RV Camping: In-season vs. Off-season


Although summer may be the most popular time of year to go camping, the cooler months provide their own perks to boost your overall camping experience. Read on to learn the benefits of both in-season and off-season RV camping, and turn your seasonal camping hobby into a year-long adventure. We will even talk about seasonal RV sites for camping long-term!

Before we get into the pros and cons of in-season and off-season RV camping, let’s first define these seasonal terms.

In-season vs. Off-season RV Camping


In-season camping usually refers to camping during the summer months of June through September. In-season camping means there will likely be more people at the RV campsite because it is a desirable season to camp in, but there may be more activities available. 

Off-season camping is typically classified as camping during the fall, winter, or early spring when most people are in school or work. Avoiding the busy summer months is just one of the many perks we’ll cover in just a bit. 

In-season RV Camping Advantages

Bask in the sun and explore the endless activities as you head out on your next in-season RV camping trip. Not sure if this is the season for you? Take a look at our list of the many advantages to in-season camping before you settle on when you take your trip.  

Pleasant Weather 

While it depends on which part of the country you’re in, summer is usually the most popular season to go camping. With warmer temperatures, longer days, and ideal road conditions, the summer season allows you to explore more destinations and spend ample time enjoying the great outdoors. Summer camping also means less equipment, helping reduce your prep time, baggage, and expenses. If you’re looking to extend your camping season, consider venturing to southern states during the winter months. There are a variety of hidden beaches located across the country that are perfect for your next warm-weather RV getaway. 

More Attractions

When you camp in the warmer months, you’ll find that more tourist attractions are open. Many amusement parks, visitors’ centers, festivals, and museums operate on seasonal hours, so if you’re looking to visit the country’s top tourist hotspots, summer is the optimal time of year to take a road trip. Summer also means perfect beach weather, making it prime time to hit the coast. If you’re planning to visit tourist attractions or attend events along your road trip, it’s best to do some research ahead of time to ensure their hours accommodate your itinerary. 

Off-season RV Camping Advantages


While off-season camping seems like a less ideal choice, it provides plenty of its own benefits to make a trip worthwhile. We’ll break down just a few of these benefits for you below. 

Fewer Crowds 

Off-season RV camping tends to attract fewer campers, giving you greater access to popular campsites and parks that may be booked during the summer months. Even better, many campsites don’t require a reservation at all during the winter season. Having fewer neighbors also lends itself to a more peaceful camping experience, allowing you to relax and enjoy the natural beauty of your surroundings fully. Plus, the reduction in traffic and shorter lines at top tourist attractions will make for a more relaxing and enjoyable experience overall. 

Cost Effective

Camping becomes more cost effective in the winter, with many campgrounds dropping their rates or providing discounts. Also, many RV rental companies provide RV rental deals during this season. These combined discounts not only allow you to extend your travels a night or two but also give you the chance to experience popular or luxury destinations without spending a fortune. Finally, tourist attractions, fuel, and other amenities tend to be less costly during this season, making off-season camping a win for the ol’ pocketbook.

Depending on the location, you may be experiencing a bit of cold weather. Never fear, though; there are many perks of cold weather RV camping that may make the season the right time for your camping trip!

What is the Best Time to Go Camping?


There are pros and cons to RV camping in each season, but it all comes down to your preference and what you value. Would you rather be in warmer or cooler weather? Do you want to hit up some amazing attractions or spend all your time in the wilderness? RV camping is a great way to explore and create lasting memories with your loved ones no matter the season. 

Things to think about when deciding when to camp:

  • Cost. Different campgrounds’ prices vary from season to season. So, be sure to look into this when planning your next RV trip!
  • Activities. You should think about the availability of activities in each season. 
  • Weather. Weather is a huge factor in an enjoyable camping experience. Your Cruise America RV rental will have the comforts of home but getting outside is what camping is all about.
  • Scenery. One less obvious thing to consider is the unique season’s scenery. Are you looking for lush green trees and sunshine or rust and gold-colored foliage with leaf-covered paths?

Once you’ve decided what season is best for you, consider seasonal RV sites. These types of RV sites are available for season-long campsite rentals. You can even leave your vehicle there and come back to camp whenever you please. Camping at seasonal RV sites is the perfect way to spend both the in-season and off-season!

Now that you know the benefits of in-season and off-season RV camping, book your Cruise America RV rental today and start planning your next adventure. Use this handy campground finder to locate the best spot for your next RV vacation! We can’t wait to hear where your journey takes you!