How to RV Camp Like a Seasoned Pro

Are getting ready to travel by RV rental for the first time? Instead of doing hours of research to figure out what you should and shouldn’t do, camp like a seasoned pro by answering these common camping questions. 

Which RV Should I Choose?

Finding the right RV for your trip is crucial to a successful vacation. Be thorough in your research and find a rental partner like Cruise America that will make sure you have everything you need. Also, think about your travel party and their needs before selecting a vehicle. Some things to consider include: 
-    How many beds will you need?
-    What RV amenities are important to you (shower, toilet, stove, etc.)? 
-    How large of a vehicle are you comfortable driving? 
-    Do your intended campgrounds offer hookups? Or do you need to have a self-sufficient RV?


Make sure you have enough beds for everyone in your travel crew when choosing your RV rental. 

How Far Should I Travel?

First-time RVers often try to cram too many destinations into one trip. Don’t let the excitement of your first RV road trip get the best of you. Trying to travel too far in a short amount of time limits your ability to truly enjoy where you’re going. Instead, select a few, key destinations and spend a day or two exploring each one. 

What Should I Bring?

Packing for any vacation is tricky. Planning for an RV camping trip can prove to be even more involved, as you will be traveling and sleeping in the same space. You’ll likely find yourself attempting to pack for every possible weather scenario. Or maybe you’re not sure what supplies are needed to maintain your RV unit. Get your bearings on our blog with the ultimate RV packing guide.


Should I Book A Campsite In Advance?

It’s true that many campgrounds offer space on a first-come, first-served basis. You may be thinking you can just wing it and choose a campground along the way, but we don’t recommend this strategy. These sites often fill up quickly and you may find yourself struggling to find a place to stay – or staying someplace you’d rather not. This is especially true on weekends and most days during the busy summer months. Reserve your site ahead of time to guarantee you’ll be camping in paradise, just like you planned. 

Do I Really Need to Do the “Walk Around”

Consider this an official RV camping term. The walk around is when you literally walk around your RV prior to driving it. This may sound simple, but it is crucial. The process of observing your vehicle from all angles will ensure you catch any potential hazards. You’ll want to make sure all hookups are disconnected and properly put away, windows and doors are secured, as well as remove or be aware of any obstacles surrounding the vehicle. It’s also a great time to run any last-minute questions by the team at your rental location. 

Camp Like A Pro

You can travel with confidence now that you know how to answer the most common RV camping questions. Check out all of the Cruise America renter’s resources before you hit the road so you can travel with ease and skip the awkward first-timer phase.