Is Harvest Host Worth it? What I Wish I Knew Before Joining

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Imagine camping at a picturesque vineyard, where you can enjoy a wine tasting before going to bed. Or perhaps you park your RV at a farm, where you get to spend the morning feeding friendly horses and petting adorable baby goats. 

If this sounds appealing, Harvest Hosts may be perfect for you. Connecting RV campers and “van lifers” with unique and unforgettable private campsites throughout North America, Harvest Hosts is a membership program with over 4,729 host locations. 

Perhaps you’ve never heard of it or maybe you have and you’re wondering how does Harvest Hosts work? Either way, let’s take a look at this unique program and help answer the question, “Is Harvest Hosts worth it?”

How Does Harvest Hosts Work?

If you’re wondering if Harvest Host camping is worth it, consider this: the company describes itself as “a network of wineries, breweries and distilleries, farms, and attractions that invites RVers to visit and stay overnight with no camping fees.” Essentially, Harvest Hosts is made up of unique businesses that have available land and are also willing to host RV campers. 

Harvest Hosts is membership-based, allowing campers unlimited access to the program’s thousands of campsites for an affordable annual fee. It’s often compared to “Airbnb for RV camping” when explaining how Harvest Hosts work, and that’s fairly accurate. 

The major difference is that because Harvest Hosts is membership-only, the locations aren’t publicly available. This makes the program feel safe and exclusive, and it also ensures sites don’t get crowded the way public ones often do.

What Does Harvest Hosts Cost?

When you’re deciding if Harvest Hosts is worth it, it’s helpful to know that there are three memberships to choose from: Harvest Hosts Classic, Harvest Hosts + Boondockers Welcome, and All Access. In all three cases, members receive unlimited single-night stays at host properties and there are never additional camping fees. 

Harvest Hosts Classic costs $99 per year. Harvest Hosts + Boondockers Welcome costs $169 per year. The All Access membership costs $179 per year and gives you access to over 8,000 different locations. There are no lifetime memberships. Considering the cost of a one-night stay at most campsites can set you back around $30-$100, Harvest Hosts is a great option for RV campers to save money on campsite costs.

Top Benefits of Harvest Hosts 

  • Affordability. Considering that campsites in national parks and other popular areas often cost upwards of $30 per night, a Harvest Hosts membership can quickly pay for itself.

  • Unlimited access. With a Harvest Hosts membership, campers can stay at an unlimited number of host sites. No blackout dates or locations here!

  • Unique experiences. Only Harvest Hosts offers opportunities such as camping at an alpaca farm in Colorado or staying at a winery in coastal Maine.

  • Safety. Particularly for solo travelers and families road-tripping with young children, Harvest Hosts offers an added level of security. Campsites are on private land, and many have gated entries and/or someone living on-site full-time. 

  • Community and networking. Harvest Hosts members often form a community of like-minded travelers who share a passion for RVing and exploring unique destinations. This can lead to networking opportunities and new friendships.

  • Flexibility and independence. The program offers a degree of flexibility, as members can choose when and where to stay based on their travel plans. This level of independence can enhance the overall travel experience.

  • Supporting local businesses. By staying at participating wineries, farms, and other local businesses, RVers can contribute to the local economy and support small enterprises.

  • Quiet and serene atmosphere. Many Harvest Hosts locations are away from the hustle and bustle of traditional campgrounds, providing a quieter environment for relaxation.

  • Variety of locations. Harvest Hosts has a diverse range of locations, including wineries, breweries, farms, museums, and even golf courses. This variety ensures that members have a wide range of options when planning their trips.

  • Additional membership benefits. Along with access to the host locations, Harvest Hosts membership might come with additional perks, discounts, or resources related to RV travel.

Things To Keep in Mind About Harvest Hosts

As you consider if Harvest Hosts is worth it for you, here are some things to keep in mind.

  • Harvest Hosts memberships are available to campers with 100% self-contained vehicles only; pop-up trailers and tents of any kind — including rooftop tents — are prohibited. RVs must have their own bathrooms (onboard porta-potties are acceptable) and built-in water tanks, and only indoor cooking is allowed when camping at a host location.

  • It’s important to remember that host locations are not campgrounds. Some do offer RV hookups, but campers shouldn’t expect them.

  • You can’t simply show up to a Harvest Hosts location unannounced, the way you can at a traditional first-come, first-served campsite. Campers are required to either request a stay through Harvest Hosts’ online Request-a-Stay system or call the host directly.

  • While it isn’t technically a requirement, it is suggested that Harvest Hosts campers make a nominal purchase of about $20 from the host business in lieu of paying camping fees. 

  • Harvest Hosts stays are intended to be strictly overnight. A host may extend an invitation for an additional night, but it is expressly prohibited for campers to request.

  • Harvest Hosts also has a robust blog filled with useful information for RV and tent campers alike. Get free RV camping resources before your trip on the website.

  • The Harvest Hosts locations' campsite surfaces may vary. You may encounter parking surfaces that are concrete, asphalt, gravel, grass, or dirt. 

  • You can print your membership card from the member dashboard on the Harvest Hosts website, or you may access it on the mobile app. A photo or screenshot of your membership card is also acceptable.

Bottom Line: Is Harvest Hosts Worth It?

Many campers will find that Harvest Hosts’ annual membership fee is well worth it. It’s ideal for people who enjoy meeting others on their travels; foodies who enjoy discovering new breweries, wineries, distilleries, and farms; those who want to get off the beaten path; people looking for unique camping experiences; and anyone who wants to support small local businesses! As mentioned before, Harvest Hosts pays for itself in about three to five overnight stays. Because of this, we recommend Harvest Hosts as a great membership for those who love camping.

Try Harvest Host Camping in a Cruise America RV

If you’ve decided that the answer to “Is Harvest Hosts worth it?” is YES, why not experience it in a Cruise America RV rental? Cruise America’s vehicles are fully self-contained with bathrooms and kitchens, so they fit the criteria to be eligible for Harvest Hosts. 

Combining those comforts from home with Harvest Hosts’ unique locations is the perfect recipe for fantastic camping memories, whether you’re a solo traveler, an adventurous couple, a group of friends, or a family with small children! Contact Cruise America today, pick your favorite RV model, and decide which Harvest Hosts location you’ll check out first!