areas, campgrounds or parks that you plan to stay in. If reservations are suggested, make sure to reserve your spot ahead of time, or have a backup plan of somewhere you can boondock for the night. Also be sure to provide a friend or family member a copy of your itinerary, as well as the contact information for the campgrounds you’ll be staying in.

* Don’t Over Drive: One of the best things about traveling in an RV is that you can stop and smell the roses whenever you choose. Try to limit your driving to 350 miles per day or less so that you can enjoy the sites and locations as you travel. It also helps a great deal to arrive at the campgrounds during the day, so you can leisurely set up camp in the daylight and take advantage of some of the amenities or surroundings the campground has to offer.

* Pack the Necessities: It’s easy to forget items when you’re anticipating hitting the open road. Be sure to remember any medications or medical equipment you may need on the trip. Include your health insurance info as well as your medical records (if you’re under a doctor’s care).

A few other things to remember:
• Credit or debit cards, checkbook
• Cell phones and chargers
• Address book and stamps
• Emergency contact numbers
• Spare eye glasses or reading glasses
• Spare set of keys
• All your Cruise America rental paperwork
• Books, reading material

* How’s the Weather: Check the weather reports for each area you will be traveling through. If the weather is foreboding in any way, avoid driving through it. That’s the beauty of traveling in an RV … you can change your plans at will! Keep a weather radio in your motorhome to keep current info coming in.

* Extracurricular Equipment: Fortunately, our Cruise America motorhomes all have ample storage for cargo, so you can bring along those bikes, sleds, barbeque grills or the beach games you love to set up while camping. You’ll need to bring along bed and bath linens, pots, pans and other kitchen supplies and whatever food you wish to prepare on the road. Your Cruise America rental location can rent you several of these items if you wish.

Once you’re all packed and ready to go, make a double check of your supply list to be sure you aren’t forgetting anything. Now, go enjoy America! Interested in purchasing a well-maintained used RV for sale? Browse our inventory and consider the possibilities for your next adventure.