RV Camping Near High Falls State Park


Imagine for a moment a park whose natural beauty comes in the form of thundering waterfalls, free-falling cascades, and rich cultural history. This sure sounds like a wonderful destination, doesn’t it? If this sounds like an outdoor adventure worth pursuing, then High Falls State Park is the perfect outdoor destination to turn that adventure into a reality. 

Located northwest of Macon near Jackson, Georgia, High Falls State Park spreads over 1,050 acres. If you’re ready to cross that destination off your bucket list, then a High Falls State Park RV camping trip should be on your radar.

Continue reading this informative guide to learn High Falls State Park facts, RV parks near High Falls State Park, the best time to visit High Falls State Park, and more! 

High Falls State Park Facts

Make sure you’re all caught up with these High Falls State Park facts.

  • Back in the 19th century (the 1800s), the area around the park was a hotspot for industrial activity (e.g. stores, grist mills, cotton gins, shoe factories).
  • After a railroad was built in the 1880s, the area became a ghost town for a while.
  • High Falls is one of six state parks in Georgia to offer yurt camping.
  • Several of the park’s rivers have rocks with deep holes eroded in them.
  • The Historical and Tranquil Trails Loop takes you through the remains of several historic buildings.

Now that you know a little more about High Falls State Park, let’s jump into the best RV parks nearby.

Best High Falls State Park RV Parks and Campgrounds

To ensure that you spend more time enjoying your High Falls State Park RV camping trip, we curated a list of the best RV parks near High Falls State Park so you can find your home base.

High Falls State Park Campground

Amenities: What’s more convenient than spending a couple of nights in the surrounding area of High Falls? High Falls visitors have a few stay-in options at this campground. Visitors can stay at lakeside yurts, lake campsites, and or primitive campsites. Enjoy every outdoor recreational activity at your disposal, plus potable water, showers, and picnic tables.

Capacity: 13 RV sites

More Information: High Falls State Park Campground 

Forsyth KOA

Amenities: Located near the musically rich city Macon, Forsyth KOA combines a “country-like” feeling with beautiful natural scenery, which makes it one of the most suitable RV parks near High Falls State Park for first-time visitors. You can explore villages, waterfalls, and regional attractions, such as the Cherry Blossom Festival in the spring. Examples of amenities include cable tv, Wi-Fi, 50 amp hookups, and firewood.

Capacity: 141 RV sites

More Information: Forsyth KOA

High Falls RV Park

Amenities: If you’re looking for High Falls State Park RV sites surrounded by a canopy of trees with lots of spacious sites, then High Falls RV Park should be on your list. Visitors will enjoy the feeling of disconnection from the city atmosphere. Plus, there’s a dog park for your four-legged buddy to roam around and enjoy! Amenities include washing machines, free Wi-Fi, a community room, and a postbox for monthly guests.

Capacity: 38 RV sites

More Information: High Falls RV Park 

High Falls Hideaway RV Park

Amenities: Sometimes, it’s better to find an RV campground operated by RV experts who understand their clients. If that sounds appealing to you, then High Falls Hideaway is one of the best RV parks near High Falls State Park you’ll come across. Not only are you within walking distance of High Falls, but there’s also a grocery store nearby for your convenience. Come and enjoy the free Wi-Fi, laundry facilities, and quiet atmosphere after a long day.

Capacity: 40 RV sites

More Information: High Falls Hideaway RV Park

Dames Ferry Campground

Amenities: Located 30 minutes away from High Falls State Park, Dames Ferry is a lakeside beauty with mesmerizing waterfront views. Not to mention it’s a perfect getaway for fishermen, boaters, and kayakers. After setting in, take a stroll down in Juliette and explore the town’s historical sites, including the Jarrell Plantation. Amenities include electric hookups, potable water, restrooms, and a playground.

Capacity: 28 RV sites

More Information: Dames Ferry Campground 

Best Time To Visit High Falls State Park for RV Camping

Because of its location in Central Georgia, High Falls State Park experiences all four seasons. Use the seasons’ guide below to decide on the best time to visit High Falls State Park.


Because of the mildly cold winters in Central Georgia, it’s safe to say that a High Falls State Park RV camping experience in the winter is a pleasant experience. Average high temperatures range between the mid 50s and low 60 degrees Fahrenheit. That said, you might deal with occasional cold spells that can drop temperatures to as low as 30 degrees at night, so make sure you pack some extra blankets.


Springtime at High Falls State Park means dealing with occasional thunderstorms and sudden temperature changes. Expect an average low of 40 degrees and an average high of 83 degrees. March is considered the wettest month of the year in Central Georgia. Keep in mind that the large pool inside the park opens in May and closes in September, so make sure to plan your springtime visit accordingly if you want to enjoy some water recreation activities.


It’s no secret that spending a summer in Georgia means dealing with the heat and high humidity. A visit to High Falls State Park is no different. Expect an average high of 92 degrees with an average overnight low of 66 degrees. Despite the high temperatures, visitors can still cool off at the pool or engage in other water recreation activities.


By fall, expect an average low of 39 degrees with an average high of 84 degrees. That said, visitors should not be discouraged by the park’s autumn weather. High Falls State Park is considered one of the most beautiful destinations in Georgia because of its striking fall foliage. Make sure to spend some time hiking the Tranquil Trail Loop, where you’ll see those autumn colors up close.

Things To Do in High Falls State Park

Discover what adventures await you on your first visit. Here are some of the best things to do in High Falls State Park.

  • Hiking. For an impressive scenic experience, take a walk down the Falls Trail, where you’ll come across multi-tiered waterfalls and massive boulders. Keep in mind that this trail is also used by runners, so be courteous to others. If you’re in the mood for historical exploration, then try the History Falls Trail and explore the park’s Old Mill and Powerhouse.
  • Swimming. The pool is open between May and September, which gives you plenty of time to cool off during those long summers. Visitors should keep in mind that they are not allowed to swim in the park’s waterfalls or rivers. 
  • Geocaching. Test your navigation skills through an outdoor treasure hunt known as geocaching — an outdoor recreation activity where participants use a GPS device to navigate to hidden items, also known as "caches." If you decide to participate in geocaching at a Georgia state park, you can select either the newly-developed Parks GeoTour or the History Trail GeoTour.
  • Boating. If you’re in the mood for enjoyment in the form of an aquatic adventure, then consider boating. At High Falls, boaters get access to two boat ramps, several docks, and a lake covering 650 acres. You can also rent a Jon boat (i.e. a flat-bottomed boat). To preserve the wildlife surrounding the lake, the park only allows boats with horsepower under 10. 
  • Miniature Golf. For a peaceful outdoor experience that the whole family can enjoy, spend some time at the park’s 18-hole miniature golf course. Aside from your standard golf equipment, all you need to bring is payment for a small fee.

Tips for Visiting High Falls State Park

Before discussing your RV rental High Falls State Park needs, make sure you make your first visit to High Falls a memorable one by keeping the following tips in mind.

  • If you plan to bring your boat, keep in mind that some of the park’s docks are reserved for campers only.
  • If you’re RV camping near High Falls State Park, remember to park by your campsite.
  • While pets are allowed in the park, they are not allowed anywhere near the yurts.
  • You need a group of at least ten people if you want to camp at the pioneer camping site.
  • Park at the parking lot near the pool for a one-day visit.

RV Rental for High Falls State Park

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