RV Camping in Grayton Beach State Park


It can be tough to figure out what you want in a vacation. A peaceful, quiet getaway? Lively excitement with a crowd to match? Lazy days spent slow or time filled with adventure? Well, at Grayton Beach State Park, you won’t need to decide. 

This piece of gorgeous Florida sunshine has something to offer every style of traveler. This ultimate guide will let you find just what you’re looking for in a sun-soaked retreat.

Grayton Beach State Park Facts 

Get up to speed on this lovely coastal locale with these Grayton Beach State Park facts!

  • Grayton is often regarded as one of the most beautiful beaches in the US, thanks to its bright, white sands and turquoise-colored sea.
  • Enjoy just about 2,000 acres of pristine beaches. That’s a full mile of clear shoreline!
  • The park is home to several coastal dune lakes, a body of water formed along the beach. These kinds of coastal lakes exist in just four countries in the world.
  • Grayton State Park is the nesting grounds of loggerhead and green sea turtles, which you may find along the shore.

Best Grayton Beach State Park RV Parks and Campgrounds 

To find the perfect place to set up camp, look no further than our list of five of the best Grayton Beach State Park RV parks and campgrounds.

Grayton Beach State Park Campground

Amenities: The Grayton Beach State Park RV sites are the perfect blend of convenient, affordable, and private. About 20 sites are placed along Western Lake for a perfect morning view. Enjoy full hookups at all sites with easy access to everything the park has to offer right at your fingertips.

Capacity: 42 sites

More information: Grayton Beach State Park Campground

Geronimo RV Park

Amenities: While the Grayton Beach State Park RV sites are convenient for the larger area of the park proper, Geronimo RV Park is the perfect spot in a stone’s throw of the beach. Just a two-block walk puts you right on the white sands of the Florida coast. The campground is simple but loaded with full hookups, showers, bathrooms, and a laundry room. It’s also perfect for bigger RVs.

Capacity: 34 sites

More information: Geronimo RV Park

Calypso Cove RV Park

Amenities: Calypso Cover is a peaceful and quiet RV campground near Grayton Beach State Park. A 15-minute drive over Choctawhatchee Bay brings you to the heart of Grayton with a scenic drive to boot. Don’t let the unassuming front fool you; Calypso’s amenities are second to none with all hookups, reliable WiFi, and brand new facilities.

Capacity: 33 sites

More information: Calypso Cove RV Park

Sapphire Island RV Park and Campground

Amenities: Sapphire Island RV Park is another small campground that’s a great choice for shade and privacy. The large sites are a good distance apart for a nice space to call your own. Be aware that not all the sites are full hookups—some are water and electric only. It’s located near a local highway, so you may get a bit of noise pollution throughout the day.

Capacity: 25 sites

More information: Sapphire Island RV Park & Campground

Destin RV Beach Resort

Amenities: If you’re looking for a luxury experience in your Grayton Beach State Park RV campground, Destin’s got you covered. A heated pool, immaculate facilities, huge concrete RV sites, and a thoughtfully landscaped tropical campground await. You’ll also get to enjoy private beach access for your own slice of paradise. Just keep in mind that the park charges a luxury rate too, much higher than other parks in the area.

Capacity: 36 sites

More information: Destin RV Beach Resort

Best Time to Visit Grayton Beach State Park 

This state park’s four distinct seasons mean plenty of options in the type of experience you’d like in a trip. Our seasonal info below will guide you to the best time to visit Grayton Beach State Park.


Winter months bring the temperature down to about 50 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit. That means the water is too cold for most to swim in during winter. But don’t write off winter RV camping in Grayton Beach State Park! The low season promises lower rates in the surrounding campgrounds, better deals in local eateries, and untouched coastline as far as the eye can see. 


March through April brings a younger crowd to the beach for spring break. Expect a lively bunch along a beach that’s not quite as busy as the summertime. This is a nice alternative to summer that brings hurricane season and throngs of visitors. Spring RV camping in Grayton Beach State Park brings a few rainy days and balmy weather from late April to May.


If you’re interested in summer RV camping in Grayton Beach State Park, be prepared for the flood that comes with it, literally and figuratively. June to November marks the most active tropical storm season, peaking at an average of nine days of rainfall in August. The humidity gives the air a swampy quality that is stifling anywhere but the water or an air-conditioned space. You’ll also be planted amidst a flood of other people since it’s the park’s high season. 


Fall is a great time for a Grayton Beach State Park RV camping trip. Until mid-November, the sea is still swimmable, with an average temperature of around 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Summer humidity fades out, and a lot of the high-season crowds are gone. Aim for mid-October for the best balance of pleasant weather, options of things to do, and wide-open beach space.

Things to Do in Grayton Beach State Park 

Check out this list of fun things to do in Grayton Beach State Park to get your trip started right!

Search for sea turtle nests. Not only will you be witnessing a rare part of a sea turtle’s life cycle, but you’ll also be helping ensure these endangered species make it back to the sea safely. If you spot a nest, call the South Walton Turtle Watch. And make sure to keep your distance—nesting sea turtles are easily scared off, further endangering their egg-laying. 

Paddle Western Lake. This coastal dune lake is a geological oddity that can only be found in four countries in the world. Rent a canoe or bring your own to enjoy a peaceful float over 100 acres of serene water.

Cruise along Scenic Route 30A. This 28-mile road hugs the coastline from start to finish. It brings you along sloping sand dunes, waterfront views, and cozy coastal villages packed with charm.

Visit an underwater art museum. Appreciate sculpture like you never have before: 60 feet underwater! This unique setup can be visited by certified divers or seen from above with snorkeling gear. Learn more at the Underwater Art Museum’s site to find out how to get there.

Tips on Visiting Grayton Beach State Park 

Before you hit the road, check out these final tips on visiting Grayton Beach State Park that just might save your skin and the local environment too!

  • Beware of red tides if you’re visiting in the hotter months, usually August to November. A rise of toxic microscopic algae can cause the water to change color to red, green, or brown. Even getting near these waters can cause a flu-like illness in humans. 
  • Look out for black “dog flies” during the spring and pack some repellant. These aggressive insects won’t hesitate to attack in swarms.
  • Shore erosion is a constant concern at most beaches. Make sure not to walk on top of the sand dunes that are home to some wildlife at Grayton Beach. Foot traffic wears them down faster!
  • It’s especially important not to throw food away on the beach in Grayton. Leftover food attracts natural predators to sea turtle nesting grounds.

RV Rental for Grayton Beach State Park 

Well, friend, that just about wraps up our guide. Whether you’re planning on enjoying the time crawl of lazy days beachside or the excitement of a bustling spring break crowd, you’re sure to have one heck of a time. 

And what better way to get there than with an RV? With a line of RV rentals for Grayton Beach State Park ready to roll, experience how an RV can make the journey as joyous as the destination. The convenience, freedom of movement, and comfortable living space are the perfect ways to make some memories on the road that last a lifetime.

Reserve your RV rental for Grayton Beach State Park today!