How to Dress Like an Outdoorsman: Nail The Look

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Anyone and everyone can go camping, and you don't necessarily need to look "outdoorsy" to do it. Still, there is something to be said for looking the part, and many people want to. Just as folks used to dress up for airplane travel, today, they are dressing up to spend time outdoors.

You've probably got a picture in your head of how to dress like an outdoorsman: A flannel shirt, blue jeans, Timberland boots, and so on. That's the stereotype for how to dress like an outdoorsman, right? It is also known as “rugged” or “blue collar” style, and, largely fits!

However, that isn't the whole story. Sure, there is the classic outdoorsman look, but there are actually many variations on how to dress like an outdoorsman. You can make the look your own!

How To Nail the Look of an Outdoorsman

Here's the lowdown on how to dress like an outdoorsman and not look like you're just cosplaying!

Note: Both men and women can pull off dressing like outdoorsmen; following the advice here will work for anyone who wants to know how to dress like an outdoorsman.

How To Choose an Outdoorsman’s Shirt

The shirt you choose helps make the outdoorsman look; it's what stands out the most. You want something stylish that goes well with jeans but is also functional.

It doesn't have to be new; if you're really going to be outdoorsy while looking like an outdoorsman, you may want to look for secondhand shirts from thrift shops that can handle action and take some punishment.

Don't go with a long-sleeved flannel shirt just because that's “the look”; in the “wrong” weather, you could end up being very uncomfortable. Bottom line: You don't have to wear a flannel shirt.

In the summer, you can pull off the outdoorsman look with just a white t-shirt, or a t-shirt topped with a short-sleeved denim shirt (leave the buttons unbuttoned). Henleys also work well; you can roll up your sleeves.

As the daytime weather starts to cool off for fall and winter, count on the nights getting even chillier. This is definitely the time to go with a legit, long-sleeved flannel to trap in body heat and look good.

Long-sleeved denim shirts will work just as well, though; you may end up pairing it with some outdoorsy outerwear as well (more on that later).

How To Choose Jeans

For a classic outdoorsman look, heritage/vintage-style denim jeans are popular items. Stick with faded colors — blue but not *too* blue, light but not too light — y'know, the classic cowboy look. That's what you're going for.

The cut doesn't really matter, by the way, so go with what you're comfortable with. Even so, keep in mind that you may be pretty active in your jeans, so a skinny fit may not be the best option.

Also, jeans are good in any season — in summer, they protect your legs from the sun, in winter, they keep your legs warm.

How To Choose Outdoorsy Footwear

In warmer weather, you may want to stick with light hiking shoes. These give you the tread/grip you need in most camping conditions, won't be too warm, and help you dress like an outdoorsman.

If you're planning on doing a lot of hiking when camping in the summer, then more rugged, heavier hiking boots also work just fine.

Once fall and winter roll in, you need to protect your feet and keep them warm. Heavier hiking boots are your best bet in camel or dark brown colors.

Should your winter camping plans involve skiing, snowboarding, or hiking in snow, focus on function, not style. In any case, black snowboarding/skiing shoes can complement your shirt and jeans.

How To Choose Outer Layers

Summertime campers don't need to worry much about outerwear; this section is more for rugged folks who want to know how to dress like an outdoorsman in cooler/cold weather.

When it comes to sweaters, cable-knit and half or quarter-zipped styles work best. Ideally, choose colors that will complement your jeans (after all, your shirt will be hidden). In this case, light oatmeal, oatmeal heather, and cream are the way to go. Be sure the material is comfortable!

Looking to pair a sweater with a jacket (or a flannel shirt jacket or a Henley)? Color-coordinate. Dark brown is a classic style that will look good with almost any color shirt and any jeans, and also look good with lighter-colored sweaters.

If it's not too chilly, go with a lightweight dark gray jacket.

How To Choose an Outdoorsman’s Hat

To literally cap it all off, you have the option of wearing a hat. You don't need to; in fact, unless the weather is too bright or too cold, you might not even want to.

If you do choose to wear a hat, stick with a solid brim/visor and a breathable mesh body.

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