Insider's Oregon Hot Springs Guide: Soak It in


Sometimes you just need to connect with Mother Earth herself. 

And while a hot tub can be nice, there’s no better way to feel our planet’s warmth than a dip into a natural hot spring. To do that, Oregon immediately comes to mind. This naturalist’s paradise is home to 37 natural hot springs. And the best part about having so many is the range of different experiences you can have within one state.

From secluded watering holes to waterfront resorts, hot springs camping in Oregon has so much to offer. To narrow things down for you, we’ve curated our 5 favorite hot springs camping getaways in Oregon.

Read on to find your next haven of rest and relaxation, provided courtesy of Mother Earth herself.

The 5 Best Hot Springs in Oregon 

Our list of the best hot springs in Oregon is organized from the most adventurous to the most luxurious. Start at number 1 for the rawest experience possible. Or head to number 5 for the most glamorous choice.

1. Willow Creek Hot Springs 

Fast Facts:

  • Natural, unmaintained hot spring 
  • Secluded feeling with plenty of open space
  • 2 pools: one hot, one warm

Our first destination makes for one bold, brave trip. If you’re looking for a rugged, naturalist adventure to the hot springs in Oregon, Willow Creek is a great choice. 

To put things in perspective, the only route to Willow Creek is a lone dirt and gravel road. And it’s miles away from anything at all. Please drive carefully here since flat tires can happen. 

It’s true that there are other nearby options like Alvord, Borax Lake, and Mickey Hot Springs. But, if you’re looking for a chance to have the place all to yourself, Willow Creek is a solid bet. 

Alone or with fellow travelers, all your efforts will be rewarded once you settle into the high desert of southwest Oregon. There’s no shortage of space for setting up camp nearby. Or if you prefer, two nearby RV campgrounds are listed below. 

Nearby RV Campgrounds:

  1. Page Springs Campground
  2. Steens Mountain Wilderness Resort

2. Cougar (Terwilliger) Hot Springs

Fast Facts:

  • A collection of 4 natural hot springs
  • Known as Cougar Hot Springs but all signage is labeled “Terwilliger”
  • Popular hot springs in Oregon situated in a primeval forest clearing

For something a bit less off-the-beaten-path that still offers a sense of naturalist adventure, check out Cougar (aka Terwilliger) Hot Springs.

Located in the midst of towering primeval trees and stepped pools fed from a nearby cave. A scenic, quarter-mile hike from the parking area will get you to the springs. Each pool is separated by natural bedrock walls. As you descend the “steps” each pool is cooler than the last. Temperatures start at about 112 degrees Fahrenheit and end at 90 degrees.

Time your trip carefully! This is a popular spot and is closed on Thursdays from 8 am to 12 pm for cleaning.

Nearby RV Campgrounds:

  1. Holiday Farm RV Resort
  2. Patio RV Park

3. Umpqua Hot Springs

Fast Facts: 

  • Collection of stepped, shallow hot springs
  • Picturesque overlook of the North Umpqua River
  • 2-mile hike to the springs during the winter months

Umpqua Hot Springs is a nice balance of ruggedness with a few basic amenities landing it at the number 3 spot. 

Umpqua Hot Springs is a collection of several small, shallow pools nestled into a gorgeous overlook of the North Umpqua River. This is a very popular destination so you’ll likely be making some new friends. And don’t be surprised if a few are comfortably naked (clothing is optional).

This rustic location gets rounded out with some basics like toilets and picnic tables. And two nearby campsites make a convenient place to rest. If they’re occupied, you’ll find two alternatives for RVs below.

Nearby RV Campgrounds:

  1. HiWay Haven RV Park
  2. Umpqua Riverfront RV Park & Boat Ramp

4. Jackson Wellsprings

Fast Facts:

  • Cushy feel with natural alkaline mineral hot springs
  • Olympic sized pool getting 80,000 gallons of spring water daily
  • Oasis garden, event center, private tubs, steam room, and sauna

Jackson Wellsprings is best for those looking for some creature comforts and a rejuvenating experience courtesy of on-site amenities and events. The property is built over 30+ acres featuring a full olympic-sized pool, special events and classes, a cozy book cafe, a beautiful garden, and even licensed massage therapists. 

Enjoy plenty of space in the massive pool or book a private soaking by appointment. Eat local food fresh from the farm to the table at their cafe. After that take a look at the event calendar to take advantage of the most unique aspect of Jackson Wellsprings –– the mystical quality present everywhere on the grounds. 

This Oregon hot spring is more than just a place to soak and relax. It’s a hub of opportunities for eco-friendly education and spiritual growth. 

Nearby RV Campgrounds:

  1. Jackson Wellsprings
  2. Emigrant Lake Point RV Park

5. Belknap Hot Springs Resort 

Fast Facts:

  • Immaculate grounds built along the McKenzie River
  • 2 big, concrete mineral spring swimming pools
  • Fairytale atmosphere and beautiful scenery everywhere

Our final choice is less of an adventure and more like a romantic fantasy trip. Belknap Hot Springs Resort is situated next to the McKenzie River and tucked into the dense treeline of the Willamette National Forest. 

The most striking thing about Belknap is the sheer beauty of the grounds. From the old-world cottage lodge to the meticulously landscaped walking trails, every frame is an Instagram-worthy photo-op. 

When you’re finished soaking in one of two massive concrete spring water pools, you’ll want to take a stroll. On either side of the grounds are two secret gardens filled with lush flower beds ––  perfect spots for some quiet reflection. 

Nearby RV Campgrounds:

  1. Belknap Hot Springs Resort RV Campground
  2. Patio RV Park

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