Forget the Cruise – Here’s Why You Should Experience Alaska by RV

Alaska is famous for its beautiful shorelines, stunning landscapes and hard-to-reach locations. It’s no wonder that many travelers believe that the best way to see the Last Frontier is by boat. We have a different kind of cruise in mind for your next Alaskan adventure … namely a Cruise America RV rental, which we believe is the ultimate way to truly experience everything this state has to offer. Here are our top six reasons for why RVing in Alaska is the way to go. 

1. It’s convenient. 

Cruise America’s Alaska RV rental location is approximately seven miles from the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport, the largest airport in the state. As a full-service rental facility, this location offers various RV options. From a truck camper for the “less is more” traveler to large motorhomes for exploring with the whole family, there is an RV for everyone. 

2.  Famous roads are calling your name. 

Alaska is also home to two All-American roads, the highest federal distinction available from the National Scenic Byways program. Such roads are unique and offer features that make them tourist destinations unto themselves.

-    Seward Highway: This 125-mile route runs from Anchorage to Seward, passing through landmarks like the Kenai Mountains, Turnagain Arm, Chugach National Forest and Kenai Peninsula.

-    The Alaska Marina Highway System: A uniquely Alaska experience, this system of ferries allow cars and RVs on board to travel by water to other port communities. Many of these port cities offer incredible glacier viewing, including Gustavus-Glacier Bay National Park, Valdez-Columbia & Worthington Glaciers, Juneau-Mendenhall Glacier or the Child's Glacier in Cordova.

Both highways are recognized for their ease of travel, scenic views and historical and cultural relevance. 

 rv-rental-alaska-vacation-(1).jpgThe mountains in Chugach State Park will take your breath away (literally – the elevation for the park is about 3,802 feet (1,159 meters above sea level). Photo by Paxson Woelber on Unsplash

3. It feels like home.

When staying on a cruise ship, oftentimes the space doesn’t feel like your own. The amenities can also be a little limited, consisting generally of only a bedroom and bathroom – unless you opt for a luxury upgrade and a higher price tag. With an RV, you can truly make yourself at home. Depending on the model of your unit, setups often include a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and living area. It’s just like taking “home” on the road with you. 

4. You call the shots.

Any time you travel on a cruise, the available activities are predetermined for you. Sure, you can choose whether you want to go whale watching or hiking. But, what if you wanted to go inland to explore a lesser-known preserve to bird watch? Or for the more adventurous spirit, maybe you wanted to tackle an expert glacier climb. RVing in Alaska allows you to build an itinerary that is right for you. 

5. There’s more to Alaska than oceanfront property.

While we certainly want you to experience the beauty of Alaska’s coastlines, don’t forget that there are endless opportunities for inland adventures. Try taking a kayak out on an arctic river in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge where herds of caribou roam freely. Or, backpack through Katmai National Park for a truly unforgettable experience, which includes bear watching. You can also check out these other Alaska excursions to round out your travel itinerary. 

rv-rental-alaska-vacations2-(1).jpg Bear encounters are fairly common in the Katmai National Park. Be sure to give them a wide berth!

6. There’s no schedule.

No matter how you choose to travel, there is nothing better than building your own schedule. Alaska is the ultimate adventure destination and the last thing you want on your mind as you take in those mountain top views is, “How much time do we have left?” When traveling by RV, you can control the clock. If you need a few more hours of exploring out on the river, do it. Trust us, you won’t regret soaking in every last bit of that Alaskan sunset over the water. Because that is the beauty of RVing in Alaska. 

As you dream about your future Alaskan vacation, we have one last piece of advice. Don’t wait. It’s time to get outside and embark on your next adventure. Take us along for the ride by following us on social media (@cruiseamericarv) and use #BeThereNow for the chance to be featured. Safe travels!