How to Stay Comfy While Cold Weather Camping


Winter is here and offseason camping is a great way to beat cabin fever, avoid crowds and explore some spectacular sights. You can enjoy the cooler temperatures with hiking and other adventures during the day, then warm up your evenings next to the fire. Cruise America RV rentals can take you from winter camping to winter glamping with their onboard heaters and other amenities. Here are a few tips to consider to help keep you comfortable throughout your winter camping adventures. 

Layers, Layers, Layers

Keep yourself warm while camping in the cold by layering your clothes, especially around your stomach, back and chest area. To best protect yourself from the elements, wear a fitted base layer that is both lightweight and breathable to help keep you dry from sweat and retain your body heat. Then, layer your heavier outwear on top. While sleeping, opt for looser-fitting pieces to help regulate your body temperature and ensure you don’t restrict circulation. Socks and knit hats are also essential pieces for staying warm. Remember, you lose about 10 percent of body heat from your head! 

Bonus tip: Going to bed with a heated water bottle under the covers will help keep you cozy and comfortable throughout the cooler nights. 


Enjoy Hot Meals 

Many of us turn to hot meals when we’re cold, so why not do the same when we’re camping? Choose a dish such as chili or soup to help keep you warm as the temperatures begin to drop. The simple, and comforting, meals will give you the necessary fuel to take on the day and the extra calories to help increase your body temperature. You can easily make these dishes in the onboard kitchen on Cruise America’s rental vehicles


Photo Credit: Fresh Off the Grid

Choose Your Destination Wisely

While we love camping during the chilly season, we don’t recommend going into extreme, inclement weather in an RV. Wintertime is the perfect time to explore the American Southwest, Florida and other more moderate locations.
For more camping tips, download the Cruise America RV app on the App Store or Google Play. Wherever you choose to explore this winter season, we hope to tag along for the ride. Be sure to share your adventures with us by using #BeThereNow and following @CruiseAmericaRV on social.