RV Camping at Canada’s Fundy National Park


Near Alma, New Brunswick, and nestled on the Bay of Fundy is the spectacular Fundy National Park. The park is best known for its rugged coastline, where visitors can witness some of the world's highest tides. 

From gorgeous beaches to marvelous waterfalls, Fundy National Park is truly a spectacle to behold. Whether you’ve been to Canada before or not, Fundy is a must-visit destination full of exciting things to do! 

To make the most out of your trip, don’t forget to check out this Fundy National Park RV camping guide! 

Fundy National Park Facts

Fundy National Park is full of bursting with breathtaking sights, extraordinary history, scientific discoveries and more. Learn more about the park before your trip with these remarkable Fundy National Park facts!  

  • Fundy National Park is one of Canada’s smallest national parks, covering over 50,000 acres of land.

  • Fundy is home to the Acadian Forest. The park’s forest is unique because it contains both evergreen and hardwood trees. 

  • High tide at Fundy National Park sees nearly 50 feet of water. At low tide, visitors can walk the exposed ocean floor and see ocean life up-close. 

  • The oldest red spruce tree in the world can be found at Fundy National Park! This tree was discovered in 2005 and is believed to be nearly 500 years old. 

  • Fundy National Park is part of the Fundy Biosphere Reserve. This organization is dedicated to preserving the unique landscape of Fundy Bay. 

  • The Bay of Fundy was voted as a finalist for the new Seven Natural Wonders of the World. 

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Best Fundy National Park RV Parks and Campgrounds

When exploring the landscape of Canada, there’s nothing quite like RV camping in Fundy National Park. Find the best place to stay by looking at these awesome RV campgrounds in Fundy National Park! 

Cannontown Campground

Amenities: Cannontown Campground is one of the RV campgrounds in Fundy National Park. This campground is also the park’s newest campground, made specifically for the camper-style traveler to Fundy. Cannontown’s location offers visitors easy access to the park’s hiking trails and recreational facilities like the outdoor theatre. The park’s amenities include washrooms, showers and an on-site dumping station. 

Capacity: There are 30 campsites with full RV hookups. 

More information: Cannontown Campground

Chignecto Campground

Amenities: Another one of the awesome RV campgrounds in Fundy National Park is Chignecto Campground! This RV park is located near Fundy’s trails and playground, making it perfect for families looking for some outdoor recreation. Chignecto also makes a great spot for stargazers that visit Fundy. Not only is it near the astronomy viewing site, but the campground also sees less fog. Other amenities of Chignecto include shower and washrooms, on-site laundry, fire pits and a dumping station. 

Capacity: There are 263 total sites. Ten sites have full hookups, while 171 sites have electricity and water hookups. 

More information: Chignecto Campground

Headquarters Campground

Amenities: When it comes to easy camping, one of the best RV campgrounds in Fundy National Park is Headquarters Campground. Visitors who stay at Headquarters can bask in the gorgeous view of the Bay of Fundy. Additionally, this campground’s location offers visitors access to the nearby seaside village of Alma. Amenities at Headquarters include washrooms and showers, on-site kitchen shelters, laundry facilities and a dumping station. 

Capacity: There are 154 total sites available. Thirty sites have full hookups, and 25 sites have electricity and water hookups. 

More information: Headquarters Campground

Pointe Wolfe Campground 

Amenities: Looking for a frontcountry camping experience that you’ll love? Pointe Wolfe campground is for you! This campground is located in the heart of the Fundy National Park’s coastal wonders. Pointe Wolfe is also a somewhat secluded spot, accessed by crossing the Pointe Wolfe covered bridge. When the tide is low, you can trek the nearby trail to the rugged Fundy shore. Amenities at Pointe Wolfe include washrooms and showers, fire pits, on-site laundry and kitchen shelters. 

Capacity: There are 155 total sites available. Twenty-four sites offer hookups with electricity and water. 

More information: Point Wolfe Campground

Ponderosa Pines Campground 

Amenities: Ponderosa Pines Campground offers tons of camping fun, making it one of the top RV parks near Fundy National Park. This campground offers access to Fundy National Park and other one-of-a-kind landmarks like the Hopewell Rocks. Ponderosa Pines has a private lake that visitors can explore in a canoe, paddle boat or kayak. Other amenities include an on-site tuck shop, coin-operated washers and dryers, washrooms with showers and free WiFi. 

Capacity: Over 500 sites are available at Ponderosa Pines. Hookups available at each site varies, with many including full hookups or electricity and water hookups. 

