How to Plan an RV Trip Cross Country


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Are you trying to figure out how to plan an RV trip cross-country? Are you unsure about where to start the planning process? Whether you're a seasoned road tripper or are crossing the country in your RV for the first time, we're sharing tips that will make your trip fun, safe and memorable. 

RV Cross Country Trip Planning Tips

Plot Your Trip Route 

Plot Your Trip Route

When planning a cross country RV trip, the first step is to write a list of places you would like to visit and how much time you would like to visit each location. Once you know where you'd like to go and the places you'd like to visit, it's time to start plotting your trip

RV cross country trip planning should also include considerations such as weather along your route, RV park locations, fuel stations, RV dump locations and RV friendly roads.

It's important to consider the weather, especially in the winter months, as you may encounter snow when traveling north or over mountainous roadways. During the spring and summer, RV apps such as MyRadar will help you prepare for any wildfires and wind gusts you may face along your route. 

You can easily find RV park locations, RV-friendly fuel stations and rest stops along the way with tools such as the Cruise America Mobile app

Once you know where you are going and the stops you'd like to make along the way, use Google My Maps to create your route and plan your stops.

Make Your Itinerary 

Now that you know the route you'll be taking and the stops you'll be making along the way for food and fuel, it's time to plan your activities. 

The The Dyrt app allows you to create your itinerary directly in the app! Additionally, The Dyrt app helps you find free camping spots, find deals on camping reservations and much more. Thanks to a partnership between The Dyrt and Cruise America, Cruise customers can utilize a free 30-day trial of The Dyrt PRO by using the code CRUISE30 when signing up!

Create a list of stops when planning a cross country RV trip, and don’t forget to pencil in some free time! This allows for unexpected stops, extended stays in places you love along the way and changes to your route. This tactic will enable you to plan your route and budget your expenses accurately. 

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Plan a Budget

When you're planning your cross country RV trip, you'll need to consider your budget. While you may not have the typical hotel fees and can save money by cooking on the road, you'll encounter other expenses, such as RV park fees, entry fees and more. 

Some of the expenses you'll need to budget for include:

  • Fuel 
  • RV resort or campground fees
  • Attractions entry fees 
  • Groceries and restaurants 
  • Souvenirs 

Of course, the expenses don’t stop there. Entertainment can get pricey on the road. Avoid data roaming charges and bond with your travel mates playing RV driving games to pass the time. Or plan inexpensive road trip activities to break up the monotony and make lasting memories.

Create a Packing List

When you're planning your RV trip packing list, you'll want to consider where you're visiting and the activities you'll be enjoying. 

Ask yourself a few questions that will allow you to create a list that works for you and your family regarding clothing, jackets, shoes and more. 

Does the area enjoy warm days and cool nights? Will you need winter apparel? How many changes of clothes do you want to take for each person? Do you want to stop and do laundry along the way? Will you be swimming? Do you need life jackets, fishing poles, or other recreational items?

There are a few common packing list items for any destination that you should consider in addition to destination-specific items. The following packing list details items that you’ll want to consider for your RV trip:

  • Medications
  • Sunglasses
  • Spare contact lenses
  • Feminine products
  • Diapers
  • Wipes
  • Toilet paper
  •  Paper towels

Use these suggestions to write a packing list before you leave on your RV trip. Then, check them off as you prepare to pack them in your RV to ensure you don't forget anything important.

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