Guide to EDC RV Camping

Music Festivals


Event Details

17 May Fri

Location: Las Vegas Motor Speedway


Dance, shake, and sing-along to your favorite artists at North America’s largest dance music festival!

The Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) is a weekend-long immersive experience complete with live music, art displays, and community events—such as guided meditation seminars, yoga classes, and more!

Whether you’re going to catch your favorite music artist live or just want the experience, EDC is a grand opportunity to connect with like-minded people and make long-lasting friendships!

To get the full EDC experience, many festival-goers opt to camp onsite—either by tent or RV— at designated campgrounds. Camping in a tent is pretty self-explanatory; however, the production behind RV camping is a bit more hands-on.

Before you drive your RV into Camp EDC, read about EDC campground’s rules and guidelines, amenities, and prices in this comprehensive article!

What You Should Know About EDC RV Camping



One Camp EDC pass covers one RV and up to eight occupants. Keep in mind that a camp pass is not the same as a festival pass. All campers must have an EDC festival pass and a campground pass to be admitted on the campground.

RV Requirements

Camp EDC is home to thousands of campers during its renowned weekend! For this reason, there are strict regulations around RVs.

EDC RVs must be Class A, B, or C, ranging from 19 to 45 feet. To ensure each camper is comfortable, the RV may not exceed the permitted length of 45 feet, including tow vehicles. There are separate accommodations for campers that exceed 45 feet.

EDC weekend in Las Vegas is a blistering affair. Accordingly, all RVs must have a working air conditioner that is powered by an onboard generator. The RV engine may not be left running to operate the air conditioner.

If you rather purchase power, you must provide your own 75-foot cable with the proper power connector to hook up to a 30A and 50A power supply.

Abide by these RV requirements, and your EDC weekend will be one to remember.

Prohibited Items

While creative costumes are part of the EDC experience, there is a list of prohibited items to protect the safety of festival-goers. Before you pack the RV and set out on the road, check out the following list of prohibited items—it may save you some strife checking in at the campground:

  • Aerosol products/cans
  • Gas masks
  • Hydro flasks
  • Large chains or spikey jewelry
  • Laser pointer
  • Motorized vehicles, Segways, electric bicycles, hoverboards, powered skateboards, or scooters
  • Pets
  • Weapons
  • Toolboxes
  • Stuffed animals
  • Spray paint
  • Wooden items

For a more comprehensive list of items you can and cannot bring, check out Camp EDC guidelines


Camp EDC is a self-sustaining campground during the festival weekend. Accordingly, there is a slew of amenities to make your stay more enjoyable.

The campground is equipped with several port-a-potty and shower sites for campers. Also, water refill stations are strategically placed throughout the campsite, so keep hydrated during the festivities. 

For items that you left at home or didn’t realize you might need, Camp EDC General Store sells essential items to get you through the weekend. Additionally, the store is stocked with drinking water and RV pump-out package vouchers.

Even more, the campground is fully staffed with medical and security to ensure you and your comrade’s safety.


RV campground tickets cover up to eight people for four nights. However, tickets vary in price. Here are your options for the Las Vegas 2020 EDC event:

  Ticket Price Taxes and Fees
RV: Bring Your Own $449.00 $116.37
RV: 30 AMP Power Add On $450.00 $115.37
RV: 50 AMP Power Add On $650.00 $141.97
Additional Vehicle Parking $100.00 $24.63

In the end, one RV ticket will cost between $565 and $792, depending on the option you choose. If you need additional vehicle parking, it will cost about $125 more. Layaway campsite tickets are also available, starting with a $200 deposit for one RV pass.

Keep in mind that your EDC campsite ticket does not include festival tickets. Electric Daisy Carnival tickets can be found as low as $287, with an average price of $606. 

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