More information: Ponderosa Pines Campground

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Best Time to Visit Fundy National Park for RV Camping

After you’ve found your home away from home, it’s time to plan your trip. Each season offers something new to explore when RV camping in Fundy National Park. Learn more about the park’s seasons to discover the best time to visit Fundy National Park!


The nearby Bay of Fundy moderates the climate at Fundy National Park. Specifically, the Bay of Fundy makes winter cool in the park with an average temperature of 29 degrees. 

Some campgrounds in Fundy are seasonal, meaning they close during the winter months and re-open when it warms back up. The exception to this is Headquarters Campground, which is open during the winter. 

When staying at Fundy in the winter, there are plenty of activities to try out! Trek through Fundy’s winter landscape with a pair of snowshoes or feel the thrill of cross-country skiing. 


Springtime begins in March and lasts until early May. If you’re looking for rain, spring and winter are the rainiest seasons in Fundy. As spring begins, the park begins to open back up for visitors. The temperatures in spring start to rise but still stay pretty cool throughout the season. 

The peak tourist season is late spring through autumn, when things start heating up. Tee up in Fundy! Golfing is a popular sport in Fundy during spring. You can partake of the Fundy National Park Golf Course with friends and family. Forgot your equipment? You can rent golf equipment from the Golf Pro Shop in the park. 


Thanks to the Bay of Fundy, summer weather is cool in Fundy National Park. As a result, the summer tends to be the more popular time to visit the park. 

Average summer temperatures in the park sit around 71 degrees. The nearby coast tends to be much cooler, so a balmy park day can be a cold day on the coast. 

Summer opens the doors to plenty of activities in Fundy National Park. From May to September, visitors can go fishing in the park! Don’t forget to get your national park fishing permit first. You can also explore the hiking trails in Fundy while enjoying the cool summer breezes. 


Fall in Fundy sees temperatures start to decline in the park. Average temperatures from September to October are in the low 50s. The early fall month of September sees the end of Fundy’s peak season. Throughout the rest of the season, there tend to be fewer visitors to the park. 

There’s still plenty to explore in Fundy’s fall climate! One interesting way to experience Fundy is through a kayak tour. You can start your tour in the nearby Alma Village or explore the Bay of Fundy. These tours can be done on your own or with a guide. Other popular spots to go kayaking are found near Hopewell Rocks. 

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Things to Do in Fundy National Park

Put the “fun” in Fundy by checking out these awesome things to do in Fundy National Park! From hiking to canoeing, there are tons to see and do on your trip.

  • Go mountain biking. The trails at Fundy National Park range in difficulty, offering something for new and experienced bikers. 

  • Swim in Fundy’s lakes. The Bennett Lake and Wolfe Lake have unsupervised beaches that are perfect for swimming. You can also take a dip in the park’s rivers. 

  • Try your hand at geocaching. Geocaching is a must-try when you go RV camping in Fundy National Park. Fundy has 15 official geocaches, and each year, the park makes five new caches to replace the oldest ones. 

  • Relax on the Chignecto Pavilion. This pavilion offers a great spot for a mid-day picnic. The pavilion also offers a bicycle wash station for cyclists on the go. 

  • Lounge in the park’s iconic red chairs. There are red chairs scattered throughout Fundy National Park. Whether you need a break or want to take in the sights, these chairs are the perfect place to do it! 


Tips on Visiting Fundy National Park

You’re almost on your way to an awe-inspiring journey through Canada’s wilderness. Before you hit the road, ensure you read these Fundy National Park RV camping tips!

  • Check the tide schedule. Each day at Fundy sees a high tide and a low tide. The time that these tides come in or go out varies from day to day. Make sure you check the tide schedule, especially when exploring the exposed ocean floor during a low tide. 

  • Look at the night sky. It may seem simple, but don’t forget to look at the night sky when in Fundy! Recently, Fundy was designated as a Dark Sky Preserve. This makes the night sky view of the park unique and worth witnessing! 

  • Join the Xplorers program. The Xplorers program is a great opportunity for kids to discover Fundy National Park. You can get a Fundy Xplorers booklet at a park kiosk and begun your first park challenge. 

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RV Rental for Fundy National Park

By now, you’re just about ready to dive into the adventure waiting for you at Fundy National Park. There’s one more thing to tackle before you go: an awesome Fundy National Park RV rental! RV Camping in Fundy National Park isn’t complete without the comfort of a Cruise America RV rental. 

Each Fundy National Park RV rental comes equipped with amenities like air conditioning, a refrigerator, a microwave and much more. Not only are these RV rentals comfortable, but they’re also easily affordable! 

Make your Fundy National Park trip unforgettable by renting an RV with Cruise America today.