5 Tips to Picking the Best RV Campsite for Your Vacation

Not all RV campsites are created equal. That’s why campers should take great care when selecting a place to park their RV rental. The location, campground amenities, time of year and hookups all play key roles in picking the perfect camping venue. Here are some tips on how to choose an RV campsite to keep in mind when planning your next RV adventure

Type of Vacation

You first need to determine the type of vacation you want to take. Are you planning to explore a national park or visit major metropolitan cities? Or maybe you’re looking for a resort site with plenty of amenities and activities for the whole family. Narrowing your focus will help you better research the types of campsites available to you. 

If you decide to visit major metropolitan areas, it’s important to know that they’re likely aren’t many RV campground options within the city limits. You’ll want to look for county campsites that are generally located in the suburban areas surrounding your destination. Most national parks offer great onsite camping for those who are willing to disconnect and use limited amenities. For the family looking for an all-inclusive luxury stay, there are plenty of RV resorts that offer swimming pools, game rooms and full RV hookups. 

Campsite Size

When you’re not sure how to choose an RV campsite, it’s best to start with the basics. It’s important to know the size of your RV, as most campgrounds have limits on how large of a vehicle they can accommodate. For example, national parks are often designed for smaller units, 25 feet in length or less.  Some do accommodate larger RVs, so you’ll just want to make sure you check the park’s website prior to selecting a rental unit. Private campgrounds almost always accommodate RV units of all sizes. 

Electric and Water Hookups

While most RVs are self sufficient with water tanks and generators, you may decide to not use them to avoid the usage charges. Or, perhaps you want to rent a smaller unit without these amenities.  If this is the case, you’ll want to look for campsites that offer electric and water hookups for a nominal fee. It is important to note that most national and state parks do not offer hookups of any kind. If you don’t have a self-sufficient unit, you’ll just need to be prepared to “rough it” a bit. 

Space to Play

Some RV campsites come with very limited space. If you have kids in your party or a group that likes to be active, consider looking for a campsite with either grassy areas you can play in or nearby places to explore, like hikes and creeks. 


Do your research. Just like any other vacation, you should visit numerous sites and check user reviews before booking your stay. Look for comments and ratings about safety, cleanliness, environmental wellness and friendliness. Nothing can make a vacation go south like showing up to a dirty campsite with poor customer service. Another thing to consider is 

Additional Resources

These are just a couple things to keep in mind as you are choosing your RV campsite. Go to our RV campsite finder page for additional resources.