How Much to Rent an RV? How Cruise America Prices Rentals

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When planning an RV road trip, your budget plays a key role. Foremost in your mind is how much to rent an RV you should set aside, but you may not know how much exactly that will be.

Wondering how much it costs to rent an RV and curious about what factors influence RV rental prices? Cruise America is happy to explain it all to you and to get you on the road faster while saving money.

How Easy is It to Rent an RV?

Before talking about how much it costs to rent an RV, you're probably wondering how easy it is to do it. The truth is that it is incredibly easy to rent an RV. You don't need a special license to rent an RV, and you don't need any prior experience driving an RV before you try to rent one! 

All in all, renting an RV is a great and easy way to see the country! Your biggest challenge may be finding the RV you want, especially if you're booking for a popular time.

What Factors Into RV Rental Prices at Cruise America?

Your pickup location, time of year, travel destination, and the duration of your road trip all play a role in the costs for how much to rent an RV, along with insurance costs. And, of course, the size of the RV you rent plays an outsized role, too!

Pickup Location

If you're planning on picking up your RV rental from a popular hub, be prepared to pay a bit more than you might when renting from other places...especially if your trip coincides with a busy time of year. You may be limited by what vehicles a certain location has in stock, especially if you delay booking until a time that's close to your travel date.

Time of Year

Want to celebrate Freedom over the July 4th holiday? Well, that's a time of high demand, so you should naturally expect to pay more. Then again, there are times throughout the year when special deals are offered by Cruise America. If you're flexible with scheduling, you can get quite a bargain.

Travel Destination/Mileage

The farther away your destination is, the more miles you'll rack up to both to get there and then to return to Cruise America (unless you're going on a one-way RV road trip, in which case you may find attractive discounts and avoid paying more in mileage charges).

Duration of Your Road Trip

Anyone who has ever rented any type of vehicle has to be prepared for this: The longer your trip/length of rental, the more it will cost — usually. You might find that a longer-term RV rental (a month or more) is offered at a discounted rate compared to a shorter-term (a week or two) rental.

Size & Model

A smaller RV will cost less — both in terms of the actual rental price, and gas — than a larger RV, but quite often, larger RVs are far more comfortable. If money is a concern and you don't need a super-sized RV for your road trip, going with a smaller vehicle or a less fancy model will be much easier on your wallet.

Other Factors in Pricing

Aside from factors more or less in your control, there are also rental fees and taxes to pay — they creep up on you just like this point did, and they're not up to Cruise America — when thinking about how much to rent an RV, remember how fees and taxes will vary by state/province.

As for additional fees that an RV retailer might charge you, be ready for rental insurance — but not at Cruise America, which provides free Supplemental Liability Insurance (SLI) with each RV rental.

How To Save Money on an RV Rental

Now, there are definitely ways to save money on an RV rental you might not have considered at first.

Relocation and One-Way RV Rental Deals

If you're open to a one-way RV rental, you may want to ask about a "relocation deal". In this case, you get an RV for a one-way rental at a discounted price because you're effectively relocating that RV to another retailer location across the country.

Cruise America also has one-way specials based on date and destination, so check 'em out!

Find Great Gas Deals

It's not just the price you have to consider over how much to rent an RV; gas will also be a major expense. Be on the lookout for deals that include gas cards or discounts as incentives for renting an RV.

Book Your RV Ahead of Time

You can save money on an RV rental by reserving your vehicle well in advance. For example, the earlier you book your RV with Cruise America, the more choices you have in terms of vehicle size — which, as you know, influences how much to rent an RV you'll have to pay!

Save Money on an RV Rental With Cruise America

The best way to save money on an RV rental is to go with a company with more than 50 years of experience providing satisfied RV road trippers like you with a great experience — Cruise America!

Cruise America's pricing is competitive, with special deals and discounts offered throughout the year. In addition, you can save on fees with Cruise America, thanks to each RV rental coming with free SLI!

Ready to see how much it costs to rent an RV from Cruise America? Visit Cruise today to start planning your next adventure — and possibly save some money with half-price miles while you're at it!